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*I’m not joking if that’s what she thinks* he smirked.

Ding Dong…

Saved by the bell, you pushed Myungsoo “ooff!” hard that his landed on the floor.

You opened the door and was attacked by Minjun’s bear crushing hugs. You didn’t hesitated hugging him back while wounding your legs on his waist. Myungsoo stood up rubbing his mushy and went to see who disturbed a very intense moment.


“B-A-B-Y!” Minjun spread his arms wide waiting for you hug,

“oppa!!” without hesitation you wrapped your arms on his neck together with your legs on his waist.

Myungsoo went to the living room to see the least person he wants to see.

His temper reached the highest point seeing you clamp like a tarsier on Minjuns’ and the other was Minjun was the one who interrupted the moment.

He approached the both of you and grabbed you harshly making you stumble backward, your head landing on Myungsoo’s chest. And Minjun look in disbelief.

“what’s your problem evil glare?” Minjun asked with both hands on his waist.

“look, doll face-“ Myungsoo was interrupted.

“did I interrupt a very special moment?” Minjun looked at the both of you suspiciously.

“as a matter of fact, yes. Doll face” Myungsoo glared.

“oppa, what is it? Huh? Huh?” you wiggled out of Myungsoo’s grasp and jumped in front of Minjuns.

“I went here to fetch the both of you to get ready for the party later” Minjun went to the kitchen.

“I can drive moron” Myungsoo said.

Minjun saw the omelet rice and approached it with twinkling eyes.

“yah! That’s our breakfast!” Myungsoo shouted.

“it’s okay Myungsoo there’s enough for all of us, and he cooked for you remember?” you went to the kitchen and prepared 3 set of plates. You served the breakfast and started eating Minjun was too immersed on talking with you while Myungsoo feel so out of placed. He keeps glaring at Minjun hoping he would melt and just disappear on his sight.

“this is so delicious!” Minjun complimented.

“thank you oppa” you giggled and scooped another spoon of rice.

“tsh, oppa” Myungsoo shot.

“jealous~~” Minjun sang. Myungsoo slam the table with his fist. You jumped at his action.

“Myungsoo what is wrong with you?” you asked baffled.

“he’s jealous” Minjun cooed. Myungsoo was about to tackle Minjun and his pretty face but you stopped him.

‘yah! Stop this!” you held him. Minjun stuck his tongue out on Myungsoo making him fume more.

Ding dong, ding dong ding dong

Then another set of knocks came.

Myungsoo abruptly stood up and opened the door. 6 excited faces are there. It was infinite.

Without Myungsoo inviting them they raid the whole house. Myungsoo looked at them in disbelief. Hearing the chaos you and Minjun looked at each other with confused look you two went to the living room to spot the rest of infinite. Yours and Minjun’s mouth hung open.

“ah! The second expensive couch is here. I was going to buy this baby!” Sungyeol touched the leather sofa and landed on it. Then he turned the TV on.

“me too! But Myungsoo got it first damn” Sunggyu went to the other couch and slouched there.

“ooh! The sound system I was about to buy yesterday is here!” Sungjong went to music room and blasted the speakers with a girl group tone and started dancing to it.

“ah, it’s so refreshing here” Woohyun yawned and lay on the floor and sleep there.

Hoya and Dongwoo ran to the exercise room and started working out.

It was a pure chaos on the house.

“ya! Who told you to come in here?!” Myungsoo shouted but everyone ignored him.

Minjun started approaching the infinite members and soon he became part of the their chaos and conversations. You looked at him in disbelief.

“when did the he became close with infinite?” you asked Myungsoo in confusion.

“I don’t know and I don’t want to care” Myungsoo sighed with a tired face even though it was Morning, seeing his friends invading his peaceful time.

He went to the bedroom and you followed him. You locked the door and he laid on the bed.

“I don’t want any noises, let me relax for now please” he begged and closed his eyes.

You smiled at his peaceful face. “okay. I’ll just wake you up when we’re going to the mall” he nodded.

you grabbed Myungsoo’s Ipad and sat beside him on the bed.

You decided to surf the net. You went to Yahoo and saw the top news. It was a picture of you and Myungsoo on the mall smiling and holding hands.

A knock came.

“hey Eunjae, I’m going to the salon with infinite okay? See you later” Minjun said through the closed door.

“sure oppa” you replied.


“KIM MYUNGSOO’S FIANCE A GOLD DIGGER?”  you gasped at the article.

*I didn’t even know someone took our picture* with wide eyes you read the internet article.

Kim Myungsoo, the heir of KMS Company was spotted with his fiancé shopping on the mall with smile on their eyes and holding each other’s hands securely. Is it true that the Kim Myungsoo we know already change? From being a playboy and flirt to everyone to a stick to one future husband? Or is it just an act to clean his name and image? According to the saleslady of the stores the two visited. Kim Myungsoo purchased one of the most expensive necklaces the world has ever created just to give it to his fiancé. The necklace was studded with sapphire blue stones and the lace was made up of white gold. Indeed, Kim Myungsoo is one of the richest teenagers in Korea. BUT, the saleslady clarified things and gives some statement about the necklace. “his fiancé asked for the necklace, she almost beg for him to purchase it for her. His fiancé threatened Myungsoo that she will not marry him if he don’t purchase the necklace for her. She’s threatening Kim Myungsoo for her own wealth. I think she threatened Myungsoo about the wedding too.” The saleslady stated. Because of this statement. Many girls are starting to know where Choi Eunjae came from. The girls who are devoted for Kim Myungsoo searched for her background but to their disappointment. They can’t find any backgrounds about her. All the girls are all showering us (the media) with tins of questions like, “is she a Korean?” where does she came from?” “ is she rich?” “what is her background?” “how come she does that to our L oppa!” ‘she’s such a gold digger! I hate her to bones!’ “is she here to fool L oppa?” on the other hand. The media has been preparing for their engagement party tonight where only the people who are officially invited can enter. Those who don’t have an invitation can’t even tale a glance at the private party. Everyone is anticipating for The party tonight to see the real Choi Eunjae is she an ideal wife or just someone who wants to get married just to fool someone?


The article ended but your tears kept flowing. *I can’t believe they think of me like that*

“I’m not fooling you right?” you said while looking at Myungsoo’s sleeping face.

“Is being with you so bad?” you cried again with your arms on your knees, folded.

You tried to cry as quiet as you could. Only sniffs and gulps of you can be heard.

Suddenly, a hand caressed your hair. You suddenly looked up and see Myungsoo looking at you with worried expression.

“why are you crying?” he removed the tears and you sniff.

“they think I’m fooling you” you mumbled and cried again.

of course you’re not. We’re in this contract because I want to. And you need to” he sincerely said.

*I hate that we’re on a contract. For once I wished that this is not an arrange marriage. But, I know it’s impossible*

“what if we just stop this? I’m damaging your image more, we’re fooling people from pretending. It’s okay if I just return to my old life. It’s okay if I don’t get any fee from this contract. Let’s just stop this. It’s making the situation worst and-“Myungsoo can’t believe the things you were saying and he’s looking at you with shock.

“NO!” he shouted at you. His eyes are full with disbelief and shock. He held your face between his palms.

He’s hands were shaking.

“NO! NO! you can’t do that! You can’t leave me! you can’t!” he snarled making your eyes widen in shock. It was the first time you saw him like this. Longing for something, afraid and disappointment.

He let go of you and reached for his Ipad. He looked at the bottom of the article and grabbed your hands. He dragged you outside and stormed on his car.

“wait, where are we going?”

“I’m going to show that saleslady that she messed with the wrong person’s fiancé” Myungsoo ‘s jaw clenched.

“wait! What?! Stop the car!” you panicked and tried opening the car’s door. But you got ignored.

You tried grabbing his arms but your strength is nothing compared to him.

In a minute of rushed driving, you two reached the mall. Infinite was there walking with Minjun. He didn’t notice anyone but to look for that saleslady.

Infinite sensed the tension and followed Myungsoo.

You two reached the jewelry store and you feared for the life of the saleslady which is talking to her co-workers. Myungsoo stormed in front of her. You remembered what he’s capable of doing to a girl just like what he did to Jeeyoung.

“Myungsoo calm down” you tried stopping him. the saleslady looked at you and breathed in disgust.

“Mr. Kim Myungsoo what can I do for you? Do you want to return the necklace?” she batted her eyelashes in a seductive way making Myungsoo more furious.

*so it’s true, she told all the ing lies*

“YOU!” he pointed at the girl while you stop him from going nearer to the girl.

“please, Myungsoo stop” your voice are shaking, you’re getting scared. * I really don’t like him when he gets mad*

He noticed your scared aura and tried calming himself.

“what’s going on here?” Sungjong with the rest of infinite came.

“Lee Sungjong! ing Fire her!” Myungsoo shouted in outrage.

“what? Hyung , why would I do that?” Myungsoo gave him a death glare pulled out his iphone and searched for the article. He shoved the phone on Sungjongs’. Sungjong eagerly read the article.

Infinite tried peeking through the phone.

“ you all, you all have phones! Go search for yourself!” Myungsoo shouted.

Infinite synchronizingly pulled out there phones and searched for the article too.

*Gossip Ahjussis!* Myungsoo thought.


“hey, calm down” you shook his arms.

“I’m trying Eunjae. I’m trying” he inhaled deep. You rubbed his arms hoping it will calm him down.

Sungjong fumed in anger too and pointed to the saleslady.

“you’re fired! Get out!” he grabbed the girl’s arm and pulled her outside.

“stay out of this mall! Never come back ever again!” Sungjong shrieked.

“she better think before she speaks. Now who’s the publisher of this newspaper? I want to kill him. for believing all the lies about my dongsaeng” Dongwoo punched his palms.

“uhh- I don’t want to burst all those threatening bubbles but, can we go get ready? The party is about to start in 3 hours” Minjun said. Everyone nodded.

All of you went to a restaurant inside the mall and ate. After eating the boys sent you to the salon to get your make up done and for them to get ready too.

“wait…” you grabbed Myungsoo’s shirt. He gave you a puzzled look.

“I don’t know what to wear” you admitted.

Myungsoo smiled and caressed your face.

“they got it all handed baby. The only thing you need to do is to relax and wait for them to finish their job. Hmm?” you nodded.

“see you later” he winked and walked off with infinite.






the Sung Brothers!! hahaha.. they're cheering for L....



imagine them cheering for him when firing the saleslady hahaha!


and oh, a pic from L's latest drama. SHUT UP FLOWER BOY BAND



Special mention to my cousin: Hello there!! hahaha! thank you 'cous! 

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