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You were going to your class. But you encountered Jeeyoung. *oh great! look who's here! hello * you thought


.“well, look what do we have here?”


You stared at her without any interest. *I don’t want a fight right now uggh*

You tried walking past her and Jamie but she blocked you.

“what do you want?” you exasperatedly sighed.

“I need you to stay away from L oppa, and leave him”

“wow another fangirl of him? so my fiancé is really this popular? Sorry But I can’t do that” you tried acting tough, well except the fact that you really are tough enough even this girl would raise hell.

“you really are something right?” you nodded just to annoy her.

Then that’s it she snapped her temper and dashed towards you and grabbed your hair, to make things better Jaemin also helped her bestfriend and kicked scratched your legs. The students hanging around the hallway saw the ruckus and watch you three fight. Being the stubborn you, you didn’t hesitate to fight back. You kicked Jeeyoung here and there while she scratch you arms and face here and there. After kicking Jeeyoung you punched Jaemin on the jaw making her unconscious *yeah I look thin and puny but don’t mess with me and my ‘man like’ strength. Jeeyoung lunged for another scratch but you hard kicked her on the stomach and she fell backwards curling in pain. Her face was HORRIBLE her nose is bleeding, her makeup was smudge in different places her mascara was now fading and her thick lips filled with bloody tint lipstick was now looking like she’s a clown. Yeah she looks more of a clown. Students are laughing at her mortified face. She gets up and your waiting for her to attack you once more, she dashed again like an angry bull but then, someone shoved the people. It was infinite with Minjun?.  Jeeyoung stopped and started using her ‘oh-so-not-good-acting-skills’

‘oppas’ she whimpered and pretended to fall on her knees and worshipped the floor as if she’s too weak and abused to pulp. *err—I wanna puke right now?*

You looked at infinite’s reaction and they were all gaping, Minjun’s face has a WTF look written all over it. Your eyes widen seeing the burning death glare and murderous aura Myungsoo is giving you. His small eyes are now turning to slits. *crap! Now what do I do? Big Boss in heaven please save me.. eeppp----*

Jeeyoung tried to grab Myungsoo’s legged to pity her but Myungsoo shrugged her arms off and approached you. He grabbed your arm dragging you to who the hell knows where.

you two reached the ‘PARKING LOT?’ he dragged you to his car opened the passengers door and shoved you inside. He went to the driver’s seat and sped off. Clutching on the seat belts very tight you were in the verge of crying. He was driving insane! As if he is on a race or something. His face was showing a pissed off good time look. You reached Kim’s residence and were praying inside your mind ‘not to let this volcano erupt again’

he stopped and faced you with icy glare. You whimpered. You swear that you were about to pee on your pants.

“what the hell happened again?!” you jumped with his booming mad voice *here goes the lava flow coming out from Myungsoo’s mouth everyone the volcano erupted again!*

You just looked down.

“argh! Look at you! You got scratched look at this and that!” he keeps pointing on the scratches.

“I’m sorry I didn’t started it”

“why didn’t you call me!”

“Well I don’t have a –“

“next time remind me to get you one of those ing phones!” he grabbed you and opened his room. He pushed you to his bed and he went to the bathroom. He came out with a first aid kid and then he started treating your scratches.

He sighed. “ ughh please avoid getting hurt”

“I don’t want to but those queenka keeps telling me to stay away from you”

“ignore them, they can’t do anything now. We’re getting married and that’s final” he finished treating your wounds and kissed your forehead causing you too blush and smiled but you controlled yourself from smiling from ear to ear. You mumbled thanks. *why does he like kissing me! stop it would you! I keep falling for you*

“go get some rest I’ll call Hoya and say that you’re having some rest”  you’re going to your room but Myungsoo stopped you.

“just sleep here in my room at least here I can see you’re safe”  you nodded and shyly climbed up to his bed and lied on his pillows and drifted off.

Myungsoo called Hoya and told him you’re excuses.

Then Myungsoo went back to school. girls screamed when infinite meet him.

“let’s go” Myungsoo said in a dead tone.

“I can’t believe Myungsoo is raising hell again” Sungyeol said to Hoya.

“I know! This is unbelievable, me too I’m getting scared” hoya replied back.

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It's been a long time since I read this fanfic. Haha I want to read it again.
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Chapter 12: Good story
Keep it coming like this
I love you story so far
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Chapter 3: hellow to you too darling.actually this is my maybe third time to read this story.i read it along time ago and it was on my mind to find it can stil edit it at some point like the first chapter .but i serisly i love the idea and story.good luk.and you have another story ,when two cold person meet ,lf i'm right.pleas update that one too.thank you dear Author
Chapter 3: your book is really good so far and i really like it
frostfairy67 #5
Chapter 16: is it weird that im cringing but i still want to read it???
Miss_Taehnnie12 #6
Chapter 2: It's so pretty. I already Adore you so much.
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Chapter 16: Why couldnt she defend herself n fought those y queenkas... She's toooo weak...
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Chapter 12: Great.. I'was getting more n more excited to read...
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Chapter 27: Hi, ... you got me hooked
Chapter 72: thank you for this great fanfic. I liked it so much. You have done a great job, Authornim!!! *two thumbs up* (^~^)