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10 days before the wedding (Friday)

You went to school with Myungsoo and Classes started as usual boring…. And never forget to mention the stares.. blazing stares.

You’re eyes are starting to close until the bell rung signaling it’s time for lunch. You were walking all by yourself on the hallway while the girls scoff and glare at you..when someone called you.. the voice that always brightens your day.


Your eyes are twinkling seeing Minjun running towards you panting, he put his hands on his knees.

“yah oppa.. aigoo. Why do you always run” you patted his head.


“Dongsaengie, your bestfriend, I can’t take her anymore she keeps calling me.. here!” whining, he shove you the phone and you answered it, it’s on loud speaker.


“hello chan seul ah!”

“kyaa!!! Eunjae! Bogoshipo!” Minjun rolled his eyes.

“haha I miss you too”

“you don’t visit me anymore, at least tell me where do you live so I can visit you”

“wait, let me just visit you later, I’ll bake and deliver some breads and cakes again!”

“no! Eunjae! It’s time for you to rest your body! I’ve seen your hardships! So stop working! You have all the money in Seoul girl!” *money my , I can’t get a penny until the end of the contract dummy*

“well, I just miss my job, I miss delivering those breads and specially baking”

“yah! Minjun! Tell this girl to stop it! She won’t listen to me!” she yelled on the speaker. You show your puppy eyes on Minjun which always works.

“we’ll visit there later Chan seul!” Minjun shouted at the phone!

“argh! Eunjae that puppy face of yours! And besides we already replaced you so you can’t apply anymore!”

“I never quit! And I can work without any pay”


“and I want to make a cake for Myungsoo” you blushed. Minjun faked to wipe a tear on his eyes.

“aigoo, a cake for his hubby how sweet!”


“arasso, see you later!”

“See! I knew you’ll agree!”

“I didn’t wait Eunj—“ you shut the phone off and smirked.

“you bribed her again” Minjun shook his head.


Skipping down the hallways you pulled Minjun, you turned to the side and bumped with someone. Looking down, you noticed 7 pairs of feet on the ground. *uh-oh* you look up and saw a blazing glare from Myungsoo. *I’m dead, I’m dead* what bothers Myungsoo the most is your had intertwined with Minjun.


You thought Myungsoo will erupt that time, but to your dismay he just step aside and walk straight followed by infinite. He passed by just like he doesn’t know you.


You looked at him in confusion.

“why is he like that?” you mumbled.

“maybe PMSing” Minjun said.


You shrugged and Minjun send you to your next class.

The usual class is so boring you kept thinking why Myungsoo acted like that.

When the bell rung you went outside waiting for Minjun to come, starting from the afternoon you haven’t seen Myungsoo.

Waiting out of the blue a silver convertible stopped in front of you, the windows slid down and saw Minjun inside.

“Hop in! dongsaengie, The nagger is excited!”

“what will you expect from Chanseul? We haven’t seen each other for years”


Minjun and you reached the Bakery and Chanseul is already waiting in the front, jumping due to excitement.


The car stopped and you lunged for your bestfriend.

After the warm greeting you started baking, you helped the Moon’s to bake since you missed baking, while Minjun just keep texting waiting for the two of you to finish baking.


Finished baking all the orders, you sighed in satisfaction. You looked on all the cakes and cookies and smiled.

“aigoo, I missed baking” Chanseul looked at you.

“wae? Don’t tell me your huge house doesn’t have an oven?” Chanseul asked I amusement.

“of course there is, but his evil soon-to-be-husband doesn’t want her to work on anything” Minjun butted in.

You sighed.

“oh! By the way who’s going to deliver this? I thought you hired someone”?” you asked Chanseul.

“oh yeah, just wait a little he has school so he can be late sometimes”

“I see”

You scooped another set of flour and started mixing.

“oohh, is that for evil glare?”  Minjun mocked. You shot him a death galre and he immediately raised both of his hands, signaling that he’s backing off.

“Evil glare?” Chanseul asked.

“yeah, I call his husband ‘evil glare’ because it’s his favorite hobby” Minjun said in a bored tone.

“stop mocking him oppa, if I know you’re just jealous”

“jealous of what?” Minjun asked in confusion.

“jealous that I don’t like you anymore”

“soo, you do like him!!” Minjun said in a booming voice. *oops! WTF! Did I just say! Stupid! Stupid!*

“no!” you defended

“Myungsoo and eunjae! Sitting on a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” Minjun and Chanseul started teasing you, that made you turn into a deep shade of red.

“Stop it! Aigoo! You two are so annoying!” they stopped, but it didn’t take long when Minjun started making kissing sounds that irritated the living soul in you. *Aish! Minjun oppa can be the most irritating person sometimes. He really knows how to annoy people*

“yah!” You threw mixed flour on his face but he luckily dodged it.

“don’t waste that!” Chanseul shouted there was full ruckus inside the bakery; Chanseul’s parents went home to have a rest. That’s why the 3 of you is in charge for the store.

“hey! About your question, I-AM-NOT-JEALOUS! Missy!”

“right! ‘cause Minjun oppa still can’t confess to that model he met on the fashion show last month” Chanseul started mocking him.

“yeah! Haha oppa! You’re such a chicken!” you added.

“yah! Who told you to open this topic!” you and Chanseul started bursting in laughter.

Then the doorbell ring signaling a new customer has entered.

A cute teenage boy entered sensing a bright aura around him. the boy wears a bright smile.

“omo! Ricky you’re already here! Here are the cakes”

“Annyeong Noona! sorry I’m late”  Ricky said.

You looked at him. *aww, he looks so cute!*

“err—Noona who is she? And he” he looked at Minjun and You.

“oh yeah, you can call him Minjun Hyung, and her.. Eunjae noona” Chanseul pointed.

“oh! She looks beautiful” Ricky blushed and took the boxes of cakes and cookies.

“haha! You’re too cute” you giggled.


the latter blushed.

“I’ve got to go noonas! Annyeong!” Ricky waved and rides his motorbike.

Myungsoo’s cake got finished after an hour of preparing. Minjun tried his best to get a tinny tiny piece of icing but you guarded the cake like your life depends on it.


“ah! Stay away you cake monster!!! There’s lot of cakes on the cake cabinet go get some you! Monster you!” you hugged the box of cake too lightly afraid that it might get a damage.

With deflated shoulder, Minjun timidly sliced a cake and ate with a fake crying sound crying from hi. Looking at his cuteness, you approached him, giggling and threw your arms around him while he continued fake crying.

“aigoo! Oppa! You’re so cute. I’ll bake a cake for you!” you kissed his cheek.

“chincha?!” he brightened up instantly. You eagerly nodded.

“for the most special oppa I have!” and proceeded on baking another cake.


Then Chanseul entered after checking all their bakery belongings and fixing all the things she needs before closing the shop.

“all done!” Chanseul beamed.

“yep! All done noona!” Ricky beamed too.

“noona! Can I be your boyfriend?” Ricky asked while you were to focused on putting the last touch of icing.

“hahah! Aigoo Ricky, your noona already has a boyfriend and they’re getting married soon” with that Ricky’s jaw immediately fell open.

“you’re getting married noona?!” he shouted.

“yes, unfortunately” you sighed. Finished on tying the ribbon on the box.

“then who’s your fiancé?”

“Kim Myungsoo… “Chanseul answered.

“yeah, Kim Myung..- “mentioning that name, you immediately looked on the outside.

“oppa?! What time is it?” you asked Minjun who fell asleep on the table.

“huh? What? 11:30pm” then he continued sleeping.

“WHAT! This late?! I’[m going to get killed! I need to go home now! I’m dead! I’m dead!” you panicked grabbing your things and grabbing Minjun onto his collar on the back of his shirt dragging him outside.

“oppa! Hurry up! Where’s your car!!” 


“huh? Car? Oh yeah car… wait here” Minjun look for his car, who haven’t waken up from the situation. His mind is still sleeping.

“where’s Minjun oppa?” Chanseul asked.

“getting his car” you bit your fingernails. You don’t want to see Myungsoo erupt again just like the last time you went home late.

After a second the Minjun’s car arrived and you and Chanseul immediately went inside.

You three are on the way to Chanseul’s house, while on the way you keep fidgeting on your seat.

“stay put! Dongsaeng. I’m going to explain everything to ‘evil glare’” he yawned.

“No you can’t with that unsteady mind of yours! You look so dead tired oppa! Just rest okay? Here’s your cake anyways.” You put the cake on the dashboard.

You reached Chanseul’s house and she went out.

“goodnight!! Take care! See you soon!” she waved.

“yes! goodnight! Thank you too!” you waved back.

“see you” Minjun saluted two fingers.

Meanwhile, on the house, Myungsoo’s parents are not around again, they’re in Paris to find a wedding dress for you. Myungsoo is raking his hair in frustration, the reason is you’re still not home and it’s almost midnight.

He keeps pacing back and forth waiting for you. *where is that girl!! Buy her a phone, buy her a phone* he keeps reciting it inside his head.


A car stopped by, and he immediately looked on the windows. He saw you go out of the car and he sighed in a very huge relief.


*wait, who is that tard with her?* he asked no one. He squinted his eyes to have a clearer view and noticed it was Minjun.

*Minjun again! They’re together this whole day! * Myungsoo is now boiling on anger rather jealousy?

Minjun blew you a cute flying kiss and you waved at him.

The car went out of view and you faced the house and inhaled deeply. *you can do it brave girl!* even though on the inside you knew that there’s tons of heated atmosphere lurking around when you entered the house.

You entered and it was dark, you tiptoed to your room afraid that you might make a sound, you went to the kitchen and put Myungsoo’s cake on the fridge then  you reached your room and heaved a sigh of relief,  still you didn’t open your room light because you’re afraid to get caught. You went to your bathroom and changed to your PJs and do your necessities. You turned off the light inside the bathroom and went to your bedroom.

You silently prayed and lied down.

“Myungsoo’s already asleep *sigh* that’s a relief” you mumbled.

“I’m not asleep” a cold tone said beside you. Thick anger is visible on it. 






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