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I quickly jogged back to the house and was welcomed by the scent of fresh pancakes.

Her cooking is one of the most delicious foods I have ever tasted on my entire life. It beats the 5 star foods I’ve ever tasted.

I opened the door to see my Eunjae focused on pouring a glass of juice, with her short shorts and spaghetti shirt. That’s what I’m talking about, one heck of a HOT wife everyone. When she noticed my presence she instantly brighten up and gave the juice she prepared. I smiled and she handed me the juice. I held her by the waist while she watches me sip the juice until nothing was left.

“how is it?” she asked with clasped hands.

“perfect” I leaned in to give her a peck on the lips which she accepted whole heartedly.

She pulled away and grabbed my arms leading me to the table.

“so, where did you go?” she asked propping her elbows on the table and her chin on her palms.

“just took a jog, and melted some girls” she raised an eyebrow on my last sentence.

“so you mean, you flirted?” she asked casually. But I can already sense her jealousy though.

I nodded and looked at her expression.

She’s wearing a very unreadable expression. But most of her face she’s showing an angry side.

“oh, anyways. Jaejoong called me. He said I’ll meet him later at 7 in the evening.” She looked at me innocently. But totally made my blood boil.

“what?!” I slammed the fork on the table making her flinch.

“you’re meeting that bastard?!” I glared at her hoping it will change my mind. Damn that guy, doesn’t he know it’s our honeymoon?! Just me and her!.

“I can’t say no. after last night” she pouted  and blinked.

“you have got to be kidding me” Is she insane?!

“nope” she pursed her lips.

My eyes are turning to slits, trying to control myself on tying her down on the bed and just let her stay there until our honeymoon ends.

“you’re not going with him” I firmly said.

“why?” she asked obviously unpleased.

“because I said so. I’m your husband. We’re on a honeymoon, and you’re spending this whole week just me. hear that JUST ME” I emphasized on that word.

“I’ll try” then she immediately turned into another ray of sunshine.

“Why do you look so excited all of a sudden?” I raised an eyebrow.

“I am” she cut a piece of pancake and chews it.

“why?” I asked without any interest.

“I’m going out after this” she wiggled her legs like a little kid.

“just you?” I raised my eyebrows again.

“yep” she finished the words while smacking her lips together and suddenly went to our bedroom.

I ate with silence, *why does that girl have to take too long*

I finished eating and shouted.

“yah! What’s taking you so long!”

“almost done!” she shouted back.

I clucked my tongue and just stand near the staircase with an elbow propped on the wood.

The doorknob clicked and the door opened revealing the most sinful body I have ever seen.

(you're wearing the white one)

I can feel my jaw dropping on the floor. She looked so innocent but why her body does needs to be like this!?

“Bye Myungsoo!” that snapped me out of daze, she was about to open the door but I grabbed her arms glaring at her from head to toe.

“yah!” she asked with irritation.
“what are you wearing?” I raised an eyebrow.

“err—a dress?” she looked confused.

“right a dress, you call that a dress? It’s too short idiot”

“it’s a beach dress jerk” she rolled her eyes.

“you’re wearing that?! I don’t want others to see me with you wearing that clothes! eww” I pretended to be disgusted.

“why? who says you’re going with me? didn’t I tell you it’s only me?” she snapped, I was surprised on her answer.

“okay.. then go change. You look hideous” I said making her look at me like I was one of the craziest person she ever met. She can’t go out like that! She doesn’t know how inviting she knows because she’s so dumb innocent for crying out loud.

“okay, let go of me then” being the idiot I am, I let go her arms but to my dismay she run making my eyes went wide.


No one’s POV

“Yah you can’t just RUN!!! To me like that!” Myungsoo didn’t think twice and chased his naughty wife outside.

You shrieked trying to fasten up your face but as a man, Myungsoo is much faster. And grabbed you by the waist making you scream and laugh at the same time.

“let go!!!” you hold his hand but he gripped your waist tighter.

“arasso, let go I’m not gonna run” you relaxed and smiled. Myungsoo could sometimes be dumb from the second time and let go of you.

You faced him and whispered to his ear.

“pabo” you giggled and run as fast as you can. You’re 100% sure you have annoyed Myungsoo because his shocked expression says so.

“yah! When I get you! You’re getting punished!!!” Myungsoo ran with pure determination.

You two kept chasing each other not minding the people around because they surely are looking in envy.

They can’t believe the cold and mysterious person is now having fun and is happily playing with his wife and no other woman, especially seeing Myungsoo SMILE and LAUGH is really a new thing for them.

They don’t know the L they know and the Myungsoo you know.



Neither the two of you know, there are two person hidden behind the wall of a certain store using their binoculars to spy on the both of you.


Guy1: so, Kim Myungsoo has fallen inlove don’t you think?

Guy2: yes, indeed. He did. With Choi Eunjae. Good Job girl. You made that bastard smile.

Guy1: Now, it’s time to erase that smile from him. We have to kill the girl. 




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