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3 days left.

You woke up to see Myungsoo’s arm wounded around you. you smiled a little and gloomily went to the bathroom to wash up and prepare for his breakfast.

You fried eggs, toasted bread and warm milk for you and a coffee for him. you went to your bedroom to wake the sleeping boy on the bed.

“Myungsoo-ah wake up” he cringed his face and stretched, yawning he scratched his messy hair.

“you look tired, sorry for last night” you comb your fingers on his bed hair.

His eyes is still close but he’s pointing to his cheek. You smiled at his cuteness.

“okay. Okay I got it” you pecked his cheeks and pulled him up from the bed. After the peck he looked at you with unreadable expression. * why do i feel like he has a different aura today*

“you prepared this?” Myungsoo asked with husky voice.

“yep” you pushed him down on a chair and start serving him food but he wacked your hands away. You looked at him In shock and confusion.

He grabbed your wrist and pulled you to his lap. He put his chin on your shoulder hugging your waist.

“I told you not to prepare this, naughty eh?” Myungsoo kissed your neck.

Your eyes shot wide and struggled to get off his lap but he gripped you tighter.

“yah! Myungsoo! What are you doing?!”

“what? nothing is it bad to kiss you?” he teasingly said.

“yes! I object so you’re not allowed to do this! It’s on the contract!” you protested.

“what contract? I don’t know about that” Myungsoo trailed kisses on your neck leaving love bites making you turn your panic mode on.

“don’t play dumb Myungsoo I swear! I’ll never think twice to smash this plate on that pretty face of yours!” you threatened but it didn’t work.

“go ahead, just reminding you I’ll get even” he seductively said and you can picture himself smirking.

“stop this! What’s up with you!?” you frantically shouted.

“I have hormones too Eunjae. I’m a man too. I hope you know what I mean” Myungsoo continued nibbling on your neck and jawline.

“WHAT!? no!!!” he keeps holding your waist while Myungsoo keeps smirking but on the inside he’s laughing his off on your expression. *it won’t hurt to go further right?* Myungsoo thought.

“Eunjae, you don’t know how I want you right now.” Myungsoo glided his hands on your exposed thigh because of the school uniform.

“yah!!! You’re violating the contract!” you shouted, thick drops of sweat were forming on your forehead.

“who cares? I’m getting what I want”

“no~~~” you panicked. *wahahah! she looks so cute, It’ll not be bad if I go a little further right?* Myungsoo thought.

“let me go! Myungsoo!!”

“Okay” you thought after him letting go of your waist it’s all over. But you were wrong. An stinging sensation was felt on your neck.

your eyes widen when you saw Myungsoo at the corner of your eye biting your neck and causing a hickey to be formed.

“Ooooooowww~!” you whimpered and half moaned. You can hear Myungsoo smirking behind you.

“you’re free babe!” Myungsoo smiled, grabbed a toast and started digging in you ran to the mirror and checked your neck. you saw small hickeys and the new one he created was huge and can easily be seen.

“AHHHHHH!!!!!!!! myungsoo!!!! you ing vampire!” You shouted at him you were turning red from anger. on the other hand, Myungsoo was running away from you while laughing.

“how am I suppose to go to school like this?” Myungsoo shrugged.

“now you have a reason not to go to school because your fiancé gave you hickeys” he laughed again.

“Myungsoo! This is so not funny!!” you stomped your foot like a little kid. Then your phone rang.

you picked it up.

“hello?” a voice said.

“hello?” you said back.

“is this eunjae?”

“ah, yes” Myungsoo walked near you to eavesdrop the conversation.

“oh Eunjae this is Jaejoong” you gasped. *how did he know my number*

“oh jaejoong, how-“ you didn’t have the chance to finish your sentence because Myungsoo grabbed your phone and started shaking the dining table beside him. it produced a creaking sound.

“hey! dude! we’re kind’a busy right now” Myungsoo faked and other alien noises after that he snapped the phone shut. you looked at him with a WTF look.

“what the hell did you do?” you said with frustration painted all over your face. he shrugged again and tossed your phone on the couch.

“you’re acting weird! and different today!” you pouted and sat on the couch to get your phone.

“don’t touch that!” Myungsoo said.

“why not?”

“because I said so!” he shot back.

“what’s wrong with you?” you approached him.

“nothing, I’m just messing up with you” he showed you an eye smile and pecked your lips. his lips never fail to stun you. Electricity flows throughout your body.

“he’s weird” you touched your lips and smile.

You knocked on the bedroom door, you’re hesitating weather to open or knock.

“just come in” Myungsoo called out. you come inside the room and saw him watching television with his arms crossed together on the headboard of the bed. his head resting on his arms. he looks like a model who just stepped out of a magazine.

“well, it’s always safe to knock” you went to the mirror to check your hickeys but to no avail the colors are darker than before. you muttered alien words.

“it’s not going to fade off in weeks babe, ‘cause I made sure they’ll take weeks to heal all of them” he smirked while you sighed in frustration.

“I hate you” you went to the bed and lied beside him. he faced you and you snuggled close to him.

“going to sleep?” he asked while caressing your hair.

“yep~ I got tired shouting because of you” he laughed.

“okay princess, you may sleep” you close your eyes while Myungsoo watched you sleep.

it was a perfect afternoon for you.


you woke up at 6pm to find an empty space beside you.

“Where’d Myungsoo go?” you went downstairs but you can’t find him.

you walked to the fridge to see a note.

“I’ll be home late. Don’t wait for me. I’m with Infinite ‘kay? eat then sleep Babe


----- Most handsome and perfect man on your life.. Myungsoo”


“tsh. Arrogant jerk” you mumbled.

after eating the food you prepared for yourself. you can’t help but get worried as the night goes deep and Myungsoo hasn’t returned yet.

*I guess he’ll be really going home late* you sighed and proceeded upstairs.

it was 3am and you can’t sleep comfortably knowing that Myungsoo’s not yet home. *where the hell did he go?*

“he’s not flirting right?” you asked yourself. *why am I feeling mad all of a sudden?*

you kept waiting till you didn’t know you fell asleep on the couch.

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Chapter 12: Good story
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Chapter 3: hellow to you too darling.actually this is my maybe third time to read this story.i read it along time ago and it was on my mind to find it again.you can stil edit it at some point like the first chapter .but i serisly i love the idea and story.good luk.and you have another story ,when two cold person meet ,lf i'm right.pleas update that one too.thank you dear Author
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Chapter 16: is it weird that im cringing but i still want to read it???
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Chapter 2: It's so pretty. I already Adore you so much.
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