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“MYUNGSOO!” you screamed. You found yourself drenched in sweat and crying.

*just a dream.. it happened again* you looked at the clock and you noticed you’re going to be late for the activity on your school but, your day will be gloomy for sure.

You did your things without any life on it. You walked like a walking body without a soul. A zombie is the right word. You walked lifeless staring at the road. The maids looked on you with confusion. The happy you, turned into a lifeless you. You always turn like this everytime a dream about your uncle happens. You reached the school on 9:30 when the activity will start on 8.

you walk aimlessly, letting your feet sprint to nowhere. You sat on a bench watching the time pass by. Lunch came and you don’t have the appetite to eat so you decided to just go to the playground near Kim’s residence.

“you said you’re there for me, why are you not here when I need you? Yeah… because you’re mad at me” you mumbled. Tear fell on your cheeks.

You sat there wanting to do nothing.

A car passed by and stopped. It’s Myungsoo’s car, he saw you sitting alone with a gloomy expression. He just looked at you through the tinted windows.

*is she that disappointed that I’m mad at her*

He saw you sniffing and trying to muffle your cries.  His heart feels like its being crumpled to pieces.

*She deserves this, for hanging out with Minjun the whole day* he made a u-turn and went to a bar to have some free time.

On the way, he received a voice mail.

*kim Myungsoo, we already bought you and Eunjae a house. You’re things are all now on there. We moved them when you two are on school… the key is on your left pocket on your back pack. I made mr. shin sneak it out on your bag. Hwaiting my handsome boy! You two will go home there tonight okay?*

“What the!!” he tried calling his mom.

“mom! What’s the meaning of this?”

“ahh~ Myungsoo I’m so tired from moving your things.. gotta go bye!” then she hung up.

Myungsoo threw his phone on the back seat and went to his destination.

He went to the bar and kept enjoying himself. He rented some girls to accompany him. Right now he doesn’t care about rumors he only need some free time for himself.

Meanwhile you went to the Kim’s residence and his parents told you the same thing. But they’re wondering why Myungsoo isn’t with you. Mr. Shin sent you to the house, there’s nothing new. It’s still huge and classy. The house is much elegant than the Kim’s.

You looked for your bed and noticed that it’s only Myungsoo’s bed and it only has one room! One bathroom! And the other door is locked. There is a note on the door.

Reserved for my grandchild, but grandchildren is better

-mom and dad

You sighed. *they’re even thinking of that, when he doesn’t even want to see me.*

You lied on the couch and closed your eyes, you woke on to hear the tone of your door being opened.

There comes in a drunken Myungsoo, and a girl, much to your dismay a .

You looked at them in disbelief when they make out in front of you. With a gasp tears again are threatening to fall from your eyes.

*don’t cry girl, don’t cry.* Myungsoo noticed you and just smirked and continued on what they’re doing. He looked for the room and the both of them headed there.

You looked at them while they’re walking to the stairs.

Before they can reach the room, you went out on the door. *the last time I remember it’s not raining*

Afraid to hear anything they would do on the room

*why are you crying idiot? This is just a game between you and him! Don’t expect for anything!*

*first the dream, now this…. Could it get worst?*

You still cried looking for a pay phone you needed somebody to cry and comfort you.

You spotted one and dialed a number, the number that you memorized, and you call when you needed a shoulder.

Hearing the door open and close suddenly Myungsoo looked for you on the living room to see you went out. The keeps on kissing him while his conscience started bugging him.

He reached for his wallet and pulled out a certain amount of money and shoved it on her face.

“we’re done get out!” Myungsoo pushed her on the staircase while the whined and went to the door.

*where did she go! I went too far and it’s ing raining*





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