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“Minjun oppa!!!” you squealed and crushed him with your bear hug.

Girls look at you in envy and confusion. Even Infinite looked at you with wide eyes. But Myungsoo still didn’t notice the commotion.

“Aigoo.. did you missed me that much?” you smiled and nodded your arms are still rested on Minjun’s neck while his arms are around your waist.

“well I missed you too” Minjun kissed your cheeks and you giggled.

Girls gasped, Infinite’s jaw dropped and this time Myungsoo saw what happened. He is glaring at the guy.

“what did I just saw?” Sungjong said.

“Did that guy just.. Is she EunJae’s?” Sungyeol can’t finish his sentence.

“Wow. You got a rival, L” Hoya tapped his shoulder, Myungoo glared at his hyung and shoved forward to approach the both of you.

You and Minjun were about to live when an arm encircled your waist and pulled you and a hot breathe whispered on your ears.

“babe.. where are you going? Are you leaving your boyfriend?”  he traced your collar bone and grazed you face with his lips. *what the F* is he doing* you looked at him in disbelief.

“oh.. baby! You have a date with your ‘boyfriend?’” Minjun emphasized the word boyfriend.

You tried to pull away from Myungsoo but he held you tighter.

“no! oppa!” you tried explaining.

“see you tomorrow baby!!” Minjun came closer to you but Myungsoo stiffened he kissed your cheek , winked and left. Girls followed him.

“what the hell just happened? Did that guy just kissed Eunjae my dongsaeng!?” Woohyun asked.

“in front of Myungsoo” Sunggyu added.

Hearing that. Myungsoo grew even mad, he carried you to his shoulder and you shrieked. Infinite’s eyes widened.

“Yah! What are you doing!” you yelled and slapped his back.

“shut up!”  some students are looking.

“where are we going?!!” you tried asking but he just shoved you inside an abandoned building behind the school.

You stepped backwards because you know when Myungsoo is mad he is damn freaking scary.

“Who is that?” Myungsoo breathed out.

“N-No oo-ne. He is my f-f-friend” you stuttered, in a split seconds.

He pinned you to the wall, you close your eyes and you were in the verge of crying but you held it back.

“do you think I’ll believe you? The thing happened a minute ago? Is that just a friend?” he yelled at you.

“he is! He is just my friend! Why do you even care! He is just a close friend of mine! “ you yelled back even though in the inside you are scared.

“why do I even care?!, you’re my fiancé you think I won’t care? Remember you are linked on one of the popular guys on sSoul? And you go flirt in public?!” scoffed.

“flirt? In public?! What do you think happened back there? Before Minjun oppa arrived? You’re flirting with other girl too. And FYI, I’m not flirting with Minjun oppa. He is just like a brother to me.!!!” you looked at him.

“why mention the girl? Are you jealous?” he released you.

“I’m just saying that dont just judge me.. I’m not a or a if that’s what you think! He is just the person who helped me when I was mad at you! He is the person who cared for me when I have no one else to linger on! He is like my brother! Minjun and Chanseul are the only family I have! “ That time, your tears slowly fall.

You began to sob and slid down the wall. Seeing the scene, makes Myungsoo feel guilty.

He slowly approached you and hugged you, you buried your face in his chest and cried you inhaled his sweet minty scent and helped you calm down.

“look, I.. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to yell and judge you” he whispered. You just cried again.

“is being with oppa that bad? Does it violate the contract?” you mumbled while crying.

“sshhhh.. I’m sorry okay?” you didn’t stop crying, it hurts so much, the person you like just judge you wrong.

Myungsoo just keep on calming you until you fall asleep on his chest. Myungsoo looked at you..

*I don’t know why I became like this in front of you, I can resist those girls who cry in front of me begging for my attention but you, seeing you cry, tore my heart apart. And I don’t know why…. yet* Myungsoo thought. Then he soon too fell asleep with you in his arms.








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Chapter 12: Good story
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Chapter 16: is it weird that im cringing but i still want to read it???
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Chapter 2: It's so pretty. I already Adore you so much.
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