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Choi Eun Jae (you)

  • Simple girl yet you still look beautiful, quite stubborn.
  • Joyful person on the outside but sad on the inside.
  • Your parents died in an air plane crash and you are the only one who survived
  • You live alone at your abandoned house you don’t have any entertainment there besides your phone and laptop with a broken internet connection so you don’t know anything about what’s happening outside the world and you don’t give a damn about it.
  • You learned to live all by yourself; you pay for your own education on a ty school. It’s all you can afford but promised to yourself that once you got an opportunity to transfer to other school which IS a lot better, you would but the time comes where in all your inheritance where phasing out and the job as a delivery girl and helping at the bakery is not helping at all so you decided to look for a new job. It‘s being a personal maid.
  • But you didn’t know that being a maid of this certain person will lead you to headaches, heartaches, stress etc. you want to quit but you two made a contract.



Kim Myungsoo (L)

  • A little bit cold, stubborn, hot, handsome, hot tempered. He has a soft side that can be melted at times.
  • He and his group mates are the Kingka of Woolim Academy.
  • He is extremely filthy rich. His parents own the world largest car company.
  • He flirts at times and he is one of the most popular guys of Seoul including his 6 best friends who are extremely rich too.
  • He’s been friends with infinite since they were in diapers.
  • He is prone to a lot of controversy since him being a playboy is really popular and being the only son of the richest car company in Seoul, that is why the paparazzi and media are trying to destroy his image more by telling a lot of rumors about him which certainly is not true. (Well some of them) that is why his parents decided to find him a wife to avoid any more unnecessary rumors.






There’s one word to describe them RICH. Everyone wants to be like them, face, fame and money. They were the 7 most popular guys in Seoul including Myungsoo.


Sunggyu: he is the leader and the kindest one in the group. He can be quiet at times but he also has this nagging and annoying side. His family own hotels in Korea.


Sungyeol: the hyper and joyful one, he will become your closest friend in the group. His family owns a Gadget Company.


Sungjong: the youngest and the girlish type that is why you two will often get along. He is addicted on shopping maybe that’s the reason why his family owns a lot of shopping malls all over Korea exclusive for rich people.


Woohyun: GREASY! And NOISY! That’s Nam Woohyun he may often acts childish because he wants to show you his cute side but still tough and manly he has this uncontainable aegyo despite his tough looks. His parents own resorts in Korea.


Hoya: his characteristic is same as Woohyun he can be naughty, talkative and weird at times but he has this fail aegyo behind that manly image. He knows how to get serious when needed. His parents own Woolim Academy, and other Universities.


 Dongwoo: He treats you like his own little sister. He loves to play tricks and make fun of you but you two are too close to each other. You treat him like he’s your own brother. His parents own the famous Bars all over Korea.



Moon Chanseul


  • She is your bestfriend.
  • She is the only family you have in your life as a friend, she a sweet and caring person just like you.
  • She is not rich but her family owns a little bakery where you work as a delivery girl.



Lee JeeYoung (minor character)

  • She has a huge crush on L. the so called ‘Queenka’
  • She’s a trying hard person for infinite to notice her together with her best friend Ahn Jaemin
  • Jaemin likes Woohyun.
  • She is rich and arrogant and not to mention Y!.



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