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Connected eyebrows, and a pencil tapping your lips, your eyes has been glued to the paper for an hour staring at the universities you wrote to take up your college degree with Myunjae on your lap.

“Kyunghee University… too expensive”

“Seoul University… too far”

“Lee University… tight schedule”

“Kim University… still too expensive” with a sigh you ducked your head on the table, hugged Myunjae and closed your eyes.

You put Myunjae on top of the table and asked the stuffed toy

“College is so expensive… right? What should I do?” you talked to the bear.

“Myunjae can’t pay for your tuition, don’t ask an innocent bear” a voice said. You looked back and saw Myungsoo lying on the couch after he went out to do something.

“tch! Ignore that guy Myunjae. Let’s go” you snapped and left the table with stomping footsteps and chin up heading upstairs. Myungsoo looked at you from the couch. He can’t stop smiling seeing you so adorable.

You were reading a book on your bed when your cellphone beeped signaling a message came.

You picked up your cellphone below your pillow and looked at the message. It was an unknown number.

“baby!” the text says.

“who’s this?” you texted back.

“baby doesn’t know me anymore”

“Minjun oppa?”

“yey! Keke save my number ‘kay? Gotta go I have to see Victoria”

“you have some explaining to do oppa you lied to me about Victoria” you texted back but a text never came.

You grew bored from reading and went downstairs and saw your fiancé dead asleep on the couch with the television on.

*I wanna go out. Should I wake him?* you turned off the television and went to Myungsoo he looks like a sleeping  angel. “you look tired, hmmm just rest” you whispered and kissed his cheek. *if I went out without him he’ll be mad* sighing for the second time you walked to the garden and just looked at the clear sky.


Suddenly you started smiling by yourself. You remembered the conversation last night.



“I think…..” Myungsoo looked at you with a curious expression.

“that’s dumbest idea you have ever think off Myungsoo. Seriously” you said to him making Myungsoo look at you with a WTF face.

“dumb?” he repeated and you innocently nodded.

“yah!” before he can annoy you back. You turned your back to him and pretended sleeping.

“goodnight Kim Myungsoo”

“yah! This girl!”

With that Myungsoo slept in annoyance because of you.

End of flash back


“you’re so cute when your annoyed” you said to one.

Then a series of footsteps can be heard.

“Eunjae?” Myungsoo’s husky morning voice called looking for you on the big house.

“right here” you called back.

He spotted you on the garden and walked to you. he still has this bed hair that suits him well.

*hot!* you thought and shrugged it off immediately.

You went to him and he looked at you with sleepy eyes. *damn! This guy! He’s even hotter after waking up*

“what does  my Myungsoo need?” you tried being sweet to him because of his adorable face, you stand on your tiptoe and smoothed his messy hair.

“I’m hungry” he said.

“oh? Is that so? Want me to cook?” you asked.

“let’s just go out”

“no! I want to cook” you whined.

“just this once okay?” Myungsoo pointed at you. you nodded like a good kid and went inside to cook for dinner.

You were too focused on cooking when arms wrapped behind you.

“need some help?” Myungsoo looked at you.

“no I’m enjoying it actually” you smiled and continued cooking.

“but I want to help” Myungsoo urged.

“then, clean the dishes later” you said after tasting the food.

“let’s eat” you excitedly said and set up the food.

Things went well because Myungsoo finished the food without any complains and now you two are watching a movie, or it’s just you ‘cause Myungsoo’s eyes are closed. His head is on your lap.

“you like my lap so much aren’t you” you combed his hair with your hands.

“I don’t know my head fits perfectly with your lap” he mumbled.

“don’t you want to go upstairs and sleep?” he shook his head.

“come on. Just sleep their you’ll get your back hurt”

He got up and went upstairs and so as you.

After washing up you two went to bed with his arms on your waist. You grew comfortable with this kind of sleeping habit of him. he used to hug you.


It was middle of the night.

“NO!” you shouted and gasped for air. Thick drops of sweat  was formed on your forehead, and tears are flowing on your cheeks.

Myungsoo woke up from your shout and looked at you with concern.

“hey, hey… why are you crying” he said with husky voice.

You can’t talk and just continued crying.

“shh.. it’s just a dream baby..” he tried calming you.

“t-they’re after me.. they’re gonna kill me Myungsoo..” you sobbed. Myungsoo wiped your tears, it’s like his heart breaks into millions of pieces seeing those eyes tear up.

“shh—I’m here” he put a finger to your lips to shh you.

“m-my u-uncle. His -- his gonna kill me” you stuttered and more tears flow from your cheeks.

“I’m here baby. Calm down” he kissed your forehead and hugged you, making you feel secure.

“no one can harm you, as long as I’m here with you. trust me okay?” Myungsoo said. You nodded.

“go back to sleep, I’ll be awake.  I’ll be waiting for you to fall asleep” Myungsoo urged.

“but—“ he cut you off by putting his finger to your lips again.

“sleep” he kissed your lips. Completely shutting you up. He wiped the last tear on your cheeks.

You snuggled close to his chest and he securely hugged your waist He watched you sleep until you fell asleep again while caressing your hair.


*I won’t let anyone hurt you Eunjae.. I promise you. Now, I’m regretting why I even made you sign up that damn contract… when we can just… Damn it Myungsoo think straight! Hell, still I’m confused.* Myungsoo thought while looking at your face.




woah! someone's asking for a chapter on the honeymoon part?! I don't know and how to write .. haha! i read them but I don't know how to write those things. I can't bear to write those so I salute all those authors who writes ! you guys are so COOL! 


but i'll think of it. if anyone will volunteer to help me write those it's possible. haha! i'll post 2 version of chapters on honeymoon part. if you want read the . but if you dont want you can read the second version. hahaha! BUT! it depends! i'm not promising anything.


just tell your opinions on the comment box down there.. and i noticed most of my readers are minors..!!! so i dont know! hahah!


sorry for the long wait hope you enjoyed this update even it's short.. comments are loved! :-*


no gifs.. my internet is... SLOW!!! damn it! TT TT

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