The silence




Expedition of the human body was nothing new to him. For him, that part of the body which caused the maximum pain was his trophy. Sadist wasn’t the perfect word to describe him. For him, all those medical terms were baseless, all those heavy English words meant absolute zero in front of his track record yet there were a few who liked to challenge the fury. 

This fury of his was a challenge to those who believed that evil can be withstand with good. 

A newspaper reporter

A detective 

A psychologist

They are forced to team up with one another due to the circumstances that hanged their lives on the line. 



Sehun was already crumbled up under the cases when taehyung came to his office with a name and a report. They haven't talked to each other for a while, taehyung being responsible for the foul but with the report and the name in the hand, he had to work with him. Only this time, he had someone else too - Lee Minji. 


Minji could see the best in the worst and that's why she ended up taking the case when those two came in front of her. With a hope that no one else would suffer and with the capability to help the duo, she says yes and that's when the journey of the three starts. 


The path is not only filled with a blood demon but also with their worst fears. Fears so bad that they make them rethink of their existance and their idiocy to get against someone stronger than the three of them. Because he fears nothing. 


Oh Sehun

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Lee Minji

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 Kim Taehyung 

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Seems super interesting plot. Hope this gets updated!