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After 2 hours, infinite came onto the salon they left you.

“Is she done?” Myungsoo asked the stylist.

“Almost sir, just wait a few minutes” the stylist said.


Infinite sat on the couch including Minjun they chatted.

“Sir, she’s done” Stylist pulled out the curtain and it shows a new side of you making the 8 mouths gape open.

You were wearing white dress 2 inches above the knee your hair curled and light make-up was put on your face. You looked stunningly beautiful.

*I knew she’s pretty. But not this pretty!* Myungsoo thought.

“she’s pretty!” Hoya gaped.

“Will you marry me?” Minjun asked making you giggle.

“stop this, let’s go” he grabbed your waist, blushing you hid your face on his chest. *he smells so nice*

[ignore the girl >.<]


infinite ride their own cars also as Minjun and as for the both of you, Myungsoo drove.

During the drive Myungsoo noticed that you keep looking at your hands while doing unnecessary movements with them that ticked him off.

“Would you stop that?” unfortunately you were too nervous and focused on your hands.

“yah” he poked you. You jumped in fright.

“what?” you asked.

“you keep looking at your hands. How many times do I have to tell you? you don’t have to be nervous”

“easy for you to say” you mumbled.

“what? You’re worried about the media?” you nodded.

“don’t mind them, and besides, you look beautiful” he admitted and can’t look on your way. * Myungsoo control yourself*

“you look fine too”

“fine? You’re the first person to compliment me saying ‘fine’” he sarcastically said.

“most of them gives compliment like ‘hot’ ‘handsome’ etcetera, but you from my own fiancé! More like wife says I’m fine! That is so UNDERSTATEMENT” you made a face.

“you’re so full of yourself, one day I want you to trip on mud so you can see how ugly you are” you mocked him while crossing your arms on your chest.

“what! ugly!” he said in disbelief.

“yes you are, and so as your attitude” you continued mocking him. *he’s so cute when annoyed* you hide the smile forming on your lips.

He didn’t talk to you after that, and it’s making you feel guilty. *those are lies, stupid* when the both of you arrived he opened the passenger door with a face I’m-still-annoyed-to-you-so-don’t-talk-to-me and rolled his eyes. He sighed with irritation for the million times. Like a kid throwing tantrums.

While walking to the part area he didn’t want to go near you, he shoves his hands to his pockets and casually walks like he doesn’t see you or even know you. you two look like strangers that gathers attention. *they’re looking!! The news will even make me look bad. My fiancé pretends that he doesn’t even see me, ottokhae* you pouted and approached him.

“Myungsoo-ah, mianhae” you pouted and showed your puppy eyes. Still he didn’t look at you knowing that he will give in. you sighed in defeat *damn this man is a stone*

“Ms. Choi, you look so beautiful” the guests complimented when both of you walked through the crowd to find your seat. You bowed politely and smiled.

“you look beautiful today” infinite chorused. Still the man behind you keep sighing and rolling his eyes.

“thank you oppas” you hugged each of them.

“hey, evil glare you look so snobby today.” Minjun shouted.

“old L is back~” Sungyeol said.

“what do you mean oppa?” you gave him a confused look.

“he became snobby and cold during a party. He wants to look mysterious. He thinks he’s hot with that attitude” Sungyeol winked at you.

Myungsoo ignored everyone and just sat there acting mysterious.

“don’t worry. Enjoy the party. Ignore him.” Hoya tapped your shoulder.

“thanks oppa” you kissed his cheek.

“it’s the last party as a single person. Enjoy it” Dongwoo hugged you.

You looked through the people drinking different types of cocktails elegantly. You went to sit on a stool and watch the party go on. You saw Myungsoo talking with the queenkas of your previous school. *I thought this party will be happy*

Someone covered your eyes with a pair of hands.

“guess who” a girl’s voice said, hearing that voice made you want to burst into tears.

Chanseul” you hugged her so tight that she can’t breathe.

“I miss you” your eyes are getting moist.

“aww, I miss you too. don’t cry beautiful!” she wiped your tear.

“I’m so happy you’re here. I feel so alone” you pouted.

“hey! I’m here too!” Minjun protested.

“of course you too oppa” you hugged him.

“Eunjae congratulations” one of the queenka of your old school greeted you. He lend his hand out for you to shook it. You were about to but he kissed the top of your hand. Making your eyes went wide. He winked at you.

Minjun and Chanseul just watch him.

“hey. Hey! Distance man. Brother here” Minjun arrogantly said.

“they don’t even want to talk to you before” Chanseul rolled her eyes.

“I know” you nodded.

Minjun’s phone suddenly ring. He picked it up.

“yeah. Yeah. I’ll ask first” Minjun looked at you.

“hey, I have this friend of mine. Can he come to this party?” Minjun sheepishly smiled.

“sure oppa, he’s your friend right?”

“uh, she’s a girl” he looked away.

“omo! Is she your girlfriend oppa?” you and Chanseul excitedly jumped waiting for his answer.

“uhh, soon?” he joked.

“Kyaaaa!” you and Chanseu jumped. Getting attraction.

“image girl, image” Chanseulreminded.

“I hate this.” You said. You two giggled.

Minjun went back to the line.

“hey she said it’s okay….. oh, you’re with your cousin? Wait I’ll ask again”

“uhh, Eunjae sorry to say this but she has her cousin with her.” You pinched his cheeks and smiled.

“oppa, it’s okay you can invite anyone here, as long as you’re happy. and i know Myungsoo won't mind" You looked at Myungsoo who's still talking to a different girl.

“hey, it’s okay. “ he said to line.

“I’ll just pick them up” You nodded.

You didn’t know that letting them in your party… will lead you to your worst nightmare.











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