So Mote It Be!

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Yongsun is a cloistered witch, with a crush. What happens when she gathers the courage to put a love spell on her beloved Moon Byulyi? 


a mess, i wrote this in three days and i gotta say this witch stuff was fun to read about and write. um i'm still working on the final draft so give me like a few hours to post. I'm a bit nervous about this one but everyone loves a good witch au, amiright?

oh this fic was inspired by this pic moonbyul uploaded of solar on fancafe lol



i wanna thank you all for all the support i truly love you all :) currently writing a roommate au so keep ur eyes peeled

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fireroasted #1
Chapter 1: This is a really fascinating premise. I'm a er for small details, and I liked how specific you were with the world and the spells. Thank you very much for sharing! I'm happy you did, even though you said you weren't sure. I'm curious to know where the inspiration came from :)
Chapter 1: amazing !!
cjmoo_ 208 streak #3
Chapter 1: Aww this story is cute! :)
nathnathnath #4
Chapter 1: Whoa this witch coven so great:))
Pikkyyul #5
Thank you for writing. I love MooSun
Chapter 1: This was really awesome ;)
I had fun while reading it *u*
Thanks for writing :)
wellyup #7
Chapter 1: I love this ! The way you write is seriously nice ! And I always wanted a magical moonsun story :)
Thatrandomasian #9
i'm excited for it :) Can't wait to see it.