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You turned around and saw Myungsoo with a pissed off expression he started to approach all of you, the 3 girls are all awestruck and keep squealing.

“is that L?” they mumbled.

Then Myungsoo wounded his arms on your waist and pulled you close to him that your cheeks almost touched, you gasped at his sudden contact. But the girls gasped louder seeing the scene.

 “what are you doing?!” you whispered.

“what? Is fetching my girlfriend from school that bad?” he nuzzled your cheeks.

“I told you not to come here” You turned pink from embarrassment.

“GIRLFRIEND!!!!!???? HER?!!!” the 3 girls yelped.

"YES, es meet my GIRLFRIEND... Come on babe, we have to go” Myungsoo cooed. You just go with the flow too shocked to do anything.

“hey! ! Why are you with our L!!!!” Taehee yelped and pulled your arms.

Myungsoo heard the commotion and the way they treat you makes him more furious. When Taehee pulled you he faced them and grabbed you back.

“call her again, I’ll cut your neck” Myungsoo glared at them, and it was hell scary.

“but oppa?!, is she your girlfriend?” Taehee asked.

“you heard me right? actually she’s my fiancé” Myungsoo smirked.

“what!!! You! ing ! What did you do to our L oppa?!” Taehee tried grabbing you again but Myungsoo grabbed her arms and twisted it.

“ I know you’re a girl but, you’re trying to hurt my girl and I’m not going to let it pass” Myungsoo threatened, “oh and another thing, don’t call me L or Oppa, I don’t even know you”  Taehee screamed in pain. You shook Myungsoo‘s arm asking him to stop.

He let go of Taehee and  looked at you he suddenly smiled using his eye smile and again, wounded his arm on your waist.

“aigoo, my wife is seeing the other side of me.. don’t worry wifey, I’m not going to do it to you..let’s go?” he cooed. You nodded.

You two proceeded at his car, and noticed that it’s new.

“new car?” you asked.

“yep, you like it?” you nodded.

You realized Myungsoo is still holding your waist and you blushed on that fact.

But Myungsoo immediately pulled back and went to the driver’s seat, and you opened the door for youself.

What am I thinking? I’m just his fake girlfriend and wife..

The truth hurts you a lot because you admit you like Myungsoo a little.

You were quiet at the car and you were thinking deeply, it bothered Myungsoo..

“what are you thinking about?” Myungsoo asked.

“Nothing, I’m just wondering why they called you L? back there?”

“that’s my nickname, that’s what my friends call me” you nodded in agreement.

“so, can I call you…. L then?” you shyly asked.

“you’re not my friend…” he coldly replied.

you just pouted.

“you know people who call me Myungsoo are the one who are special to me, and everyone who knows me know that, if they called me Myungsoo but they’re not special, I hit them.” he smirked.

“since you’re my wife, and my parents know the way people call me, you need to use Myungsoo than L.. you can add oppa if you want” he smirked again. You rolled your eyes,

so this is why he let me call him Myungsoo,I thought I was special… you started to think about it.

“I think Myungsoo is enough”  after the awkward ride, you two arrived at the Kim’s residence. You two entered to eat dinner

“tomorrow is the day where in my parents are going back home”  you stopped walking.

Myungsoo noticed it and you turned pale.

“Don’t worry they won’t eat you”

You gulped and suddenly lost your appetite due to the nervousness you are feeling.

“I’m not going to eat, see you tomorrow” you dashed to your room and examined yourself. You heart is beating fast, you are so nervous.

Myungsoo didn’t even bother asking why you lost your appetite but just ate all by himself.

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It's been a long time since I read this fanfic. Haha I want to read it again.
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Chapter 12: Good story
Keep it coming like this
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Chapter 3: hellow to you too darling.actually this is my maybe third time to read this story.i read it along time ago and it was on my mind to find it can stil edit it at some point like the first chapter .but i serisly i love the idea and story.good luk.and you have another story ,when two cold person meet ,lf i'm right.pleas update that one too.thank you dear Author
Chapter 3: your book is really good so far and i really like it
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Chapter 16: is it weird that im cringing but i still want to read it???
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Chapter 2: It's so pretty. I already Adore you so much.
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Chapter 27: Hi, ... you got me hooked
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