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Your POV


“yes, please carry this inside” I can feel Myungsoo moving, his arms are still around me and I can still smell his scent. I was half asleep and half awake.  I guess we have arrived.

“you should  wake your wife sir” a man said.

“I’ll just carry her” Myungsoo said.

“Myungsoo” I mumbled half awake.

“ssh.. shh. Just sleep”

“I’m heavy”

“no, just sleep. Come on” he slipped his hands under my legs and back. And carried me bridal style. This is a perfect wedding except that we’re on a contract.

“put me down” I gently said after I noticed we’re inside the rest house. It was so beautiful, luxurious.

He put me down and he carried the entire luggage inside the bedroom.


“this place is amazing” I said.

“My mom bought this. We go here once in a while” Myungsoo sat beside me.

“what do you want to eat?” Myungsoo asked.

“anything” I replied back.

“you sure?” He assured.

“can I just cook?” I turned happy. I always wanted to cook for him.

“Sure?” he asked.

“of course.”  I was excitedly going t the kitchen but an arm stopped me.

“where do you think you’re going? Change to your casual clothes first”

“ahh! Okay” I snapped my fingers and went the bedroom to change.

“DONE!” I excitedly go down to the stairs.

“careful!” Myungsoo shouted looking at me from the couch.

“oops!” I went to the kitchen and it made my jaw drop. The kitchen cabinets are full of foods and ingredients. It can supply us for a month.

“how long are we going to stay here?” I asked as Myungsoo went to the fridge to get a bottle of water.

“1 week is enough. But if you want to stay longer we can. Why?”  he looked at me.

“there’s tons of food” I said while grabbing a pan.

“oh” he looks so cute when he does an *0* expression.


No One's POV

Myungsoo went back to the bedroom to organize the things and put them inside the closet.

He keeps smiling to himself seeing how you look so perfect on that white long dress. His heart rate can be measured how fast it’s beating right now. Sighing he slumped on the bed.

“Eunjae, what are you doing to me?” he mumbled while staring at the ceiling.

The yummy aroma of your cooking made him shot up from the bed. He removed his tuxedo and change to a black wife beater and pants, his infinite necklace hanging on his neck. He disheveled his hair and went downstairs.

He leaned on the entrance to the kitchen watching your every move from head to toe. You look so serious and focused on what you are doing.

The corner of his lips tugged into a small smile and approached you.

“you look so serious” you slightly jumped when a voice said near your ear. His warm lips almost brushing your earlobe. You turn around to see Myungsoo trapping you both of his arms.

*OH MY JUICES….* your eyes widened seeing how close Myungsoo was and he’s staring at your eyes deeply. He looks so hot with that wife beater and it’s black.

You can’t take off your eyes from him. He just looks so handsome perfect.

He moved and gets the towel hanging on his shoulder and wiped the sweat forming on your forehead. You gulped, your heart is racing from the sudden action.

He wiped the sweat from your neck, Myungsoo stopped and looked at your tasty neck, and the make-up has been removed so the hickeys are all visible. It hasn’t faded yet.

“the last thing I remember your hickeys are 10 how come it’s only 8 now?” Myungsoo continued wiping your sweat. His left arm is still trapping you so there is no way you can escape him.

“I don’t know! Of course some of them already faded” you tried hiding your red cheeks because of embarrassment.

“impossible, I made sure all of them will fade after a weeks.” Myungsoo tilted your chin up and you gave him a glare. You tried releasing his hands but he keeps stopping them with his other hand.

“it’s only 8” Myungsoo sighed in frustration.

“good thing it’s only 8 now!” you snapped.

“no, there should be 10 of them.” Myungsoo was ready to lunge for your neck and was about to add another hickey , but you stopped him by putting your hands onto his chest.

“ah! Stop this!” Myungsoo keeps pushing himself to you pouting his lips.

*gosh! He looks so hot! Argh!*

With that thought all your self-control was broken, Myungsoo successfully removed your hands from blocking him and he another part of your skin making you whimper and shout.

“OOOOOUUUCCCHHH!” you used all of your force to push him. Myungsoo wiped his lips with the back of his hands while smirking at you.

You touched the part he and glared at him, you turned off the heat on the stove and looked at the smirking husband of yours.

“are you a VAMPIRE?!” you shouted and get a spatula hanging on the wall.

You ran for him and with pure determination you’re ready to beat him to pulp.

He laughs while running away from you all over the house.

“I’m not a vampire, but I’m your HUSBAND” he keeps laughing while you ran for him with a spatula on your hand. You grew tired and give up.

“you ugly  dimwit” you mumbled and turn back to go back to the kitchen.

“what did you just say?” Myungsoo said in a warning tone.

“what?” you looked at him with a confused look, he started coming closer to you with a devilish smirk.

“ugly? Dimwit?” Myungsoo repeated your words, and you already got the signal of what he is about to do. Without thinking twice you opened the door and ran out of the rest house with Myungsoo running for you.

The soft, cold sand welcome your feet and it feels good you kept running with Myungsoo on your tail you quickened you pace but Myungsoo is just too fast. The onlookers look at the both of you.

You shrieked when two arms wrapped behind you.

“gotcha” Myungsoo said while panting. You lost your balance and grabbed his neck resulting for the both of you to fall down. Your back reached the cold sand and Myungsoo’s arms are propped up supporting himself and so as one of his knee. He was looking at you with those same warm eyes. You looked back and touch the tip of his nose. He closed his eyes and smiled. You giggled making Myungsoo’s heart beat faster. He felt so happy hearing you giggle and laugh all because of him.

“Get off jerk” you struggled and wiggled your legs. He smiled and kissed your forehead. He stood up and help you stand up too. he wrapped an arm around your waist and pulled you close to him he breathed in the scent of your hair and walked back to the resthouse. You can’t miss hearing the onlooker’s side comments.

“they look so happy”

“they look so cute”

“is that L and his wife?”

“the guy is hot!”

“L looks so hot”

“I wish I’m the girl”

“lucky her” you can’t stop but feel proud for him being your husband. The girls tried to get his attention but all he just do is smirk at them making them squeal. You rolled your eyes at his cockiness.

“I wanna the girl” Myungsoo stopped upon hearing that comment. His face turned into a grim one. He looks so angelic just a while ago and now he looks so deadly.

He hunted for the guy who said the words with clenched fist and cold eyes. *My cold husband is back. OMO!*

He spotted the guy, and approached him.

“what did you just say dude?” Myungsoo said with gritted teeth.

“Hey. Myungsoo calm down” you held his tightened fist.

“Shut it. Eunjae. I’ll just teach this guy a lesson” Myungsoo glared at the guy who looks who’s about to pee in his pants. Myungsoo grabbed his collar before he can run. You panicked and hugged him from behind burying your face to his back. Myungsoo’s eyes grew wide from shock.

“Stop it please? I don’t want to see you mad” You mumbled on his back. Myungsoo looked at the guy and sighed. He pushed the guy away from him and warned.

“don’t you ever say that word again. She’s my wife you understand? MY wife” he pointed. The guy nodded and hurriedly ran away with his friends.

“now for you Mrs. Kim” Myungsso grabbed your arms encircling his waist and you faced him.

“don’t ever do that again. Never interfere with my business, when it comes to you..” Myungsoo tapped the tip of your nose. You nodded like a little kid.

“aigoo..” he slung an arm on your shoulder and the two of you resume walking to the rest house

“shall we eat?”

“yes” you rolled your eyes and went to the kitchen to set the dinner.

After eating silently you washed the dishes and Myungsoo informed you that he will just go somewhere.

You got bored of waiting for him so you decided to go out for a walk. Walking on the seashore you spotted a nearby club. *it wouldn’t hurt if I visit right?* carefully you walked on the open club. As soon as you go near the loud music filled your ears and it easily replaced your boredom. Your head bobbed along the music and you started dancing ignoring the other people and couples around doing their own business. You were enjoying all by yourself when a hand grazed your thigh to your waist, stunning you and making you stop from dancing. You turned to look at the guy and he looks familiar.


half-drunk Jaejoong was looking at you with his eyelids slightly opened and a sly smirk on his face.




i can't bare not to update once in a while, and for those who keeps waiting here you go. i updated one chapter i dont know when will be my next update. i have written quite long. :)


congrats to me.. :)



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