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After the queenkas are finished talking to L, more like flirt. They approached you,

“so look at you getting married” Taehee snorted.

“look guys, just enjoy the party. Just don’t bother me”

“well, let me just tell you. we still don’t accept you to be our L oppa’s wife.” You nodded. Just to let them shut up.

Then Minjun came with 2 people behind his back. Heesung came over also.

“hey. Eunjae meet my friend. Victoria and this is her cousin, Jaejoong” Minjun introduced.

You looked at the model you saw two months ago. She’s the one that Minjun liked for years and his cousin looks so handsome.

“hello Eunjae. Nice to meet you finally. I'm Victoria. Minjun can’t stop mentioning you to me” She happily introduced herself. *she looks so nice*

“hello I’m Kim Jaejoong” The guy grabbed your hand and kissed it. *why do they always do that?*

“nice to meet you everyone” Heesung and you chorused.

“so where’s your fiancé?” Victoria looked around. * I don’t know, Flirting? Maybe*

“he’s just around there, greeting the guest.” You faked a smile.

“I see. I’ll just accompany them okay?” Minjun asked. You nodded.

It was a great party but not yours you kept staring at the bartender serve drinks.

You sip your orange juice and looked through the crown and sighed for the nth time. Myungsoo haven’t spoken to you since the incident on the car.

“you look so lonely” a voice said. You turn around and saw Jaejoong.

“oh, Jaejoong-ssi. Yeah well, I don’t socialize much”

“I see” he nodded.

“how old are you?” he asked.

“I’m turning 19”

“I’m your oppa then” he smiled.


“you should call me oppa” he said.

“err---“ unsure what you would say.

“this is not the last time we’ll see each other I swear” he laughed. *he looks so perfect, he looks handsome too when laughing just like Myungsoo*

The conversation went on and on and you find Jaejoong friendly and easy to be with.

On that time, you don’t feel alone. But feel happy being with him unlike your fiancé who’s having a good time with his infinite friends.

You sighed for again.

“what’s wrong?” you shook your head.

“I can sense something is wrong” he insisted.

“is Victoria unnie and Minjun oppa going out?” you tried changing the topic. Jaejoong looked at you in disbelief for a sudden question.

“well, to be honest. Yes.” your eyes widen at the sudden truth. *he said she’s just a friend?!*

“since when?”

“2 weeks ago” he said without hesitations.

“oh my gosh!” you put a hand to your hanging mouth.

“you look so cute when you’re shocked” he laughed.

“oh, haha!” you laughed too.

Jaejoong ordered a slice of cake for you since the conversation is still flowing.

You ate a piece but unfortunately a cream was left on the side of your lips. Jaejoong looked at it, too tempted to touch your lips ‘cause it was like your lips are calling him to kiss you but you were to innocent to notice that Jaejoong is being teased by your lips which is so pink.

He was about to take off the cream with his tissue that made you shut up with what he is doing but a hand shove his arms beside. And a guy took out his own handkerchief to remove the cream himself. It was the man you least expected to do that. It was Myungsoo. He tilted your face upwards and he gently wipes off the cream himself. You looked away blushing hard when you met his glare but looks so hot at the same time. *curse this guy! Curse him!*

He grabbed your arms and pulled you.

“excuse me, I need my fiance” he pulled you and held your waist. You looked at the bipolar guy beside you the two of you went to infinite’s table.

“sit over here” he pushed you on the chair and he plopped next to you. He put an arm over your shoulder and kissed your cheek. Infinite doesn’t mind ‘because they’re having a good time drinking and chatting with each other.

“be a good fiancé would you? and don’t even try flirt again with that Jaejoong guy” he hissed on your ear. *he know his name?*

“I didn’t-“ but before you could continue he shot you a i-take-it-as-i-see-it-so-shut-up look and you just gulped.

*gosh! This guy needs a brain check up*

Myungsoo stood up and you were about to stand up too to go to Jaejoong but he glared at you and pointed to the seat, you sank back on the seat again and sighed. *am I a dog?!*

“wait just right there”

After 10 minutes he came back with a box on his hand. The box looks familiar to you.

He sat next to you, “you forgot this” he handed you the box and opened it.

It was the necklace he bought on the mall.

“wear it always please?” You handed him the necklace and he put it on your neck.

“you look pretty” he said and looked into your eyes.

“you look handsome too, I didn’t mean what I said a while ago-“ you were cut off when he put a finger to your lips.

“sshhh, I understand. I didn’t mean to get mad at you” he gently said and pecked your lips leaving you stunned.

“so, who’s that Jaejooong huh?” he casually asked with a poker face on.

“no one” you said and sipped your cocktail.

“no one?!” he asked.


“but the way you two talk means like you two know each other for a very long time!” he said in disbelief.

“he’s just kind” you reasoned.

“no he’s not! And the way he looks at you! argh!” he raked his hair in frustration.

“hey! Don’t do that you’re running your hair” you fixed his hair and his annoyed face is on again with a pout. * he looks so cute*

“yah, you’re jealous?” you poked his cheeks.

“no! why would I!?!” he shrieked and can’t look on you.

“uh-huh” you suspiciously said.


“arasso arasso.. I told you he’s just no one” you laughed and kissed his cheeks. You smiled.

Myungsoo’s temper went down immediately after your kiss. He doesn’t know why he can’t resist that.

He keeps hiding the smile forming on his lips.

“you’re smiling~! You’re not mad anymore! Right? right?” you nagged with a joking tone and he keeps hiding his smile. But his dimple can’t hide his happiness so you poked it.

“see you’re smiling” you sang.

“arasso arasso, I’m not mad” he smiled and hugged you, pulling you close.


Neither the two of you didn’t know that someone was watching you smile and be happy with Myungsoo.



-Hey, Dad. I finally found her


-Well, done my son… 




oops sorry for the cliff hanger :)

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