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Morning came….12 days left…

You woke up with the unfamiliar scent, you felt an arm around your waist and found your arm hugging his waist.

You looked up and saw Myungsoo’s face, you stared at his beautiful face, he suddenly moved. You gasped and let go of his waist.

“hmmm… babe” he mumbled on your hair.

“uhhh~~ Myungsoo, I think your dreaming” you whispered.

“No I’m not dreaming babe~” he hugged you closer. You looked the bedside table and look at the clock.

“Myungsoo! I have to go to school!” you tried to break free.

“we’ll go together.” He mumbled.

“I don’t want to” you keep struggling on getting out of his tight hug,

“I’m sorry wifey, but you have to” he stood up and carried you bridal style.

“yah! Myungsoo! Put me down!” he just chuckled.

“yah! I’m serious here!”

“so am I” he carried you all the way downstairs.

“yah! Put me down!!!” you wiggled your legs.

“No~~ babe, you’re still sore from last night.” He loudly said, the maids gasped.

“Bwoh!!!!?!!!” realizing what he just said.

 The maids are all looking at the both of you. You hid your face on Myungsoo’s neck due to embarrassment.

He carried you until you two reached the kitchen. And noticed there are two people seating and peacefully eating. It was Myungsoo’s parents..

You gasped while Myungsoo greeted them.

“what do we have here?! OmO! OMO!” his mother jumped.

“did you two do IT?” she asked.

“no mom!!~ of course not!” then you tried to break off of Myungsoo’s arms.

“ah, babe.. that’s not what you’re yelling last night aigoo…” then he set you to your feet.

“bwoh!!!” you looked at him. and lightly slapped his arms. He chuckled and pulled you closer .

“ah!~ I’m so proud of you my son, but are you that excited that you can even wait till wedding?” his dad asked.

“ah~ appa whatever” he rolled his eyes and went to eat.

After eating you wore your new school uniform.

“Babe! Hurry up!” Myungsoo nagged,

“okay! Okay! Keep the ‘babe’ word to yourself will ya’“ you tapped his shoulder. You went to his car and noticed that he was not following at all..  you turned around and saw Myungsoo gaping at you.

“what?” you asked.

“that uniform suits you babe you look extremely hot, especially with those short skirts!” he’s still gaping at your legs.

You tried to pull your skirt down to hide your knees. “stop staring you !” you snapped at him.

He smirked and stopped your hands from keep pulling your skirt down.

“stop it babe.. you look perfect. Rawr!” Myungsoo clawed the air and went to the drivers’ side.

He entered his car and so were you.

You two arrived at Woolim Academy and it was so huge! You noticed girl students starting to approach Myungsoo’s car.

“what’s happening? Why are they getting close to your car?! Don’t they know they can get hit!” you panicked.

“aishh.. babe, it’s a daily routine for me” he sighed.

“the ‘babe’ word! Keep it!” you whined.

“don’t want to.. lets go” he got out of the car. Before you could open yours, Myungsoo opened your door.

“you don’t have to be nice” you glared at him he shrugged and put an arm around your waist.

“yah, you keep touching everywhere! Stop it! Seriously” you hissed.

Murmurs are all around and a lot of glaring.

Infinite came and screams can all be heard clearer. You bowed at them, they smiled.,

But the one who gathered the attention is the ear piercing scream of the queenkas leader.

“kyyyaaaa~~!!! Oopppaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” a girl made her way through the crowd.

She reached all of you. The girl is quite pretty with her makeup-caked face and her school uniform exceeds from the school’s uniform limitations, her skirt is too short.

“you!!! You’re the who stole my L!!” she pointed at you.

You gasped on her harsh words. But Myungsoo stepped in front of you.

“watch your words, Jaemin” Myungsoo coldly glared at her.

“oppa! What did that do to you!” she gasped.

“I said watch your words, I know you’re a girl but I won’t mind hitting you” the crowd and her friends gasped.

Myungsoo dragged you and infinite followed.

“where’s your first class?” Sungyeol asked you.

“oh. It’s chemistry at room…. 2D”

“great! We’re on the same class..” Woohyun cutely said. You blushed and giggled.

“lets go~~” Woohyun grabbed you but Myungsoo grabbed you back.

“where are you taking her hyung?” he asked.

“of course, on our class” he said in a ‘duh’ manner.

“well hyung I don’t trust you”

“whatever” woohyun grabbed you again and ran, while you get dragged along.

“yah hyung!” Myungsoo screamed and the rest of infinite cackled.

Chemistry came and you sit beside Woohyun, students are glaring at you. You sank on your seat.

Lecture keeps coming but you don’t have the focus on listening with all the girls’ glare over you.

Then the professor called you..

“Choi Eun Jae? “ you got startled at the sudden call.


“please introduce yourself, you haven’t introduce yourself yet”

“ahh, okay sir” you bowed and went in front. Now, you feel more death glares. If these glares can kill, you’ll get murdered.

“Annyeong Haseyo, Choi Eun Jae Imnida. I’m new here, so please be nice to me. I promise to be cooperative with all of you” you bowed and went back to your seat.

Lesson ended and you were packing your bag. Daggers are sent all over your body you can feel it.

“Dongsaeng!! Aigoo.. is that bag too heavy? Need any help?” yeah, it’s Woohyun.

“No, Oppa. Kwaenchana..” you smiled at him. but the girls. Yes! They’re still there glaring at you while swooning at Woohyun.

When you and Woohyun came out of the classroom,  the other members of infinite are there waiting, but Myungsoo is missing.

“uhh.. oppa, where’s Myungsoo?” you asked Sungjong. He rolled his eyes and pointed at the corner. You saw Myungsoo flirting on a random girl.

“Wow” you mumbled. Seeing him like this and the way he acted on you this morning hurts you. You know you like Myungsoo , but seeing him do it in front of you hurts.. a lot.

What am I thinking? We’re just acting duh~ Eun Jae wake up! You reminded yourself.

“yah. Dongsaengie you okay?” Dongwoo slung a shoulder on you. You smiled and nodded.

“YAH! MY BABY!!!! “ a voice familiar voice called on the hallway. You immediately looked at the hallway. Girls are all over a tall boy with blonde/brown hair. You immediately spotted who it was, you pull yourself out of Dongwoo’s hold and run towards him for a bear hug.




hahaha ! wow! you never fail to amaze me guys! seriously! I was just wishing for 5 subscribers but i got 8. So here you go, as promised 5 subscribers = an update!!! since it's 8 subscriber just wait for another 2 and BAM! i will update another chapter.. 


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