Your Eyes
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I hated my family. I hated my life. I hated him...

I was forced to marry him when I didn't want to. They said he was my lover but somehow I don't remember any of that. He must have paid my family to say that. He was rich after all.

I am Cho Kyuhyun and the person I hated was Choi Siwon, my husband. Why did I hate him? He had only one eye. I wouldn't mind if he was blind but one eye? Really? And the patch he always wore around was scary.

I had been stuck to Siwon since I don't even know when because all my memories have him from the time I lost my memory at 18. But I'm not telling they're good ones. I always had to face embarrassment because of him. Always. No one in university talked to me because of him. I was called as the guy who is the friend of the one eyed guy or the way they said it - the one eyed monster.

I felt really bad for him at times. That was probably the reason I was stuck with him all my college life. But that guy... he confessed to me that he loved me. What was he thinking? I'm a man for goodness sake! And even if I was inclined towards men, why would I fall in love with a guy with one eye? I'm not crazy! I rejected him and he was clearly dejected with that. I thought that maybe it was the end but no!

My family made me marry him no matter what. They said that they were indebted to him and wanted Siwon to get what he wanted. He loved me so he should have me. I was shocked. What did they think I was? A doll or a thing that could be given to just anyone? And how were they indebted to a 22 year old guy?

Even after a lot of protests, I got married to him. He apologized to me on the wedding night but I was too furious to understand. I shouted back at him but he didn't say back anything. He just smiled sadly.

2 years passed. We were still married. I was never able to divorce him. I had no idea why. We never slept together. Never. I thought he might force it upon me but that guy never did it. He always gave me my personal space.

One day, he suggested that we should adopt a child. And we did adopt a baby boy, Suho. But he had to face embarrassment too. Why? His father had only one eye. But never did I see Suho be sad because of that. One day, he reached home, bruised. When I asked him, he said that he had a fight with the kids who dared to tease Siwon.

Suho, that little 5 year old tot, made me realize what an idiot I had been. Siwon was a good man. No, he was a great man. And he loved me without any conditions. He didn't care I hated him. He loved me with all his heart. And maybe... within these few years, I've grown fond of him as well.

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