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“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!~”you screamed on the top of your lungs.


You were on the verge of crying because you’re too scared on just what happened.

“it’s me” then he the bedside lamp.

You vision got clearer and Myungsoo’s pained and full of disappointment face surprised you, still his eyes are showing a huge anger inside it.

He sits on the bed and you sit too.

“w-what are you d-doing here? You scared me” you stuttered.

He looked at you hard and you flinched.

 “you were with Minjun the whole afternoon?” he asked.

You nodded silently

“is he the one who drive you home?”

You nodded silently. Myungsoo closed his eyes and inhaled deeply calming himself. *I promised not to shout at her anymore*

“where have you two been?”

“on a bakery”

“on this time? Are you kidding me?” he looked at you in a exasperated look.

“NO! I don’t. We went to Chanseul and baked some cake and I missed working there—“

“what! You worked there!!!!” *okay! I shouted!!*

“well, I missed baking and—“

“what did I tell you! Not to work! You’re just working for me!! Just me only!” he keeps shouting.


“no buts! I told you Eunjae! Not to work! I’ve heard enough of your hardships! And all I want for you now is to enjoy what you have!” he pinched the bridge of his nose, controlling his temper.

“but you know I love baking, and you don’t want me touch any utensils so I went there” you mumbled while looking down.

“fine! When you want to bake, tell me. I’ll accompany you to Chanseul’s place”

“really!” you brightened.

“yes” he said in a defeated tone.

“I can bake here on the house you know, I mean everything is complete” you convinced him.

“you can’t because the kitchen here is busy not like there on Chanseul’s place”

You nodded then suddenly the cake popped on your mind.

“ah! Myungsoo –ah.. I baked you cakes wanna taste it?” you cling on his arm.

“baked me a cake? Naa- I’m sure it will taste horrible”

“no it doesn’t!”

“taste it. Huh? Huh?” you pouted and used your puppy eyes.

“fine” he said and the two of you went out of the bed.

You took out the cake on the fridge and slice a piece of it.

Myungsoo’s face is still painted with annoyance on it.

You set the plate on the table and looked at him.

“oh come on, You’re not going to be mad at me forever right?” you sliced a piece of bitable cake.

“come on, Hubby say Ah~” you put the fork near his lips. He rolled his eyes and ate the cake.

“how was it? Huh? Huh?”  you blinked your eyes several times.

“it tastes horrible” he flatly said.

“eh?! Fine! Don’t eat it then!” you took away the plate and was about to throw the slice of cake away, but he stopped you.

“no! I’m just joking!” he stood up and you blinked at him.

“I mean, it’s delicious..” he shyly said.

“You’re just saying that…” you looked down.

“Of course not! It’s much better than those expensive cakes I’ve ever tasted.”

“Is that so? Here you go” you smiled at him.

You were about to slice another cake but he stopped you and grab the fork on your hand.

“what are you doing? “ he grabbed you and let you sit beside him.

He sliced another cake and brought the piece near your lips.

“but, I’ve tasted this before” you pouted.

“you need to taste your food sometimes too… look at you, you’re too skinny! Say ahh~ baby” he chuckled.

“I told you not to call me that”  you opened your lips and took the slice.

“what’s so wrong on calling you baby? Huh? We’re getting married” he brought his face close to you. Closer and closer.

“w-what are you do-ing?” you stuttered why looking at him get closer on your face. You close your eyes and he pecked the corner of your lips.

You opened your eyes and you see him intently staring at you his lips.

“w-what , why d-d-id you that?” you asked.

“you’ve got some icing near your lips I don’t want it to go to waste” he said in a husky voice, you blushed mad.

“well I have to sleep” trying to hide your flushed face.

You were about to leave him on the kitchen but he grabbed your arm.

“not so fast, Missy.. I’m still mad at you” his cold tone is back.

“why?” you whined…

“because I want to… stop hanging with Minjun then I will forgive you…” he looked at you intently.

“but-..” you were using your puppy eyes but sadly his stares are more scary.

“wait a second, are you jealous? Kim Myungsoo?” you pointed a finger on him. He immediately looked away.

“no, why would I? I don’t want another rumor coming from you” he said.

“Look, how many times do I have to tell you! He is just a brother to me, I told you he is the only one I can lean on and also Chanseul”

He stood up

“why do you always see them, when you have me?” he sadly said, pain and frustration is visible on his voice.

You gasped.

* He’s actually right. He’s always there for me..*

“Myungsoo, wait…”

“save it” he left the kitchen. A pang of pain hit you. *He’s mad at me again isn’t he?*

You washed the dishes and went to bed.






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