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“you’re a what?!” you looked at Myungsoo who sighed deeply with irritation. *Damn you Sungyeol*




“I swear lee sungyeol. I have never forgiven you before about Jeeyoung and now this! Damn that big mouth of yours!” Myungsoo got up from your lap and was about to strangle the latter but other infinite members popped out from nowhere and stopped Myungsoo.

“look, it’s not what you think” Myungsoo tried calming you down.

“you’re marrying a gangster Eunjae!” Sungyeol annoyed Myungsoo.  Myungsoo grabbed the bottled water and throw it on Sungyeol’s direction making the latter erupt on laughter.

“yah, lee Sungyeol don’t make her confuse, I’ll tell you everything.” Sunggyu being the kind leader he is tries to clear the explanation.

“you see, your fiancé over there is one of the famous guy in Seoul right?” you nodded. Myungsoo hugged you and rested his chin on your shoulder, you gave him a look.

“don’t act sweet on me!” you pointed but he just closed his eyes and puckered his lips, wanting for a kiss but you ignored him.

“now, since Myungsoo and the rest of us don’t want some bodyguard tailing us all the time. Our parents decided to hire someone to hire someone to train us, on how to protect our own self.  We’re trained how to handle sharp tools, guns and other things. We know different types of fighting techniques and more sensitive senses. Just like what Sungyeol said, Gangster. Not exactly but we have the instinct of gangsters. So we can be a bit impatient at times. We’re sorry for that” Sunggyu finished.


“I see” you nodded and stood up making Myungsoo stumble.

“I’m leaving now Oppas” You bowed and headed for the door.

“no! “ Myungsoo shouted. You turned around and Myungsoo hugged you from behind.

“I’ll lead you there” Myungsoo smiled.

“I can manage to go there Myungsoo” you pried off of his arms.

“don’t complain let’s just go” Myungsoo grabbed your hands and sent you to your class.

“what’s your class?” you asked Myungsoo. He just shrugged.

“you’re not going to your class again?”

“babe, the owner of this school is my parent’s bestfriend and the son is my friend. Psh..” he arrogantly said.

“jerk” you said and entered your classroom.


Classes ended just like that boring, but still you tried your best to listen and understand everything.

Walking alone on the soccer field, a hand blocked your sight from behind. You hold the hand and immediately recognized those soft hands.

“Myungsoo~” you smiled and he laughed. The other students looked at you with envy. A handsome person, your future husband but they don’t know half of the story. You two are just on a damn contract.

“wanna go somewhere?” he asked walking with you.


“let’s buy your phone” Myungsoo suddenly remembered.

“I really don’t need one” Myungsoo shot you a glare.

“what? so you can go home late? And then I’ll find out you’re with doll face?!”

“don’t call him that” you said.

“and now you’re defending him?” Myungsoo looked at you in disbelief.

“are you jealous?!” you asked.

“NO!” Myungsoo looked away.

“yes you are” you .

“no I’m not!” Myungsoo kept being defensive. He looks so cute being like that, you tiptoed and kissed his cheek making him stunned and ran before he can get you.

You laughed and he laughed while the two of you ran all over the field. The people are looking at the both of you but neither of you didn’t care.

You reached his car and inhaled for more air, you’re too exhausted from the run.

“gotcha!” 2 arms hugged you from behind making you squeal and giggle at the same time knowing it was Myungsoo.

“let’s stop this. I’m tired” Myungsoo put you down and opened his car’s door.

You plopped to the passenger seat while he started the engine.

“let’s eat too okay?” you nodded.

The drive was quiet but there was no awkward atmosphere not like before. The two of you reached the mall and Sungjong was on the first floor. The two of you was welcomed by him.

“what are you doing?” Myungsoo asked him.

“monitoring everything” Myungsoo rolled his eyes.

“perfectionist.  So, we’re here for her phone” Sungjong gasped with his hands clasped together his eyes are twinkling.

“let’s go!” Sungjong excitedly grabbed you walking to a certain store.

“this phone has been waiting for you for ages!” Sungjong said. You looked at him confused.

“uh, well. Hyung here. Has ordered this phone before. He wants the latest.” Myungsoo shyly rubbed the back of his head.

Sungjong opened the box and was Surprised to see the phone has a charm on it. It was a mini version of Myunjae the teddy bear.

You smiled and looked at Myungsoo.

“thank you” you hugged him.

“unlock the phone” Myungsoo said.

You unlocked the phone and you turned happy instantly because the wallpaper was you and him, with Myungjae the teddy bear in the middle. You two looks like a perfect couple on that picture.

“thank you. Myungsoo you’re so sweet” you blushed.

“anything for you”  he smiled and lead you to a restaurant for dinner.


After eating at a restaurant you two went home.

“so, graduation is near” Myungsoo started. The both of you were lying on the bed.

“yes, and the wedding is near too” you answered back.

“I know” Myungsoo’s voice turn into a frown.

“what you’re regretting it?” you asked.

“no, I’m just too tired of waiting. I want to get married” you looked at him in disbelief.

“what?” your voice became higher.

“and remember mom’s wish.” You gulped.

“yep” you gulped for the second time.

“a grandchild” Myungsoo whispered.

“a baby” you whispered back.

“what do you think about it?” Myungsoo faced you.


“ I think……”











wanna see evil myungsoo???




okay.. cute myungsoo who's controlling his smile.. with dongwoo.. 




gosh thanks for the comments! i expect more though.. sorry if my update today is lame. i'm getting stressed like hell! 

i'm having a really bad headache but i can't bear to disappoint you guys so.. here. my brain is totally squished out. seriously i'm stressed!! thank to the gifs they lessen my headache somehow and anyways... our new highschool graduate..



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