Dear Happiness


Minseok is 6 years old when he gets his leg broken and 25 years old when he gets his dreams broken.


Kyungsoo notices Minseok growing restless with life in Morae-dong and in turn grows anxious when a newcomer, well-traveled and well-spoken, threatens the equilibrium between them.

(cross posted from ao3. xiusoo with some xiu??? later on.)

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wienalarasati #1
Chapter 7: This is really something..... good job author
Chapter 7: ohmygod kjakdgksc /cries/ sooo beautiful and heartbreaking. I hope Minseok's love for Kyungsoo would be enough reason for him to forgive. And I hope Chanyeol, Jongin, Sehun, Junmyeon, Yixing and Luhan would find their true happiness as well. ㅠㅠ

Thankyousomuch for this story ㅠㅠㅠ
Lovexiu16 #3
Oh wow. This is so beautiful and why am I crying? I don't know what to say, but I really enjoyed it. Thanks.
QueenSensei #4
Chapter 7: Ohhhhh. Its ended. Ah! I was wondering what minseok would say! But either way this was good.
QueenSensei #5
Chapter 6: I have a feeling luhan is gonna come back, and Minseok is gonna find out about the necklace, and it's just gonna be be one ugly storm. *-*
Lovexiu16 #6
Chapter 5: The story is good that I actually don't know what to comment Hahaha.
QueenSensei #7
Chapter 4: Poor kyungsoo. ;-;
Chapter 3: The latest chapter broke my heart--- ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Yamiko-chan #9
Chapter 2: Poor suho. I think your writing is really good.
I can't wait for the next chapter :)
QueenSensei #10
Chapter 2: Dang. This is really good. I'm curious at how both Minseok's and Kyungsoo's viewpoints will cross when the time comes. *^* I'll eagerly wait for the next update