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“Ouch……. “ you mumbled as you feel headache.

You opened your eyes and noticed that you’re on Myungsoo’s house.

You look at your surroundings to find a bowl of porridge and a medicine. You saw your reflection on the glass of water and gasped. You touched your forehead and felt a bandage on it. You also look at your legs and arms with full of scratches. What happened to me? you thought back. You realized what happened a while back. Then the door creaked you saw Myungsoo poke his head then his eyes went wide.

“finally, your awake” still the cold emotionless voice he has.

“thanks, for bringing me here” you faked a smile.

“who did this to you?” he coldly stared at you.

“I just slipped on a rock that’s all”

He gripped your arms tight.

“tell me the truth, or else I’ll hunt them down” his voice is scary. You gulped.

“I can’t, it doesn’t matter” you looked away.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT DOESN’T MATTER!!” Myungsoo shouted you flinched.

Myungsoo breathed deep and tried to calm himself.

“you don’t want to tell me? Fine, you’re going to transfer onto another school, tomorrow.”  He left.

What!! I’m going to transfer? I’m going to leave my bestfriend? But.. But this is what I want right? Transfer to a better school?i need to talk to Chanseul about this.

Myungsoo came to your room again.

“Good thing, my parents can’t go home tonight they extended their business trip, you have to be good as new before they get back here, don’t forget to drink and eat that, if you want to eat more call the maids” he pointed at the porridge and medicine and went out.

I ate and drink the medicine.

I woke up at 7:00 am

I went downstairs to see Myungsoo on the dining table; he’s drinking a mug of coffee and a magazine beside him.

“you’re awake. How are you feeling?”

“my feet hurts and I can feel a little headache, but I can manage to go to school”

“you’re not going to enter that school again, everything was prepared, your transferring process is already done, I asked Mr. Shin to do them all. So the only thing you have to do is, get your school stuff if you have any, on your locker. Don’t forget to drag yourself one security guard “ he stated.

“okay, but I have my things on my locker” you started to eat.

“Get them I’ll send a security to you and I’m trying to call you yesterday, why didn’t you answer me?”

“I really don’t need that, I promise I’ll be fine and besides I won’t take that long so no need for security , well, my phone got broken, “

“got broken or got soaked?” your head snapped up, how did he know?

“the principal told everything to Mr. Shin, and I already knew who beat you up.” MYungsoo looked at you.

You looked away.

“I don’t want my future wife to look like a beaten monster In front of my parents that is why I have to take care of you till the day we get married okay?” you soften at his words but you know his doing this only for his sake.

You pouted and started to live when Myungsoo called you again.

“hey, wait for me in your school”

“you can’t go there!”

“why not?” he questioned.

“I don’t want other people to think anything”

“so? We’re getting married anyways”

“you can’t!” you whined.

“bye~” he shoo you off.

You stomped your feet and proceeded to school, you earn stares from the students because of the scratches and bandage on your head, then you heard ear piercing scream.

“kkkyyyyyyaaaa!!!~~~~ who did this to you?!!!!” Chanseul shook you.

“no one” you shrugged.

“and you’re transferring school!” she shrieked.

“how did you know?!”

“everyone knows!!!” she yelled.

“you don’t have to yell bestfriend, I’ll tell you everything” you eyed her.

You told her every details and she can’t believe that you are getting married.

“promise me we’ll keep this as a promise” you held out your pinky finger. I love my bestfriend she understands everything.

“promise.. who’s Myungsoo anyways, the only one I know who owns the KMS company is there son L he is the most gorgeous guy, hottie I have ever seen, but he is a news magnet. He got involved in a lot of rumor that goes out a lot of different woman”

“so, are you going to quit your work?” chanseul asked.

“I don’t know, and Myungsoo don’t even know I work” you chuckled.

“really? Maybe it’s his cousin..” you shrugged.

the bell rang signaling that classes are over.

“hey Eunjae-shi… I have to go, My dad needs help at the bakery.” I nodded and smiled.

“sure, take care!” I waved goodbye.

you counted all your books and noticed that you left the chemistry book at the cafeteria.

You went back and get your book, you sighed in relief that no one tried to steal it.

you reached the end of the hallway when 3 figures started to block you, it was the queenkas again.

You gasped and they smirked.

“hi ugly?”

“so we heard you’re transferring? You have the money to transfer? Where did you get the money to transfer anyways, did you rob a bank? “ Taehee and her y groupmates cackled.

You just stood there while they make fun of you, you’re just waiting for them to stop making fun of you, you don’t want to fight back you don’t want any riot to start.

You’re in the brink of tears hearing their hurtful words like

Poor, orphan, abandoned, loner, ugly, servant, beggar, robber

“yah! I asked you a question why are you transferring?! And still you’re not answering it! Are you deaf!!!!” Taehee shouted in front of your face as you flinched at her high pitch voice.

“she’s transferring because I have to take care of my girlfriend” the girls gasped at the person behind you, your eyes widened too, hearing that cold voice you are familiar with.








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