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Guy1: so, Kim Myungsoo has fallen inlove don’t you think?

Guy2: yes, indeed. He did. With Choi Eunjae. Good Job girl. You made that bastard smile.

Guy1: Now, it’s time to erase that smile from him. We have to kill the girl.

The guy smirked evilly.

Guy2: what?? Kill the girl? Seriously Sungyeol Hyung where did you get that?

Guy1: It always occurs on dramas! The antagonist is spying and they will plan to kill her! Buahahaha! Sungyeol laughed like an evil person and Sungjong looked at him with ‘WTF are you doing’ look.

Sungjong: you watched way too many dramas Hyung

 then they return on spying the two of you. *SMACK* the two latter were hit on their head. They turn around to see Sunggyu and Hoya with their arms crossed.

“didn’t I told you guys to let those two alone? They shouldn’t see one of us or else we’re dead” Sunggyu glared at his two dongsaengs.


“but it’s so fun to spy” Sungjong slumped his shoulder to be copied by Sungyeol and they pouted on the same time. Sunggyu looked at them with disbelief and whacked the back of their heads. HARD. Making the biggest mistake of his life.

Sungyeol yelped with his Dolphin scream at the sudden pain and so as Sungjong.

“awww!” Sunggyu covered their mouths and dragged them behind the wall when Myungsoo tried finding who shouted.

Myungsoo’s eyebrows are connected trying to concentrate on the scream he heard. *I’m sure I heard a scream. It either sounds Sungyeol or Sungjong* he bit his lips but his thoughts are disturbed when you approached him.

“Myungsoo-yah, can we ride a ski? Please?” you begged while holding his arms.

He rolled his eyes and sighed knowing he can’t say no, but you noticed that.

“you know if you don’t want to, I can ride alone” you looked at him without any disappointment on your face. It’s 100% okay to you if he doesn’t come because of too much excitement.

“what?” he looked bewildered.

“I said it’s ok if you don’t want to come with me, just go where ever you want I’ll be fine” you waved and ran to the skis.  Leaving Myungsoo, he just raised an eyebrow and plopped to the bench, he keeps his eyes on you, guarding you with his sharp eyes.

His eyes caught the attention of the staff eyeing you, like you’re fresh bait.  Myungsoo rolled his eyes and sighed. *I can’t leave this girl alone, everytime I leave her alone, other man approach her*

“damn it. Start you stupid machine!” you kicked the jet ski and fiddled with all the buttons you can see hoping it will start, but with no single amount of hope it didn’t.

You exhaled and pouted, you look around and see Myungsoo approaching you and so as a staff. *he’s going here to annoy me again, I bet*

 The staff was about to touch your arm to help you but Myungsoo slapped his hand away.

“I’ll help my wife. Go” he coldly said and hopped on the ski. He reached for the handle resulting for you to get trapped on his arms. You can’t hide the creeping blush on your cheeks when he did that.

“I can’t believe you, the guy was about to harass you and you didn’t do anything?” Due to the closeness, Myungsoo’s hot breathe fans your neck making you squirm a little.

 “he’s not. He’s just trying to help and you’re so rude for slapping his hand away”

“he’s not? Did you see the way he looks at you? Trust me. I’m a guy”

“so it means, you think ed things just like him?” you give him a look.

Myungsoo just smirked and leaned closer to your face.

“you’ll never know what I’m thinking”

“tss! Jerk!” you look ahead and Myungsoo started the ski, it started accelerating on the water making you smile. His bare chest pressing on your back, you can’t help but feel Myungsoo’s warm skin, his normal breathing, and his lips near your ear and his arms around you.

Girls can’t take off their eyes on your hot husband. Everyone would love to be on your position right now.

The ski keeps increasing its peed, making you squeal feeling the water splash on the two of you. you gripped on Myungsoo arms afraid that you might fall. But Myungsoo stopped the ski making your face turn into a smug.

“why did you stop?” you turn your head to the side to be meet by his face. Your nose is just centimeters away from his. You gasped seeing how totally hot he is seeing the water drop from his wet bangs.

The feeling was same to Myungsoo, he never realized that he would see you wet again after the rain incident this was different, it was daylight and you’re wearing your beach dress. Your fair skin can be seen through the thin cloth you’re wearing making Myungsoo’s breathing to be hitched on his throat, seeing your wet look. He gulped and snapped out of his thought and so as you.

“let’s swim” Myungsoo grabbed your hand.

“huh?! What?! Myungsoo I can’t---ahhh!” you didn’t finish your sentence because Myungsoo pulled with him, getting off the ski and diving into the water.

you panicked when you fell to the water, you immediately wiggled your feet making you rise from the surface.

“Myungsoo!” you shouted. You really can’t swim and you were having the difficulty to breathe since the water keeps going to your mouth making you choke.

“Yah! Myungsoo!” you yelled for the second time, and yelped again when you felt an arm on your waist and Myungsoo rise up from the surface wiggling his hair and pulling you close. You grabbed his arms afraid that he might let go.

“Myungsoo! I’ll kill you after this! I can’t swim!” you yelled in front of his face but he just laughed and continued holding your bare waist.

“don’t worry I’m not letting you to get drowned” Myungsoo laughed again mocking you.

You splashed water to his face, his eyes turned to slits inching the closer to you.

“oops! Sorry” you sheepishly smiled. But your eyes went big when he suddenly let go of your waist causing you to sink down and drown.

“My-ung-soo!” you yelled wiggling your hands while the water pull you down.

Myungsoo held your waist again, this time you tightly hooked your arms on his neck and wrapped your legs on his waist.

You coughed while the devil himself just laughed at you.

“KIM MYUNGSOO!! This is so not funny!”

“hahaha arasso. Let go now, I’ll hold you. Promise” but this time you didn’t believe and just tightened your hooked arm on his neck. Making you press your body to him even more but you didn’t care and noticed just because you’re too scared. Myungsoo on the other side, can feel your *cough cough* on his chest, making his ears turn red.

He can feel himself getting hot and focused on getting yourself of off him.

“Yah! Eunjae if you don’t let go off me this instant. I don’t know what I will do to you. I’m warning you!”

Myungsoo said in a warning tone.

“but I’ll drown!” you almost cried.

“I won’t let you go! Just get off !” he cursed under his breath.

With a frown and a pout, you slowly released your grip from Myungsoo and let go off his waist.

But you intertwined your legs with his.

Myungsoo felt your legs and tightly shut his eyes, exhaling.

“your legs Eunjae” he firmly said. You don’t know what to do so you keep holding to Myungsoo. But you didn’t know you were already doing too much skinship.

You didn’t let go of his legs and it made Myungsoo impatient.

“Arasso! Let’s get on the ski!” Myungsoo shouted, holding your waist and help you hop on the ski.

“I’ll drive” Myungsoo hop in too and you were on the back.

“what?” you innocently asked.

“aish, do you want to fall?” Myungsoo grabbed your hands and put them on his waist.

you blushed and tried to hide your smile.

He started the ski and drive on a neutral speed.

Upon reaching the shore, you immediately get off the ski and was about to run but Myungsoo grabbed you and pulled you close to him making you startled.

“what?” you glared.

“how come you can be so stupid?” Myungsoo put an arm around you, trying to cover your body with his while the two of you walk back to the house. On the way to the house, Myungsoo noticed three suspicious persons behind a tree. he stopped and observed them. *they look familiar*

“OMO! This tree is so amazing! Look at those leaves!” a woman said. But her voice sounds like a man

 “yeah! Look at those roots!” A guy with a beard said. Making Myungsoo raise his eyebrow while you look at him in confusion.

“the sand! The sand! It’s white!” a guy in a huge clothes and overly huge hat with a crooked Jamaican accent said.

 “Myungsoo why?” you asked him.

“nothing, those people are so weird”

Then you two entered the house.

When the coast is clear, Woohyun, Hoya and Dongwoo sighed in relief.

“wooh! That was close” Woohyun said while removing his wig.

“This tree is so amazing? Are you kidding me?” Hoya huffed while mocking Woohyun.

“what about you? Look at those roots?! What the dude!” Woohyun snapped back.

“the sand is white?!” Hoya and Woohyun said at the same time glaring at Dongwoo who’s removing the oversized clothes.

“shut up! Just be thankful we’re not caught” just then his phone rang. Without looking at the caller’s ID he answered.

Hello… a cold voice said. Making Dongwoo gasp. *we’re dead*





everyone guessed wrong on the GUYS RIGHT? hahah it's the SUNG BROTHERS!!! hahaha

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here you go. i updated! i guess the last chapter wont be restored so it means the survey on the countries will all be reset. :( we have to vote again and i have to create polls again.


but! because I love you guys i'll do it again :))

again, i'm sorry for any word repitions, grammar mistakes, typographical errors and name confusion. So sorry about that. there will be a part on the past few chapters where i write HeeSung instead of Chanseul. Heesung was the bestfriend on my other story. hahaha! sorry guys... but i'll try fixing them. and you can also tell me which chapters i have mistakes .. i type too fast.. hahaha..




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