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NOW BACK TO MY PRESENT SITUATION I was laying on my bed here in the room where Myungsoo told me. It’s big and the colors are to plain yet not dull.

“Miss you’re going to stay there as soon as you two are not yet married.” The maid said. I nodded.

After a few Minutes.. A knock came “come in”

“miss, the dinner is ready, Mr. Kim is already waiting for you”

“I’ll be right there” you went down and saw Myungsoo eating already you sat down and sighed.

“what’s with the sigh? Eat” he ordered.

You ate and ate until your stomach doesn’t have any space left. Myungsoo stared at you in shock.

“you know, you eat like a whale but your body doesn’t improve” he left.

You made a face.

 “follow me” he ordered.

“where are we going?” he just continued walking.

We reached a convertible car.

“get in” he commanded. I obliged.

The ride was awkward, I looked at the road, just to avoid the awkwardness.

“tell me, where is your house?”


“aish! Just tell me!” he hissed.

“okay!” I told him and he drove, way too fast I swear! If I’m not just afraid at him I would have killed him for driving so fast.

We arrived at my house. He looked at it. I turned pink getting embarrassed.

“is this your house?” “ Uhh… yes..”

“who live with you?”

“no one, my parents are already dead and I don’t have any relatives left I don’t have any idea where they are” I bowed my head. Remembering the way they treat us like dirt.

“pack your stuff, you’re not living there anymore.” He said.


“can you stop asking?! You’re going to be my wife you have to live with me”

“but why me!”

“fine, you’re fired” he shot back.

“okay! I’m getting them!” I surrendered and pouted.


No one’s POV

Mungsoo grew tired of waiting outside and decided to go inside the house.

He entered and saw a very simple house. There are no curtains, just a simple light. A bunk bed and one picture frame beside the bedside table, which means your living room and bedroom is one. You are in the bathroom getting your things. Myungsoo looked at the picture frame and he noticed it was you, and your parents your smile is too beautiful that Myungsoo smiled to himself, realizing this he suddenly stood up. “it must be hard for her,to live all by herself. Good thing I hire her” Myungsoo thought.

You headed out of the bathroom and get surprised when you saw Myungsoo  on your living room.

“what are you doing here?” you shrieked.

“you’re taking too long hurry up! I’ve got tons of things to do!” Myungsoo irritatedly said.

“why should I do all of this” mumbling you continued packing your stuff.

Myungsoo continued looking around and notice something.

“you don’t have a TV?” he asked.

“Nope, I can’t afford” 

“what? When is the last time you watched TV?”

“I don’t know, I’ve seen shows but I never bothered on watching, I don’t have time, I’m occupied with my work.”

“so, that means, you don’t know me?”

You snapped your fingers ”ah! Oh yeah! I haven’t get your name.. hehehe”

“you don’t know me? you don’t know my face? You don’t have any idea who I am?!!!” Myungsoo asked in disbelief.

“should i?... o yeah of course I should know you. You’re my boss aren’t you” you pointed out.

Myungsoo facepalmed himself and sighed.

“okay. I’m Kim Myungsoo, I’m not going to be your boss. I’m going to be your husband, I need you to play with me, since I’ve got to stop tons of rumors or else my credit cards and everything will be suspended. “

“ooookkaaayyyyy.. so you’re what? Popular?”

“aish! The brand on my car you saw that? The convertible one? “

“yeah… KMS ?”

“yeah… KMS.. does that ring a bell?”

“K.. K.MS…”you eyes widened”Kim MyungSoo??” he smirked.

“yep. That is why, you have to be obedient on everything I say”

“what did I get myself into?” you stared in shock.

“now hurry! You have to get settled in our house after that we’re going to do your make-over, no! lets’ do that tomorrow”

“then? What? I’m living with you? Can we have separate rooms? Please?”

“no. and FYI miss. I have my standards and I’m not going to take advantage of you because there’s nothing interesting on your body” he eyed you.

You gasped.

“I’ll give you the contract later. As much as I want to have separate rooms. Mom and Dad will doubt me.”

You sighed and stood up you carried your bags but Myungsoo grabbed it and put it on the car’s compartment.

He drove while on the car the awkward silence is still there.

“where do you study?” he asked.

“Lim Academy. You know the school who tries to copy Woolim Academy?”

“Lim academy? That’s the lowest school in Seoul! You study there?!”

“yeah. Even though I wanted to transfer I can’t afford it, Lim Academy always try to copy Wolim Academy but ends up messing up”

“you mean Lim Academy tries to Copy our school?” Myungsoo said.

“you study there? “

“yep. “

“lucky you”

You two arrived at the Kim’s residence, maids and butlers bowed when you two passed by and you bowed back while Myungsoo don’t care at all. Myungsoo told them to get the luggage from his car and the maids obliged.

He looked at you

“tomorrow, you’ll meet my parents, they’ll arrive here at 10pm after their business trip, get ready”

You gulped. I’m not ready at all.

 “go to sleep, and unpack your things, it’s a big day tomorrow”

You nodded and went to your room.

I can’t believe I’m on this situation you thought.

You took a bath and sleep.

The next day

you woke up at 6:00 am it’s your routine to wake up very early because you have to prepare your own breakfast. Realizing that you left your old house already you don’t have any idea what to do, you went downstairs and notice the maids are still preparing a breakfast, they look at you in shock.

“OMO! Miss your up too early, breakfast is served at 7 am but we can rush for you” the maid said.

“no! unnie! I’m not rushing you. Haha! Actually I really wanted to help” you smiled.

“are you sure? But Mr. Kim will be mad”

“why? I’m just helping you guys” you gathered the spatula and started to continue their work.

You enjoyed cooking together with the maids, you ate with them and left for school realizing you’re far away from school because of transferring to other house, you decided to get a taxi than walking.


Meanwhile at the Kim’s mansion.

Myungsoo woke up and prepared for school,  he went downstairs .

He noticed that you’re not yet there so he asked the maid and sat down the table.

“where’s Eunjae? “

“oh! She already left sir, she went to school” the butler answered.

“what?!! She left already?! When?”

“when you’re still asleep. She actually helped preparing the breakfast”

“she did what?! You let her do this!” Myungsoo hyperventilated.

“she insisted sir”

“well next time, don’t allow her. She’s my future wife not my future maid”

He ate breakfast and was amazed on your cooking.

He then drove to school with a different car.


Lunch time

You were heading to the cafeteria with Chanseul when you met the queenkas.

She looked at you from head to toe with an eyebrow raising.

You just ignored her went for a table, your old modeled phone rang, noticing it’s Myungsoo you became fidgety and stared at it with wide eyes not knowing what to do.

Then someone snatched your phone and closed it, you looked up and saw Taehee. You stood up and politely asked for your phone.

“can I have my phone back?”

“no. this phone shouldn’t exist! And do this still work?” she cackled with her friends.

“just give her the phone , she didn’t do anything” your bestfriend Chanseul demanded.

“okay” she smirked and soaked your phone on your coffee.

You gasped wanting to cry but you can’t show it. You just walked out of the cafeteria and cried at the back of the gym.

Chanseul tried to stop you but you were already gone.

Time passed by and you decided not to show up on your classes till it reached 5:30, when the real time to go home is 4:00pm Chanseul thought you already went home so she decided to head home.

You stood up and headed for the gates. But you noticed the three queenkas.

They approached you.

“we knew you didn’t went home.” Taehee smirked.

You ignored her again and started walking.

She grew furious and grabbed your hair. You gasped in shock because it hurts too much she threw you at the ground. And her friends kicked you, it didn’t went long when it started to rain they opened their umbrellas and continued torturing you. You started crying getting numb with the pain. When they saw a flash of headlights they gasped and walked away.

You lay there limp and numb; blood is dripping on your head. You don’t understand why they did this to you. You saw light, a car. A man went out of it and approached you. The rain is pouring hard. You can hear the man’s voice calling you..

Yah! Eunjae! What happened!! Who did this to you! Yah! Wake up!!  Myungsoo? You thought.

You can feel you are getting carried.

Then you faintED.








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