Draw Me a Date

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Im Yeonhee loves her country.  She really does.  But some people in it are kind of a waste of space, and there are problems and divisions in Taderra that run a bit too deep to fix.

Part-time artist, full-time separationist republican, and current university student, Yeonhee has some solutions, and as a leading student activist, she has a very large following.

National health care and welfare benefits cost billions every year.  Racial tensions between the largely working and middle class Hanmi (like Yeonhee) and the much smaller, mostly middle and upper class Zenyu (like the royal family) are at an all-time high.  No one in government can agree on policy at all, because the Zenyu only want to help the Zenyu and the Hanmi only want to help the Hanmi, and any attempt to compromise either or fails.

As far as Yeonhee and anybody with any sense is concerned, it would be much easier to chop the country in half and let the Zenyu rule the Zenyu and the Hanmi rule the Hanmi, and to get rid of the antiquated system of monarchy that drains the country’s resources and epitomises everything that’s wrong with society.

The king is fat, ill, and lazy.  The queen spends most of her time using taxpayer money to swan off to gala dinners in gowns that cost more than the average person will make in a year.

And the prince – don’t get Yeonhee started on the crown prince.  There aren’t very many people Yeonhee would wish dead, but Crown Prince Yixing might just meet the criteria for that.  He’s a national embarrassment and on a whole other level of useless.  For most of his teen years, he made international headlines for continually acting out, and now that he’s in his early twenties, he’s not much better.  He doesn’t really seem to do much (do princes even have jobs, or are they just a black hole for public money?), except sometimes give a couple of speeches, and he’s not even good at that.  Most of the country still remembers that infamous occasion where he turned up hungover as the guest speaker for Yeonhee’s sister’s graduation from the best university in the country and threw up all over the vice chancellor on live TV.  Genuinely, if there was one person Yeonhee could legally kill, it would be Prince Yixing, and out of sheer frustration.

But when the prime minister is assassinated by Hanmi radicals and the king slips into a coma, Prince Yixing is the only person with a decent shot at uniting the country, and by a series of unfortunate events that Yeonhee can trace back to a certain sketch she uploaded onto the internet, Yixing has decided she’s his key to bringing the nation back together.

If only she’d never taken the request of a lonely fan to draw the description they’d given of a perfect date.


If only.



Too late.



I can't guarantee a regular updating schedule because I'm super busy right now, but expect something at least once a month, quite possibly more often!

(I'm still working on some details, so one or two tags might change and/or specific people might appear in the characters section.  I might well also shorten the description.)

The plot won't be massively political.  I think.  I don't want to make it overly so.  And, well, Yeonhee is a university student.


Obviously, this is a work of complete and utter fiction.  I don't own EXO, their image, anything branded to SM (and the same goes for any other celebrities) or, well, anything except the plot and the original characters.

PLEASE DON'T PLAGIARISE.  Or translate.  I don't allow translations and plagiarism is stealing and grossly unfair.

Cover poster and background are by Yifanforver!  Cute poster by my lovely co-author get2herheart :)  Feel free to send in posters – they'll be featured on the next available chapter.

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So it appears the algorithms have changed because it used to be that no author could have more than one of their fics featured every 6 months, but I must say, it was absolutely lovely to log in with the intention of updating a chapter and finding that this was on the front page!  Thank you all so much.  Surprisingly, more Lay fics than I'd expected have been featured (I think this is about the 25th or something in the tags that has been, though it's only about the 10th in which Lay is actually the main character and and the fic is an OC one), but nevertheless, he doesn't get as much attention as various other EXO members do and so it's an honour that this fic made it into the featured list.


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However, if you're really, really looking forward to the next update and would like to know when it might be, I will happily tell you when I think I'll next be able to update if you message me.

2) Call me Korey!  No authornims here, thanks.  (And please don't call me Unnie, either.)



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28 streak 0 points #1
Chapter 83: I really don't have much to say. I loved every single word of every single chapter of this story. The pace was good, the characters are great and the delivery very nice. The ending was ideal and very satisfying for me. You never disappoint.

I'm going to miss this story so much.

Thank you for writing this Korey. :)
28 streak 0 points #2
Chapter 82: Boyfriend goals, check. Relationship goals, check. Marriage proposal goals, check.

I'm doomed. No one can surpass this man. I'm so so happy for them!! The proposal was amazing.

I'm afraid to read the last chapter, because then my journey with these characters will be over.

I'll read it anyway.
vujuha 0 points #3
Chapter 83: I hate this one and If i can't marry because of my highly increased boyfriend expectation,it is your fault but i love this because it is a wonderful sickeningly sweet Yixing romance.Heck i am not even regretting it even it will possibly make me forever alone:)
2 points #4
Chapter 1: Oh my god. I disappeared from AFF for quite a long time and now I see this Yixing fic completed! Last time I remember seeing it was when you were asking what kind of story you should write with Yixing as a main. That was like wayyyyyy back, I know.

This story looks promising. I thought it was set in the past like during Joseon with the kind and the queen. So I was picturing everyone like in those Korean historical dramas. Surprise surprise! It’s not historical. It’s a little hard to imagine a modern day monarchy for me although I’m aware monarchy still exists in some country. I’m going to have a happy reading now :3
SakunoEchizen 1 points #5
Chapter 83: Awwww such a unique ending huhuhuhuhu I'm gonna miss reading this fic soooo much huhuhu Prince Yixing T.T (that China sheep lol) <3333333333
SakunoEchizen #6
Chapter 82: Oh my gosh. There's no proposal perfect for the two of them other than that. Gosh. I'm crying T.T I'm happy for the both of them <333
SakunoEchizen #7
Chapter 81: Okay. I wasn't prepared for that kiss attack too lol Awww they're just so lovely huhh
SakunoEchizen #8
Chapter 80: Yixing's speech have made an impact to me. Amazing. :) I'm referring to you too, Korey. :)
Listening is indeed a vital part of an effective communication.
juls29 46 streak 1 points #9
Chapter 83: Omygoodness!! Finally finishing this cinderella story huhuhu my favorite afterall. If i could upvote this story more than once, i'll definitely do that a billion times. Thank u for writing such a great story!
FireRose800 #10
Chapter 83: wow yixing looks incredible in that picture you included in the end. i mean, seriously, that jawline though! grats on completing the story and whaaat someone in yixing's team reads this fic?