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Mystic Messenger Applyfic


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rika's fundraising association

TITLE: Mystic Messengers
AUTHOR:  Blackwings64
INSPIRATION:  Mystic Messenger

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Hello all! My name is JoJo.
I decided to do an applyfic for mystic messenger after a long process of cinsideration and also the inspiration of other applyfics, and of course, my love for mystic messenger.

Does Jumin Han is gay?juminjaeheeV707yugyeom

R.F.A. or Rika's Fundraising Association is an organization created by Rika. This organization hosts parties to  fundraise money regardless of their class or nationality, and donate to a greater cause. After Rika's death, her fiance took over the organization and have not hosted parties since then. There is an app that member 707 created that is used for RFA members only. The purpose of this is to discuss plans for the next party. Many believe there is no use in continuing on with the organization since they have not been active for nearly two years.


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