When Kyungsoo died two years ago, Jongin thought he'd never love again. Enter Taemin, who barges his way into Jongin's life, leaving him conflicted. How does he move on without forgetting Kyungsoo? Or does he push Taemin out, in order to stay in the past, never to let anything change?  


Jongin, I know it's selfish, but please, don't forget me. 


I believe I will be continuing with my writing competition, however, and any non-SHINee fics that I’m writing, if anyone wants to know about those.

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Chapter 33: It's okay, take your time. I also don't feel like i want to read any fanfic in my state. I'm so broken right now. i don't even want to eat, don't want to go anywhere, don't want to do anything. I feel so empty. I just logged in my aff acc only to check on my fellow shawol in aff. And as expected.... Let's holding hand...
bbh666 #2
Chapter 33: I understand. I'm heartbroken. I can't even think about the members without feeling this heavy feeling on my chest. I can't believe this happened to my favorite boys...
Take care of yourself and do whatever you need to do in order to feel better, it's okay if you can't come back to this story.
Choco_the_Banana_Cat #3
Chapter 33: It's alright, I'll wait until one day this fic is updated. I think we're all shaken by the news but I can at least feel comfort in the fact it was at his own will and he wasn't taken by someone else before his time was due.
Chapter 32: Honestly, I feel like there’s very little to root for. Jongin needs to change and he needs to do it by the next chapter and not revert back to his old ways. He said that he’d be better but he’s still pathetic and not appreciating Taemin’s worth AGAIN. It’s like a never ending circle. It’s very frustrating to read and follow their “love story” when it’s still mostly one-sided. It doesn’t seem like he even cares about Taemin but more like he’s scared of being alone. Their relationship is extremely unhealthy, and it doesn’t make you want to see them end up together anymore.
Choco_the_Banana_Cat #5
Chapter 31: What just happened?? The story was nice and cheerful then it all went down O_O I started reading this a while ago but I ended up forgetting about it (I'm not sure why). I found it again yesterday and started re-reading it and now it's my new favorite taekai fanfic ^.^
Totyfroty #6
Chapter 31: Minho what did you do for Taemin????
Chapter 31: I couldn't remember the last time you updated, but when i saw this update notice, i almost jump out of my bed and cry... Huhu finally. But this part made me unhappy, gave me uneasy feeling and sad atmosphere. I guess next episode will be heart-broken one. T.T i'll prepare my tissue for next episode, i hope you update it soon