Hyung, you're such a tease

Mj loved teasing his adorable boyfriend. He couldn't help it, he just looked so cute when he pouts and whines. Currently both of them were sitting in lunch as mj put an arm around jimin's shoulders. Jimin glanced at him then looked back at his friend hoseok, who was talking to him. He smiled as he looked at jimin's cheeks puff as he stuffed food in his mouth. Mj couldn't resist the urge to kiss him. He pecked him on the cheek, making jimin's eyes widen. He looked at mj while blushing making him smile more. He gave him a disapproving look and turned back to face hoseok. He was laughing, making jimin glare at him. Hoseok stopped laughing and continued to talk. After school, mj and jimin were walking out the school. Mj looked at jimin, seeing a distance between them. Mj put his hand on his waist and pulled him closer so his hip touched his. Mj put his arm around his waist. "Hyung!" Jimin said with a blush, his attention immediately going to a few girls who were giggling at them. Jimin pouted and tried to pull away but mj tightened his grip and stopped walking. Mj made him face him and kissed his lips making him let out a noise of surprise. Jimin eventually closed his eyes and kissed mj back, wrapping his arms around his neck. Mj pulled away and looked at the girls with a smirk. They stared at him in shock and whispered a few things to each other before leaving. "I guess we put on a good show for them" he said, still smirking. Jimin put his head in the crook of his neck and whined "hyung, you're such a tease!~".



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