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Hyung where are you? Dongwoo got startled with the cold voice and looked at the caller’s ID. L

He can’t speak making the two confuse.

L he mouthed while pointing to the phone. The two guys also widened their eyes.

be calm Woohyun mouthed and Hoya signaled his hands up and down asking for Dongwoo to act calm.

Dongwoo nodded and blow some air. Woohyun and Hoya anticipated on what Dongwoo will say to the mad guy on the other line.

“HELLO THIS IS DONGWOO! HE’S NOT HERE SO PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE BEEP!” he hung up and looked at his two dongsaengs. Their mouths are hanging open and wide eyes.

“what?” Dongwoo asked innocently.

The two snapped out and lunged for the poor latter. They tackled him

“what did you do? Can you think any other things to say?” Woohyun lightly punched Dongwoo.

“I always thought you were a genius!” Hoya countered.

“ahhh! Stop! Sorry! Hahahahaa! Ahh!! Stop hahahaha” Dongwoo laughed and protested loud making it heard by you and Myungsoo inside the bedroom.

“Myungsoo did you heard that?” you asked when you heard something strange. *did I just hear Dongwoo oppa’s laugh?*

Myungsoo, placed the phone on the bed, he stand up and opened the windows. He looked down to see the three weird people praying near the tree.

“yes! You! My tree! My fairest coconut tree!” the woman murmured. Which is Woohyun.

“dearest roots! I love you!!” the man with the beard screamed. You heard it and went to Myungsoo too.

“what’s going on?” Myungsoo looked at you and hold your waist.

“those 3 looks weird. They’re there for hours before we entered the house. What’s so amazing to that tree? And those roots? Is this their first timeseeing sand?” Myungsoo asked while looking at the three.

“oh my holy sand.. Precious!” the guy with the huge clothes and crooked Jamaican accent scooped a fistful of sand and throw it like confetti. He coughed and shouted again when some sand went to his eyes and mouth.


Myungsoo huffed and closed the window ignoring the three weird people.....




did you notice the new poster? yeah i made it.. how was it? aweful?

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It's been a long time since I read this fanfic. Haha I want to read it again.
RidersJo #2
Chapter 12: Good story
Keep it coming like this
I love you story so far
nana199296 #3
Chapter 3: hellow to you too darling.actually this is my maybe third time to read this story.i read it along time ago and it was on my mind to find it can stil edit it at some point like the first chapter .but i serisly i love the idea and story.good luk.and you have another story ,when two cold person meet ,lf i'm right.pleas update that one too.thank you dear Author
Chapter 3: your book is really good so far and i really like it
frostfairy67 #5
Chapter 16: is it weird that im cringing but i still want to read it???
Miss_Taehnnie12 #6
Chapter 2: It's so pretty. I already Adore you so much.
gielidya #7
Chapter 16: Why couldnt she defend herself n fought those y queenkas... She's toooo weak...
gielidya #8
Chapter 12: Great.. I'was getting more n more excited to read...
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Chapter 27: Hi, ... you got me hooked
Chapter 72: thank you for this great fanfic. I liked it so much. You have done a great job, Authornim!!! *two thumbs up* (^~^)