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11 days before the wedding..

Myungsoo’s parents are busy preparing the wedding. *they’re excited! Kekekek*

You woke up when you saw Myungsoo’s face in front of yours and his arms are tightly encircled on your waist, You looked around and noticed that you’re in his room*how did I get here? the last thing I remember is that I slept on the sofa with Myungsoo on my lap. Speaking about Myungsoo*. You touched his cheeks *handsome as always* you slowly kissed his cheeks, giggling and blushing you carefully went out of bed and started to prepare for school.

It’s almost 7:30 but Myungsoo still hasn’t woken up yet. Myungsoo’s parents asked you to wake him up. You got nervous because it might end up on what happened the last time you woke up Myungsoo, but remembering last night. You went to his door and gulped. *here goes nothing* you keyed in his password and peeked. You saw Myungsoo still sleeping *aish! This sleepy douchebag!* you went near him and tapped his arms.

“Myungsoo-ah…” you whispered. Myungsoo didn’t move.

“yah. Kim Myungsoo it’s time for school” you shook him lightly. At last Myungsoo moved but he just faced the other side of the bed. You pouted and went to the other side to shake him AGAIN.

“yah… Kim Myungsoo it’s time for school… I’m gonna be late-.. yah!!!” you didn’t finish your sentence because Myungsoo grabbed your waist  and pulled you beside him.

“ah.. babe.. it’s okay to be late. Hoya hyung owns the school” he purred on your neck.

You blushed instantly.

“yah! He is your friend not mine. So if you’re not going to school! then I will go now!” you tried to get off of him but he held you tightly.

“hmm.. thanks for waking me up babe.. “he kissed your forehead now you’re red as a tomato.

“I told you stop calling me ‘babe’ and stop those touchy-touchy things you’re doing” you whined.

“don’t want too” he murmured. Still his eyes are closed.

“arasso! Whatever! I’m leaving now. I’m seriously late! What if the teacher gets mad at me?! what should I say?! Arggh!” you’re still on Myungsoo’s grip.

“just tell them that your husband wants some intimate time with her wife” You saw Myungsoo smirk.

“Myungsoo, I’m not joking” *we’re not even married yet. genius!*

“I’m serious babe..”

“fine, let me go now”

“kiss me first.. palli” he pouted his lips.

“ah!! I don’t want too!” you wiggled hard hoping he would let you go but unfortunately no luck.

“fine, if you don’t want to I will” before you could raise hell, he pecked your lips and instantly let you go.

Myungsoo opened his eyes and saw you blushing mad.

“aigoo, my wife likes my smooch” he laughed. For the first time you saw Myungsoo laughed whole heartedly. His eyes are forming a smile and his dimple was shown. Your heartbeat accelerated in just a matter of seconds. *he’s laugh isn’t fake anymore, I wonder what made him laugh like that* but remembering him making fun of you.

“it’s not funny!” you stomped off of his room, Myungsoo hurriedly went off his bed and grabbed you still chuckling.

“I’m just joking babe..” he hugged you and smelled your hair. Your scent always relaxes him, he loves how your scent can calm him, and it’s the same for you. Myungsoo’s scent can comfort you anytime and you don’t want to get rid of it.

“get down, I’ll be late” you pouted.

“arasso.” The both of you went down and went to Myungsoo’s parents.

“Morning mom, dad” Myungsoo greeted them while smiling.

your parents (Myungso’s parents remember? Because you call them mom and dad as well) just stared at him in shock.

“you look so happy today, Son” his dad said.

“I am, because my babe woke me up, and she’s the first person, I see when I open my eyes, who wouldn’t be happy about that?” he smiled and looked at you. You blushed for the nth time, and your heartbeat is not helping at all. *he’s just pretending eunjae! ! Wake up! This is just all an act*

“awww.. my son. I wish you could be this happy everyday” her mom smiled.

“as long as she’s the one I see everytime I wake up and I only want her to be the one who will wake me up” Myungsoo said.

You smiled at his sweetness and stood up. “ excuse me, but I really have to go, I’m sure I’ll be late” you bowed, Myungsoo stood up and went to you.

“what are you doing?” you asked.

“I’ll just walk you to the gates to make sure you’re safe” he eye smiled you and wrapped his arms around your waist.

“take care dear.” His parents waved. Myungsoo opened the car waiting for you in front of the gates, it was a limo. Myungsoo released you and made you face him.

“now, be careful. Don’t let the queenkas touch you. Especially the boys! If they even dare to touch you tell me.”

“but--..” you started.

“even that Minjun !” he snapped.

“yah! You can’t do that! He is like my brother!” you defended.

“you have the rest of  infinite as your brothers” he looked at you.

“well, he’s different from--” you looked down.

“arasso, arasso. Take care”

You giggled and jumped up and down “gumawo! “ you hugged him and kissed his cheek.

You are shocked on what you did and went inside the car immediately.

Myungsoo touched his cheek and smiled.

“bye baby! See you at school!” he waved on the car.

You chuckled seeing his smile and cuteness.

You reached school and what’s new? All glares and attentions are focused on you.

If glares can kill, maybe even before you lay your foot on the school, you’re dead already.

You looked down, you can’t look at their face, but you suddenly bumped on someone, you immediately looked up frightened but your face suddenly went bright when you saw Minjun smiling down at you.

“oppa!” you jumped up and down.

“yeah, yeah it’s me” he hugged you, you gladly hugged him back.

Then the school rang.

“OMO! I’ll be late oppa!” you started to panic.

“arasoo, let’s go to your class..”

Both of you reached the room

“oppa? What class do you have?”

“It’s my break this time, my class resumes later at 10”

“ow, I see.. see you later then” you were about to enter the room but he grabbed you.

“oppa! I’ll be late” you whined and pouted.

“arasso, arasso.. haha.. just don’t forget to tell me later what happened to your date last night with L” he smirked.


“Now, enter my little sister.. annyeong!” he pushed you inside while he looked at you dumbfounded.

you faced the class and everyone’s staring at you.* Great! History.. my favorite subject.. naah~ it’s so lame*

*argggh! Oppa! This is so embarrassing!*

Glares are everywhere, you take a seat and listened to the teacher in the middle of the lesson.

The door burst open then Hoya came in with Sunggyu.

The teacher just looked at them.  The girls swoon, the boys just ignored them.

*Hoya owns the school, why should he be scolded*

Hoya sat beside you, and Sunggyu shooed off the student sitting in front of you.


“pst! Annyeong!” Hoya tried to use an aegyo by tilting his head and wave his hands. But he ends up looking like a bear, you giggled but snarls can be heard. * eepp,, the girls*

The lesson ended.  *ah finally time to eat after a 4 hours lecture* you came out of the room but Hoya and Sunggyu followed.

“ah, I think my is sore” Sunggyu stretched his arms.

“Trust me, I didn’t understand a thing” Hoya rolled his eyes and shook his head.

“What about you, Eunjae?” Sunggyu asked.

“hmmm..  I- I just took notes, I’ll read them later” they nodded.

“waah.. I wish I can be hardworking as you” Hoya exclaimed and put his hands on his neck.

“Hardworking my ” Sunggyu mocked him.

“aish Hyung. Hey, Eunjae wanna grab some lunch?” you looked at him confused.

“yeah, you can’t say no” you all reached the cafeteria.

“and why is that?”

“hey! Hyung! Hi Babe! Over here!”Myungsoo called, turning all the girls glare on you. You looked down from embarrassment.

“you can’t say no ‘cause Myungsoo says so” Hoya said and winked.

You reached the table and was about to sit beside sungyeol when Myungsoo pulled you beside him.

He glared at you “ what do you think you’re doing? Trying to sit beside Sungyeol? Hmmm?”

You just shrugged and went to order some food.

“hey wait up babe!” myungsoo come after you and s his arms on your waist. You rolled your eyes shrugging his arms off. But he just gripped it tighter.

“let go Myungsoo” instead he put his chin above your shoulders and kissed your cheek causing you to blush. Every girl in the cafeteria are sending daggers on your whole human form.

“EVERYONE IS GLARING AT ME STUPID!” you said through gritted teeth. But he just ignored your complains.

You get a tray and started placing food and Myungsoo keeps annoying by placing his food on your tray.

“get your tray! Idiot!”

“we’re sharing baby!” *arggh! This guy! I’ll smash this plate on your stupid head if you don’t stop!*

Myungsoo helped you with the tray and went back to your table. You were about to grab the spoon but Myungsoo get it.

You shot him a what-are-you-trying-to do look and he put the spoon near your mouth.

“I’ll feed you babe say ‘aahhhh’”  you ignored him and looked the other way.

But Myungsoo keeps pushing the food your mouth but you keep ignoring it. Myungsoo is getting pissed and hissed on your ear. “eat this food, or else” you snapped at him and said through gritted teeth

”or else what?!” Myungsoo just smirked and his smirked is like an evil plan is forming inside his skull, that scared the hell out of you so you eventually ate the food and faked-smile him.

Your stomach is full and excused yourself to Myungsoo and the other infinite members. *Thank god! Free at last*

You were going to your class. But you encountered Jeeyoung. *oh great! look who's here! hello * you thought.

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