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Myungsoo went to the hallways of the junior classes and slam-opened every door as if he is looking for someone.

The teachers can’t scold them because the president and owner of the school’s son is with them smirking.

When Myungsoo opened the 10th door. He found what he is looking for and smirked. Infinite was worried seeing Myungsoo smirk like that. ‘Myungsoo she’s a girl remember’ Sunggyu whispered and tapped his shoulder.

Jeeyoung and Jaemin were chatting and pointing at their scratches when the door suddenly slammed open. The students saw Myungsoo wearing this deadly aura so when Myungsoo entered the room they decided that it’s better not to get on his way. Jeeyoung and jaemin noticed the silence and noticed that Myungsoo is approaching them. Not sensing the tense atmosphere, Jeeyoung and jaemin stood up and screamed with glee seeing Myungsoo approached them. in the middle of shrieking Myungsoo grabbed Jeeyoung on and making her gag. “oppa!” she shrieked. Jaemin was about to stop Myungsoo when Dongwoo and Hoya grabbed her. “unnie!!!! LET GO OF HER!” Jaemin thrashed everywhere while Hoya and Dongwoo is still grasping her arms tight.


Jeeyoung was turning red. She can’t breathe.

One student was about to take a picture of Myungsoo while choking Jeeyoung but his phone suddenly went to pieces. It was Sungyeol who threw the phone and steeped on it then he glared at the student, the student immediately backed off.

Myungsoo is still choking Jeeyoung, and then a tap landed on his shoulder.

“L stop. I think it’s enough for her to learn her lesson.” Sunggyu said, with that L stopped choking Jeeyoung and stormed out of the room.

They resumed to their classes and after that, Infinite joined L to visit you.

That time you were watching TV, you noticed a head peeked on the door then a shriek came from Sungjong and he stormed towards you,  he hugged you and noticed the other Infinite members are gleefully looking at you.

“here you go dongsaeng, eat this all arasso?” Dongwoo placed the basket of fruits on your bedside table then he pinched your cheeks.

“next time we’ll teach you how to punch a person in the face dongsaeng” Sungyeol said. Hoya scoffed and looked at him.

Then L came he sat beside your bed. He caressed your forehead and kissed it.you blushed again. Infinite snickered.

“how are you feeling?” he asked worried is filled on his eyes.

“I’m fine now” you smiled at him.

“of course you’ll be fine! I think Jeeyoung is now learning how to breathe again, and maybe she has a neck brace after what L just do to her— aww!—” Sungyeol yelped when Hoya hit the back of his head.

You immediately sat up from your bed and yelped “what?!” “what did you do?!” you screamed .

L  glared at Sungyeol, the latter suddenly shrink back.

“ahe-he-he.. she doesn’t know does she?” Infinite nodded giving him a ‘yeah-she-doesn’t-know-nice-job-now-get-ready-for-L-to-strangle-you-later-look’ .

“look baby..-“ he tried touching you.

But you shrugged it off. ”don’t baby me! what did you do?” you pointed at him and give him an intimidating look.

“seriously, Sungyeol. I’m gonna kill you later” L mumbled.

“I think it’s better if we leave. For Sungyeol’s sake” Sungjong said. Infinite nodded and Left.

“what did you do now?” you sighed.

“look I just,. Teach her a lesson” L looked down.

“what kind of lesson is that?” irritation is still visible from your voice.

“I chow—her” he murmured and you can’t understand him


“I choo her”

“you choo her? What? I can’t understand what are you saying?”

“I well, chowwek her”

“I can’t understand Myungsoo what is it?”


“YOU WHAT!?!” CANT BELIEVE HE DID THAT *you feel happy L  made a revenge for you but you didn’t expect it to be like that*

“SEE?! I know you’ll react like this. And besides she deserves it. She’s a ! And LOOk what she just did to you! She deserves it! End of Discussion!” then L stormed off his room.

“eh? Did he just storm of like a little kid?” you thought loudly while tilting your head in confusion.

Sadly, Myungsoo heard it.

“yes! Baby! I just threw some tantrums in front of you! Happ-ey!?”

You chuckled at his cuteness.

“it’s not FUUUUNNNNNYYYYY!!!!!!!” He shouted again.

“I love you too, hubby!!” you shouted back,

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Chapter 2: It's so pretty. I already Adore you so much.
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