I Think I Saw Love


The story revolve around Kibum and Jonghyun, how they meet, how they bound and eventually how their relationship turns out as soon as they have left their own cozy world of the hospital's four walls.


Title: I Think I Saw Love.

Author: Legende.

Pairings: Jongkey, slight 2min and misunderstood Onkey.



Kim Jonghyun

He is 19 year old.

A busy person with a rather carelessly mind and whose life is all about music,

- until he meets Kim Kibum.


Kim Kibum

He is 18 year old.

A hurt worn out person who have lost all he ever cared and lived for,

- until he meets Kim Jonghyun.


This definitely wasn’t what he wished for. What he wished for was a person who would care for him and be there for him when he needed it the most, a person that would save him from his misery, a person like the shining knight at the white horse who would arrive in the last moment and fix everything. But reality wanted him different. He was all alone, his parents were long gone and the few friends he once had, had abandoned him when he needed them most.

The thought about his parents’ fate made him reach out for the glass shard again. He was so tired of everything that all he wanted right now was peace, which slowly caused him to – as he once had gotten the self-made primitive weapon into his hand again – lift his arm and lead it towards his pounding sore pulse.

However, just as he was about to make the final cut, a faint sound caught his attention and made him stop in his action. It wasn’t anything special; actually, it was just a guitar. But escorted by the guitar, there was this angelic voice that made Kibum shiver with interest.

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Chapter 24: I really love this story so far alot! This is so cute! :'D
jinki24 #2
Chapter 40: Oh my.. how can i just read this now..
I really love this fic..
I love how you described kibum and jjong.. i could picture scene by scene on my mind.
Hwaiting authornim!!!!
AudrayLiAr #3
This is a really cute story, I love it!
It's my favorite JongKey fanfic and you're so good at writing.
Sometimes after reading this in Key's POV, I thought I'm blind.
And no, I don't exaggerate!
With all my love,
ashlie_kpop #4
yeah what's the name of the song I'm so touched *cries *
hatredwithpassion #5
Chapter 36: What was the song in this chapter? Please tell me b/c the lyrics brought tears to my eyes!
AmandaRobin #6
Chapter 40: Omg the cutest thing I've ever read ;;;;;; this helped my heart to heal THANK YOUUUU <3
Chapter 40: I... think I saw love T_T
Seriously though.... this story... *dies*
magicbananas #8
Chapter 27: i really like this chapter cuz u can really tell u improved w/ spelling n grammer (no offence!! #_#) now, on w/ the story!
Shawol55 #9
Woah what a heart warming story :') I just my feels died !
It's so great you're really talented :) I can tell !
And for the girl who translated your story where is she >:( !? That's low she should have asked.
Anyway love the story!! Now excuse me while I go check out your other stories :D
Shawol11 #10
Chapter 40: So sweet and adorable and ughhh amazing!