The Others

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Jisoo was very content with being a nobody; far away from the power struggles he lived his boring student life in peace.

That was until he met Chan, the first Forcebearer in a long prestigious line of Wielders, who had run away from home and was now begging Jisoo to form a contract with him.



Eighteen years after a child is born a mark appears on their body. This mark determines their status and their path in life.






People without special abilities but able to form contracts with one or more Forcebearers.

Contracts are necessary for Forcebearers to unlock their abilities.






Divided into Warriors (offensive abilities) and Guardians (defensive abilities).

Abilities are sorted by rank, with rank 5 being the strongest, rarest and consequently most sought after.

Rank *: Enhanced human abilities

Rank **: Body Manipulation (e.g. Invisibility, Immunity, Mimicry)

Rank ***: Elemental Manipulation (Element has to be present in order to be used)

Rank ****: Reality Manipulation (e.g. Timewarp, Teleportation)

Rank *****: The Others (Abilities that don't fit into the first four categories)





Genre: Fantasy/supernatural, romance, fluff and comedy in a dark setting, action, angst

Pairings: Joshua x Everyone

Warnings: Abuse, violence, death, blood, swearing, cliffhangers ;)


Even though Seventeen doesn't belong to me, this story does - please don't copy it :)


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0 points #1
Chapter 57: WHY SOONYOUNG?? WHYYY??? I can't believe it ended... You have brought me into such a wonderful roller coaster ride, and although i joined you late, i feel the adrenaline rush just as much, WHOAA I WOULD NEED TIME TO MOVE ON FROM THIS!! I kinda am disappointed in Soonyoung's end, but well, you can always get what you want, sooo, GOOD JOB AUTHOR-NIM, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

p.s. (what was i even talkinh about??)
DiamondX 0 points #2
Chapter 57: Ah its over already...i will be Sadness for a while.
0 points #3
Chapter 57: i feel bad for soonie but i guess he needs space also AFTER A THOUSAND YEARS LATER I FINALLY GET MY WONSHUA :3
niel-ie 0 points #4
Chapter 57: it ended already ;-; quiet sad tat it ended pretty quick. I still remember reading the first chap and now it's already the end. time do fly so fast. you've done a great job throughout the chapters and I personally love every chapters even though there were many of them that made me sad or frustrated. but I still love them all. thank you for your time to write this amazing fic. but I'm a little curios, did soonyoung become crazy or it's just one of his acts? bcs personally I think it's in between.
caratgenes #5
Chapter 57: akshshsshjs i can’t believe it’s the end already... this story is definitely one of my favourites! thank you for writing such a masterpiece <3
HarperSeven #6
Chapter 57: Whoaaaa you did it! Congrats on completing this fic~
I'm quite sad for Soonyoung, I was hoping he could join them and change for the best but yeah, it's not a good idea obviously x)
DarryLu #7
Chapter 57: Wie jetzt?! Und was ist mit Soonyoung????? Er muss doch zu ihnen :(((((((
Naja, davon abgesehen ist das glaube ich die erste angst-fic bei der ich traurig bin, das sie zu ende ist xD Irgendwie ist sie mir dovh ganz schön ans Herz gewachsen (auch wenn es ein wunder ist, nach den zwanzig Herzinfarkten die du mir hier beschert hast...) Trotzdem hoffe ich dass das nächste wieder etwas fluffliger wird xD Wir sehen uns dann dort!! (Mich wirst du nicht mehr los ;) )
(Außr es ist Got7..)
Chapter 57: til the next murder scenes !!
Chapter 57: This was and still is the best svt fic i've ever read. And im praying for a sequel!!! You're amazing authornim! Thank you for this masterpiece ❤️
Xingssing #10
Chapter 57: Is it really 'the end'? Like really? I can't (don't want) believe it. It was an amzing and anti main stream story authornim. And i really enjoyed read it .. thankyou si muuucchhhh ♡♡♡♡