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*where did she go! I went too far and it’s ing raining*

he sprinted through the hard rain… and continued on searching for you.

“Eunjae!!!” he shouted throughout the village.

he spotted you calling someone at the pay phone drenched in rain. and you’re shivering from the cold.

his heart cringed in pain, *Myungsoo what are you doing?! she’s your ing fiancé for crying out loud and you’re just letting her go on like that! Stupid!*

He approached you and you spun around gasping from the voice behind you to see a Myungsoo wet in rain and panting. *hot.. What the eff! Eunjae, don’t forget he make out in front of your face*

“who are you calling?” he sternly asked.

Anger rushed through you.

“the question is what are you doing here? Go back to your . Don’t mind me here. go on.. it’s raining..” you said while shivering.

he just looked at you with sorrow and an apologetic face. his eyes are showing warmth on it.

“don’t give me that look. I don’t need your pity.”

he just continued looking at you.

“I said leave me alone” you tried controlling your tears.

“why are you crying?” he grab your face and turned to look at him.

you sniffed.  and shook your head.

“are you…JEALOUS?” Myungsoo said the word, but still afraid of your answer.

“ha! what am I thinking? haha! We’re just on a contract, why would I get jealous over you? “ you sarcastically said and choked on your own spit trying to control all emotions to pour out.

“are you falling for me?” he look intently on your eyes, rain drops are falling from his wet bangs. *you look so hot Myungsoo*

“no, why would I? We’re just in a contract… remember?” you said through gritted teeth.

“fine, I have one wish. Call me L just one time” he grabbed your face.

“what? didn’t you say when I call you L..-“ your words are all cut when his lips were connected to yours. His lips that perfectly fit on yours. the sweet taste that can linger throughout your soul. and the electricity that sent chills on your spine. A Kiss in the rain. The most romantic scene you ever dreamed when you found your love one. Myungsoo kissed you deeper in a more passionate way. and you didn’t hesitate to kiss back *indeed, this boy really knows how to melt a girls heart*

when you two brake apart. he looked at you.

“yes, we’re on a contract. But the doesn't contract say you can’t fall inlove” he smirked and drag you to the way for the house.

you two reached your new house and changed to comfortable clothes.

you sat on the couch while you stare on space.

Myungsoo looked at you and went to the kitchen. He came back with two steaming hot chocolate in a cup. He smiled gently.

“here” he handed you one, you looked at him and rolled your eyes.

“I’m sorry…” he looked at you.

“it’s okay you didn’t do anything” you lied.

“then why are you crying?” he insisted.

“Just because” you shrugged and shiver on the cold. You sneezed.

“wait here” he went to the bedroom.

“hey, you don’t have a jacket?” he shouted from upstairs.

“no, can’t afford” you mumbled.

“you’re in Korea and you don’t have any thick jacket?”  you sighed.

“here, where this for now. It’s better than nothing” he handed you his jacket. You looked at him quizzically.

“is it okay, to use this?” he nodded and sipped his hot chocolate.

You can smell his calming scent on his jacket and you secretly smiled.

When the both of you finished drinking, he was about to go upstairs while you stayed on your same position.

“what are you doing there?”

“ I’m going to sleep here” you pursed your lips.

“why? the bed is big enough for the both of us” he approached you.

“well-..” you wondered.

“what do you think I’ll take advantage of you? I admit you looked hot out there dripping wet in the rain” *I admit you look hot out there too* he walked closer and you backed away.

“yah! whatever you’re thinking! I’m not going to give IT to you! You’re not my husband!”

“but.. soon” he wiggled his eyebrows.

“no!” you protectively covered your body.

“come on baby! We’ve sleep together before !!!” he whined.”

“no! I’m getting mad now Kim Myungsoo!” you pointed a finger on him.

“I’m not going to do anything promise!!” he crossed his heart.

“oyeah?” you looked at him.

“yes trust me” he lend his hand..

“oh wait.” You held a hand up.

“can I borrow your phone?” you asked.

“here.. why?” you dialed the number you were dialing the last time.

“I’m calling Minjun oppa” you excitedly said.

He grabbed the phone immediately.

“no!!! don’t do that!”

Hello?Minjun’s sleepy voice said.

“I’m just going to talk to him.

He put on the phone on speaker.


Yes, baby… are you okay? Why are you crying? The last time you called?

“yes oppa I’m fine now…” you looked at Myungsoo waiting impatiently to end the conversation.

Good, did ‘evil glare’ do something to you?

“no oppa, I want to tell you something…”

What is that baby?Myungsoo pretended to hit the phone with his knuckles.

“oppa, the dream” Minjun gasped.

It happened again, do you want me to come there? Tell me…

“no, Myungsoo is here. I think I’m going to be fine…”

Is evil glare listening?

“uhh yes”

Can I speak to him?

“be nice oppa..” you handed the phone to Myungsoo. Myungsoo turned it to headset mode, so you can’t hear anything.

“hey doll face! What do you want?” Myungsoo said in a cocky tone, you rolled your eyes.

Then he turned serious.




Myungsoo: hey doll face! What do you want?


Minjun: hey evil glare nice to meet you. I have something to tell you so listen carefully this is serious. Look, your girl should I say my sister have this kind of dream that could turn her day to a gloomy one. It’s about her past, his uncle. (he tell Myungsoo everything) please don’t do anything that will make her feel worse. *! I made her feel worst didn’t I?*

Please, make her happy until the gloomy side of her slowly fades away. I’m telling you she can be miserable. So please dude. I’m depending on you.


Myungsoo: sure dude.




The both of you went to bed and you sleep an arm away from him.


“closer… before I make you” Myungsoo warned.


You scooted closer.

“you’re forgetting something…” he said.

“what?” you mumbled through the pillows.

“my goodnight kiss”

“goodnight” you ignored him.


You just scooted closer but didn’t face him.

“I said my KISS” he intimidated.

You still ignored him.

Then suddenly an arm wrapped around your waist and he kissed you jaw line. Making you squeal.

“yah! You told me you’re not going to do anything!!” you shouted.

“not until I get my kiss!” he cutely pouted.

You went to kiss his cheek, but suddenly he turned his face to meet your lips. You tried pulling away but Myungsoo held you tighter.  You want to pull away but your body is betraying you. Myungsoo asked for permission to open your lips and with defeated pride you parted your lips and kissed him back the kiss is getting deeper and rougher and at that moment the both of you are having a hot make out session in BED!. Before things get heated. He pulled out and looked into your eyes. *curse you for being such a good kisser!! Argh!! And those lips! Dirty thoughts!! Stay away!!*

“goodnight.. my future wife” he kissed your forehead and smiled, and you blushed hiding the smile forming on your lips. *what just happen?!* you hid through the pillows. Myungsoo took the pillow away and hugged you. He smiled again. *he’s smiling a lot*

“you know, you should smile more it suits you” you blushed hard at  a sudden confession.

“really? I get that a lot” he chuckled.

“let’s sleep it’s getting late”

He tightly secured an arm around you and the both of you and drifted to sleep with another smile plastered on your face.









Myungsoo: thank you! for supporting!!



Question: Myungsoo-ah are you inlove? already?

Myungsoo: No, I dont know , yet...

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