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Rubbing your eyes, you woke up to see an empty space beside you. and noticed that the room was dark. You noticed that the curtains are closed making the room dim. *strange, every morning Myungsoo will open the curtains.* you can hear the water flowing from the shower. *I guess he’s taking bath* you looked around and saw the clock on the bedside table. You gasped.

10:30 AM


“ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!” you shrieked with both of your palms on your face. You panicked and started running all around the huge room like your was on fire with both of your hands waving while shrieking ‘IM LATE!!!’

Myungsoo heard your scream and immediately went out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped on his waist.

“what wrong? Eunjae? What? what the hell?” he looked at you in pure amusement with a mouth gaping open and both of his hands are on his waist.

You noticed a presence, you looked at Myungsoo to see him half with water trickling all over his chest, his hair is disheveled with the water dropping from his bangs *HOT* O.O! With wide eyes you shrieked louder and dive onto the mattress, you buried your face on the pillow with red ears and overly red face.

Myungsoo smiled and approached you still with his wet hair and steaming hot body. You could feel the bed bounce and you panicked,

You peeked through the pillow and saw Myungsoo staring at you with amused eyes.

“y-yah! Don’t come any closer!!” you warned. But being the stubborn him he went closer.

“YAH! Myungsoo!” you crawled backwards while he went closer.

“how many times do I have to tell you, it’s oppa?” he seductively said with a smirk.

“you’re just a month older so there’s no need to! I-I can call you whatever I want!” still frightened you crawled backwards and unfortunately you reached the headboard and gasped. You tried sinking yourself onto the wood. Wishing it will swallow you.

“feisty huh? Wifey?” he crawled closer.

“I told you not to come closer! I warned you! meat head!” you pointed your pointy finger onto him. But to your shock and surprise Myungsoo put your finger onto his mouth and the tip of your finger with his tongue. He stared at you with a seductive look while you looked at him with horror and disbelief.

He released your finger with a plop and grabbed your hand, pinned it upwards and he hover above you.

“y-yah! Seriously Kim Myungsoo! I-I’m gonna kick your balls!” you tried wiggling away.

“you really don’t know how to respect me wifey, You need some punishments and a lesson” he leaned closer to your face and you looked away, his lips were brushing onto your cheeks.

“I’m not your wife!” you still bravely and stubbornly answered even though you were about to pee on your pants from the nervousness.

“yet” he smirked again. *Damn, smirk! Damn that y smirk!*

He was about to kiss you but the words you were too frightened to say came out from your mouth.

“arasso! A-arasso! Oppa! Oppa! I’ll call you oppa! Just get off! Please get off! I’ll call you oppa! I can dance oppa oppa too! please Myungsoo oppa! Get off me! please. I’m begging you I’ll do anything. Please oppa! Oppa! There I say it oppa!” you were hallucinating that time due to the nervousness you felt and said everything in one blow. Myungsoo looked at you with another amused expression plastered on his. *this girl never fails to amuse me* he half-laughed and pecked your lips when you finally shut up. He get off of you and helped you get up.

“come on, get ready. We’re going somewhere” he said.

“w-where are we going?” you asked, trying to be casual and hide your flushed face.

“what is that?” he leaned his ear closer to you, and you got the hint.

“w-where are we going Myungsoo o-oppa?” you shyly said.

“Mom said to meet her at Sungjong’s mall”

“what? what about school?!” you whined.

“Don’t mind that” he went to the door went out before you can protest again.

“pshh~ meanie!”

You stomped your way to the bathroom with a smug expression on your face.

*I miss school*


After dressing up, You went downstairs and saw Myungsoo cooking. *he cooks?!*

With smile on your face you jumped behind Myungsoo while giggling.

“what’ya doin’?” he just looked at you and continued cooking.

You pouted and just sat on the chair with your elbows propped on the table and your chin is placed on your palms. You were mesmerized how his back looks so perfect. *his back looks so perfect, what more when he face me* you sighed and continued boring a hole to his back. But your sweet bubble was burst when he suddenly said.

“stop staring at my y back wifey” he said and turned to face you with two plates of eggs and toasts.

“I’m not staring, and not your wifey either” you huffed.

“yet” he annoyingly said.

*grrr—this man!* you snapped him a look and he pointed at the plate on front of you.

“this better be good” you kept your annoyed face on and ate a piece of toast but your annoyed face seemed to fade the moment you tasted the toast. It was heaven. It was just a toast but it taste different it was so delicious.

“I know it’s delicious”  Myungsoo saw the sudden change of your face.

“tch!” you ignored him and continued eating.

After eating and washing the plates. You follow Myungsoo to his car.

“what exactly are we going to do?” you asked him with curiosity.

Myungsoo pointed at the car signaling for you to come inside first.

He sat on the driver’s seat, wears the seatbelt and locked all the doors. After making sure that you ave no way to get out he suddenly said.

“we’ll finish the wedding plans” you gasped.




arasso means okay

oppa means a guy is older than you (if you're a girl you call him oppa) it's really a big deal for koreans to call them oppa. (i just read that fact somewhere)


so if you guys have no idea why YOU/EUNJAE is so shocked it is because she don't want to participate in any of the wedding plans. She doesnt want to know what she'll wear and what she'll do.  in short, she doesnt want to finish the wedding plans so she can't get married yet.



thank you for the comments again!! hihihi! i love all the reactions! the funny comments.. like

~preparing bricks.. LOL that made my day. 

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