The Emotionless Princess [Twoshot]


There’s no such thing as being emotionless

But Hyoyeon; a daughter of a king, was.


She was a princess.

She had everything and anything she could ever want.

But she was never happy. 

She never laughed, smiled, or ever showed any emotions.

Hyoyeon was never loved and she had no one to love.

Except for her 8 maids who help her do the most stupid thing to do.


Hyoyeon escapes from her maze life; as she describes it and encounters five commoners.

Not just any commoners, they were robbers.

Not knowing anything, she builds a relationship with the one of them.

But although the commoner did not know she was a princess...


They were actually the ones after the her money.



Title: The Emotionless Princess (Isn't it catchy? o.o)

Kind of FF: Twoshot (Warning: Very long :3)

Genre: Angst, Romance, Comedy (Just a tad bit)

Rating: PG 13 - Over (It's angst! XD)

Pairing: HyoNew (Because they are so perfect for each other c:)

Status: Complete! (Lalala~ You make my life complete! ^w^)


Author's Note:

This is a twoshot. The gray-coloured is Hyoyeon's POV and the black is Onew's POV. OMG. SHINee as bad boys robbers. I wonder where I got that from! XD Trolol. Totally have no clue but you know... You don't see SHINee as bad people everyday now do you? ;D Yeah, I thought so~ Yeah. THIS IS HYONEW! > < One of my fave OTP's. One's JongSicca, MinYul & SooKey. And yeah that's probably it because I hate shipping Baby Taem with anyone in Soshi! >x< Especially Yoona. I hate Taemyoon or Yoontaem D: It's too paedo for me haha.

To my precious subbies: Here it is! Finally! So~ What do you think? Make sure to leave comments okay? Every comment is welcome! Long or short, I love them all :3 I hope you enjoy reading it! By the way, thanks to deestar & dinomyte for letting me enter this contest.

To deestar & dinomyte: Hey guys! Here's my entry for this contest! :) I used prompts 2 and 4! This FF is inspired by the picture because the girl in the phoro had no emotions and the background seemed royal. So yeah, I came up with this! I also wanted to do prompt 4; What can I do to make you happy? It fits with my concept. Hope you like it! ♥


I do not own Hyoyeon, Onew or any other idol in this story. (If I did I would be so over-whelemed! :3) Don't tell me you have the same storyline because this is totally 100% mine. I came up with it and just because you changed a few words doesn't mean it's yours. >.< 

Please do not copy or plagiarize. Don't print unless you have my permission.


Thank you also to my unnie, shineearemynamjas who helped me with my poster! And to my other sweet unnie, who did my story review :) Saranghae! ♥

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What will happen to them as they try to find


what they are truly seeking for?

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Is this the Onew fic you were talking about? Hehehe! Gah, I'm so excited! >_< I'm going to comment again after I have finished reading it, okie?^____^
mxjnet #2
this is awesome!!!
milky_appler #3
I love this ^ㅠ^
Omg I wish this lasted longer! This is amazing!! ^_^
guess what? :) I DIDN'T DIE! Because this part ain't boring AT ALL. <3333 I love it! I love how she likes Onew but doesn't realize it yet. It's so sweet~ and how Onew ran in the rain just to go to her...sigh. >_< Oh, Onew~~ I love the ending too! Plus, the I love you, I love you, I love you part totally made me squeal and made my heart go into frenzy mode. Lol <333 I love it! Goodluck in this piece of yours, dongsaeng. i just know you'll bag that prize! ;)
I like your style of writing, to me it wasn't boring at all! Haha i love how you snuck in all the SHINee members' personalities and quirks. If you get really bored with this fic, try and add some random event that makes you laugh, or smile. Hopefully you finish this before the deadline! Great job, by the way. :)
What the heck are you talking about? It wasn't boring at all! To be honest, you had my imagination working. I can so picture in my head hyoyeon being emotionless and my five shinee babies in commoner clothes, being thieves. It is so nice! <3 not many fics can make my images like that in my head, you know. :)) i love how hyo doesn't have any emotion and how onew seems to be bursting with it--worry, concern, shyness, happiness, relief,'s a beautiful contrast! I wonder what will happen once they discover WHO the real princess is. I hope you'll find inspiration soon, baby girl!<br />
Update soon! This was definitely worth the wait! :D
Wow!You updated!!!^^*happy dance*<br />
It wasn't boring at all!<br />
It was amazing!^^<br />
Anyway I hope you'll be able to make it to the deadline!!!^^<br />
Update soon~^^
Angel_Kiss #9
ulalalaa!:"D update~
oooh a new hyonew fic! can't wait to see what you have in store!