Moon Byulyi. On earth, He is one out of four Warriors of Light who trapped in women body and supposed to protect the world from devastation. But aware or not, he slowly falling in love with a human women named Jung Wheein. He shouldn’t feel that way, cause it is forbidden. He is a women now, he supposed to not falling in love with women too, or more precisely, Warrios of Light is prohibited to falling in love with human.  


“I don’t care if you are a women or man. I don’t care if you are a human or not. I don't care who you are or what you are. It doesn’t matter at all, as long as it is you. I love you, Moon Byulyi” Moonbyul leaned in at kiss the women soft lips. "I'm trapped in you, Jung Wheein."    


“I’ll be here, Wheein-ah”


“I’ll be waiting here”

“For what Byul?”

“I’ll be waiting here for you. So, if you come here, you’ll find me.” “I promise.”


So, this is my first fanfic in here. Actually I've write this fic long time ago, original character that I made is not Wheebyul at first but it never finished. So, I decide to change this story to Wheebyul and share here cause wherever Wheebyul Story is so rare. Let's fill the world with Wheebyul!! kkkk

Not forget to mention. Special thanks to my ultimate friend in Wheebyul @RielleB who help me to translate into english, so I can share this here in aff (My english is worse than my Korean so yeaa) and support me to continue write this story... Your effort for Wheebyul is so big. I appreciate it so much.

Hope many Wheebyul shipper will like this, even this fic is not perfect like my friend @RielleB wrote or other authors out there.

I will keep write and updating this until finish! ^^

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Chapter 3: So far so nice
It's mysterious yet cute
Jung wheein
Debora-Lunny #2
Chapter 3: Tô adorando isso
RielleB #3
I probably have to translate faster so you could update sooner bahahahahahaha
Wheeinie143 #4
Chapter 3: Plsss update soon authornim....
Debora-Lunny #5
Chapter 2: Wow... I love it... Thanks
Pls Update soon...
Ashpen11 #6
Chapter 2: Nice.. please update soon.