A Sin You Can't Sweat Out (April 8, 1990 – December 18, 2017)


"The way my classmate Kim Kibum is looking at Minho, my best friend, is kind of…Disgusting."




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Chapter 6: I haven't stopped crying since. You are not alone. Your whole SHINee World family mourns with you.
Rellamellow #2
Chapter 6: Please remember that during this difficult time, you are not alone. SHINee World is a family, and we are all by your side. We will get through this together, somehow. One day, we will stop bleeding. And we will never forget him, we'll remember him as an amazing person, a truly gifted one, someone who always thought of others first and who had a talent for making people laugh and also feel understood.
If you find that imagining him happy helps you, don't feel bad about writing more. Likewise, don't feel bad about discontinuing your stories.
Dm me if you need someone to talk to. ♡♡♡
Chapter 5: Woah there~ is it real? Tae and miss shin banginf? Is it consensual?
Chapter 4: Oooohhhh.... interesting
Chapter 2: Umm.. Have you read Adolescent days by any chance?
Ayame6 #6
Omg I really love this! Can't wait for more. I love badass Kibum so cool
Chapter 3: Good progress I will wait for more chapters
Tae_minho #8
Chapter 2: It's really gud .. waiting for update :)
Chapter 2: I think jonghyun is jealous to minho. By the way, sad for onew's turtle. :'(
Chapter 1: It's really good. I like this beginning