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It was another morning, an arm securedly wrap around you, you faced Myungsoo, he’s face is shining on the day light. His smooth skin, you glided a finger on his cheek.

*the curtains are open, he must have been awake just a while ago*

You tapped his cheek.

“Myungsoo, wake up. We have school” you lightly said. He didn’t move.

“hey” you tapped him again. He scrunched his face and stretched his arms.

“wakey wakey!” you put your palms to your chin and watched his adorable face.

After stretching he hugged your waist and sleep again.

“yah! What are you doing? Wake up we have school!” you rubbed his arm.

“ I don’t want to go to school” he said with a husky morning voice.

“fine” you left him.

He sleeps while you prepared for school.

After preparing his breakfast even though you know that he will be mad at you for cooking you still prepared breakfast for him.

“hey, Myungsoo I’m going to school bye!” you shouted from downstairs.

But Myungsoo was too deeply asleep to hear you.

It was 10:30am and that was the time when Myungsoo wake up. He searched for you but noticed that you were nowhere to be found. And the food set on the table. *she cooked?!  I told her not to!* without admiring the taste of your cooking he chewed the food down in one go and prepared to go to school. he rushed to his car and drove as fast as he can. He is kind of annoyed leaving him like that; he’s worried what kind of vehicle you ride. The worst part he keeps thinking is if you ride the subway.  He’s been looking for you like a mad man the day Sungyeol said ‘someone is going to take you away from him’ he became an overprotective person he wants you to be by his side he want to see you all the time, safe. 24 7. He parked his car and texted Sungyeol to know where you are. Sungyeol immediately texted back.

‘she’s in class dude, chemistry room 22D she’ll be finish at 12’

He went to his class even though he is late; the teacher doesn’t bother asking because she knows Hoya will just fire her if she asks. Luckily his class ends at 12. So when the bell ring signaling lunch, Myungsoo didn’t even bother to wait for the teacher say ‘dismiss’ he strode to your classroom together with infinite.

You just went out of your room when someone strode past you and bumped you on your shoulder. You fall down with a harsh fall making you hiss in pain.  But the person who bumped to you didn’t mind to look back but just run.

But before you could react, 5 boys ran after the student. *hoya oppa? Sungjong oppa? Dongwoo oppa? Woohyun oppa? Sunggyu oppa?*

 2 arms lifted you up, making girls gasp. You turn around to see Sungyeol and Myungsoo.

“are you okay? Dongsaeng?” Sungyeol checked you, Myungsoo on the other side was glaring at someone.

“yes’ I’m okay.” But the scratched knee of you can’t hide the fact that you’re not okay for Myungsoo.

“let’s go” Myungsoo said with a cold tone. You looked at the both of them with confusion, who turned serious.  Myungsoo wrapped an arm around your waist and lead you.

“where are we goi-?”he stopped you by kissing his finger and putting it on your lips to shhh you. he winked and started walking again his arm not leaving your waist.

You pouted and just walked.

You two reached an empty dark hallway. *gosh sungyeol really has long legs! He disappeared so much*

With the deafening silence a blood curling scream from a guy erupted, some grunts, punches and kicks can be heard.  You jumped in fright.

“M-Myungsoo w-where a-a-re we going ser-“ again he didn’t finish you but he just repeated the things he did to you just to shut you up. You were getting scared. You didn’t even know a part of this school has this place *creepy!* the more you two got closer the screams got louder.

You two finally reached a door and stopped in front of it. He kissed your cheek and opened it. You gasped at the sight. It was the student who bumped to you who didn’t look at you.

“OMO!” you were about to help the student but Myungsoo held you again by your waist and he wiggled a finger in front of you with a smirk.

“let him experience what it feels like getting hurt, but no one helped you. Just like what he did to you a while ago” Dongwoo punched him on the stomach. * I didn’t know they were like this!*

“Myungsoo, stop this. Please” you were begging but he just gave you an icy glare. He stepped forward and pulled out something from his pocket. It was a silver pocket knife that looks so sharp! He pointed it to the student’s neck and warned him. You’re eyes widened and approached him “you see, that’s my fiancé over there, respect her or else. I’ll let you experience how this knife pierces through your flesh.” Myungsoo said.

“Myungsoo stop let him go” you said begging. He straightened up and looked at you in a bored face saying ‘you’re-no-fun face’

He cut the ropes with the knife without even exerting to much force *it was sharp! Indeed*

“go, be thankful she’s nice” the student was about to run but Myungsoo grabbed the back of his collar.

“tsk tsk tsk. You never learn, I said respect right?” he gave the student one of his death stare.

The student bowed with a shaking body, his bow has exceeded to the normal ones, his head was about to hit the floor. He bowed like four times and sprinted away.

Myungsoo waved like his an idiot and closed the door he hid his knife on his waist were in its case is attached to it, he landed himself on the couch while you looked at him in disbelief, infinite mind their own businesses. They went to the kitchen and prepared some food while sunggyu sleep on the other couch. *how come he can act all calm after what happened! He’s like a devil back there!*

Myungsoo noticed you’re looking at him.

“what? I look cool back there?” he patted the sit above his head. you huffed and sat there, he put his head on your lap.

“cool? You’re like an evil gangster back there!” you sighed with frustration.

“of course he is!” sungyeol popped out of nowhere.

“what?” you asked.

“Sungyeol I’m warning you. she doesn’t know anything” Myungsoo put an arm on his eyes,

“what do you mean?”you tilted your head.

“oh you mean, she doesn’t know that you’re a gangster and she—“ Sungyeol was stopped when you shouted in disbelief.

“you’re a what?!” you looked at Myungsoo who sighed deeply with irritation. *Damn you Sungyeol*




 this is not about gangs. i hope you dont misunderstand. haha! it will all be clear on the next chapter okay?

hahah! thank you silent readers for commenting hahah!




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