Words Can(not) Heal

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"I ing hate you, Jeon Jungkook."

Little did Jungyeon knows that her words created the biggest mistake of their siblings life.

The rising golden maknae from BTS has already erased her from his life, never even mentioning her throughout his whole career as an idol. Nobody, even his hyungs, knows about her. 

But she has a chance to go on a trip to Jeju with him and his bandmates. How can they build the bond that had already broken before? 

Can words heal them?






Hey guys! It's been a while. I think about this shortie a lot and even though this story had ended some long time ago, lots of you still find it and even subscribed to it. THANK YOU!

And so, like I said, I think about this particular story of mine a lot. This one is my favourite since it is not that long yet can conclude of the imaginary plot that was in my mind. Yet, I thought of how I express them in words is still not good enough.

While I wrote this, it was on one of my thoughest time being a uni student. I was busy with my remaining classes and thesis-making. So the story got a little messy as I only want to convey the line to you, but not as a whole side of the story. I needed to write something other than my thesis, because I like to write but making fictions and fantasies are my salvation to the formal and research-style assignment. 

So I decided to re-write this, as a gift to you all. I tried to make everything in-style and pleasing to eyes and your imagination. The point of the story is the same, but there are changes that I applied.

I hope you'd understand why I re-write my stories a lot. I just want the best for all of you who have been here since this is still on-going and up-voted this (and for all of you who are new), I love love love you all.

Hope this could be refreshing for you.

Love, Kendall.



A short family story.

Jeon Jungkook ('97)

Jeon Jungyeon ('99)

and of course, the BTS members 


I finally put a cover! I made/edited it by myself with Jungkook's shot from Young Forever album photoshoot. :)

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AminahKarima #1
Chapter 4: Ugh i am still curious about why they wont let her does art! But this is good tho
Biginshattest #2
Chapter 3: I think it is unfair for Jungyeon to take all the blame. Jungkook shouldn't have acted that way from the very beginning. Him stopping Jungyeon from her dreams is unacceptable. I am not really resolved with how the story ended. Yes, they were able to rebuild their relationship, but it is very unjust for Jungyeon.
Chapter 3: Omg this was so good! Thanks author nim ^^
miss_Belle #4
Chapter 3: What is happening??
Chapter 3: I love it.
Chapter 2: Dang, i need a longer version of this.
PinkPrincessG #7
Chapter 2: WOAH! ANOTHER ONE!?
Chapter 2: It was good but i feel like Jungyeon's character could have been understood better by going through her struggles of being deprived of things she wanted to do. It could have been nice to have some of the blame being placed on Jungkook to instead of just Jungyeon
Chapter 2: This is gold~~~~
Chapter 2: how many times did i cry reading this chapter? well, let's see, at least 5 times...