The New Gang Member????


Hey guys Im not good a decriptions but I will always try. 

Him and s just finished wiping out the gang, and to their surprize they just saved me by an accident.  They come off cold and mean, is that the real them? If so why did they save me? And How did this happen!!!??? (Im really bad at summary thingys lol but i hope you like this... please comment so i know if i should continue this one or not... thank you for any and all support)



OK so i dont know how many chapters this will have i will keep that updated for you guys. I love to write and I know my English really lol but i will always try my best. Also other Kpop Groups show up as other Gangs at the begining of chapters i will let you know if there is another gang and if they are with or against BAP. So I hope you like this and comment so I know how to improve for the next chapter. Thanks You so much for reading  <3 


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unicornthelast #1
Chapter 5: I like the story. Please keep goinnnnggggg
Touka_Kirishima #2
Chapter 5: Next chap plss ..
HanKeLaMaHan #3
love the story continue please :)