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You carefully followed Myungsoo on the way to the parking lot. When you two are inside the car. He has this devilish smirk that you know that will scare the hell out of you.

“Ok Myungsoo whatever you’re thinking, stop it. You’re scaring me” you said while gesturing hand signals saying please.

“you should be scared” He said in a seductive voice.

“yah! Myungsoo” you whined and stomped your feet.

He drive faster than usual, the atmosphere seems so hot. Myungsoo is giving the hot aura.

After reaching home, he opened the passenger door with a sweet smile plastered on his face but on his eyes, he has this evil plan.

You gave him a suspicious look.

“I’m not going in” you stopped on the doorway.

“you should or else” you gulped and with shaking hands, you punched in the code.

Behind you, Myungsoo was smiling like an idiot seeing you nervous and all.

You slowly entered the house you gasped loud when you feel an arm wound around your waist, and a breathe behind your neck. You gulped again for the second time. *please, Big Boss in Heaven. Control my fiancé! Eep!*

“I told you I’ll give you a punishment” he whispered near your ear.

“………………..” speechless and shocked you can’t say anything. You were scared less.

“now, be a good fiancé and strip in front of me” Myungsoo ordered.

Your eyes were about to pop out from it’s socket. And you gasp for more air. Unable to breath.

“I’m counting…1,” myungsoo gave you an intimidating look.

With shaking soul and body you were fumbling with the hem of your skirt. Myungsoo looked at you with amused expression. Trying to figure out what you will do.

“2” he said while glaring.

“on the count of 3, or else” he warned. You were about to cry and Myungsoo can’t stop himself from laughing so….

“PUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!” a Myungsoo curled up on the ground clutching his stomach was dying because of pure laughter, there were tears on his eyes and he can’t breathe because of too much laughter. You looked at him with a horrified face *he’s insane!* he stood up from laughing wiping a tear from his eye. You turned red from anger! He’s been fooling me all this time!* you strode in front of him and punched his chest many times, causing him to erupt another round of laughter.

“Ahhhh!! You’re so annoying!!!” you punched him again, you’re flushed due to embarrassment.

“you should’ve seen your face!” you pouted and put both of your palms on your face and buried your covered face on Myungsoo’s chest.

“this is so embarrassing!” Myungsoo laughed, hugging you.

“strip now wifey” he joked.

“ahhh!” you stomped your feet, you’re so annoyed to core.

“I hate you!” you went to the couch and plopped right there. You crossed your arms over your chest and just watched the boring television.

Myungsoo went out, *tss. He’s leaving after annoying me!*

After a minute, a huge blue teddy bear appeared in front of you. you looked up and saw Myungsoo holding it. You looked at him, he nodded and you got the signal that it’s for you. you can’t hide the smile and gently grab the bear. You rub its fur and noticed something, you smelled its fur.

“is this?” you pointed. “yep my favorite perfume” Myungsoo plopped next to you.

You smelled it again, “he smells so nice” you smiled. “just like me?” he put an arm over your shoulder.

“yep, just like you” you blushed.

“what’s his name?” you looked at Myungsoo. He pointed at the chest part. There’s a heart embroidered.

THEN. There’s a name.

“MYUNJAE?” you gave him a confused look (a/n: okay, whoever created the couple name thank you! hahaha! I found it cute.. babyharin and Chooky often use this couple name on the comment box ^^)

“what? Myungsoo-Eunjae?, you don’t like it?” he asked.

“no, I like it, so much” you smiled sweetly plus the rushed beating of your heart. Same as Myungsoo, he doesn’t know why that smile of yours can make his heartbeat race.

you hesitated on putting your head on Myungsoo shoulder, he is too focus on watching the tv while you keep cuddling the teddy bear. You softly landed your head on Myungsoo shoulder. *I wish this moment won’t end!! *

“you tired?”  you nodded.

“me too, let’s go upstairs” he helped you carrying your bags and the teddy bear.

“go wash first” you said. He went to the bathroom.

After him washing you went to the bathroom too to wash up.

After that you went to the bed to see Myungsoo ready to go to sleep with his hair still wet.

“yah! You’re hair is still wet” you shook him.

“let it be, I’m too tired to dry it off” he closed his eyes.

“no way! Here, I’ll dry it for you” you sat beside him and he put his head to your lap, and you started drying it.

“Myungsoo, are you still awake?” he nodded.

“I want to ask you something” he didn’t speak but you got the sign to continue.

“why do you keep punishing the people around me? Those who tries to mess up with me?” you looked at his peaceful face. He didn’t speak again.

“what? ‘cause your gonna say, I’m your fiancé? And it’s because your mom will be mad when you don’t take care of me? and for the sake of the contract” you asked.

“no” he simply said. You stared at him. you finished drying his hair.

“all dry you can sleep now” you said.

“because you’re special” he mumbled.

“what?” You looked at him.

“I care for you because you’re special to me” he looked at you, he leaned in and peck your lips sweetly leaving you stunned.

“let’s go to sleep” he pulled you close to him and you close your eyes unable to believe what you just heard.

*I’m special?* 





okay let me get things cleared. I'm not going to make this fic rated!!! hahah! i'm dont write ! i just label my story rated just for words and nothing more.. :)


here you go another chapter...  HOPE YOU ENJOY IT !!

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