Cherish You

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Before it's too late, he wants to live. 

Before it's too late, he wants a son.

Before it's too late, he wants to fall in love. 

Too many wishes and so little time.



So this is my Hunhan comeback story, it's earlier than planned but I couldn't help it. I might not update frequently because my internship isn't over yet. 

Anyway, enjoy my first of kind fic. 



Some chapters are rated BEWARE of the M rate on each chapter title! 

Mpreg, Tragedy (major character DEATH!)

You have been warned. 



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emina888 #1
Chapter 26: I can't... I can't stop the tears waah T-T It's almost 12 midnight and here I am sobbing my eyes out and trying my hardest just to breathe. I have a party to go to tomorrow and I would probably show up with swollen and bloodshot eyes. This was so beautiful, I cannoooot huhu Thank you, author-nim <3
Chapter 26: It's nearing 2 AM and I'm quietly crying. This story really hit me so bad. Nice work author-nim. XOXO
kaiiii94 64 streak #3
One of my favorites from AFF. Really nice wirk auther nim
yuki_no_ #4
Chapter 26: The last few chapters were so difficult to read, what with all the tears blurring my eyesight and the clogged nose...this was so beautiful. I can't even words right now. LOL
Chapter 26: I had never read a HunHan I always search and read ChanBaek in the principal pairing but then I don't know how I found one of your HunHan stories and now I can't stop.

I hink this is my 4th or 5th story.

You are an amazing writer and I'm a quiet reader I don't leave comments unless is necessary and here I am to tell you that since yesterday I'm a crying mess I'm crying like a ittle girl and it seems I can't stop reading and crying XD

Such a good stories you have thanks for sharing them with us.
BloodyLovers69 #6
Chapter 26: Definitely I have to leave my comment, for a while I had this fanfic in my library but I eliminated it after the death of a character, after months I dared to read ... and if I cried a lot, I appreciate that the end has not been so tragic to avoid the scenes of my baby leaving Luhan. It's a beautiful story and I'm proud to have read it. I never stop saying that you are my favorite author ... The ending with haowen is a bonus for me, a little sehunnie heal my heart. Thak u for all, an amazing and beautiful history again...
BloodyLovers69 #7
This story looks so good, but I'm afraid of the warnings ... I'll risk it ;n;
Lulu looks like a girl in the poster huhuhu he's more beautiful than me
_-_-_-- #9
Chapter 26: I'm not gonna lie I cried but it was such a good story and you should continue to write stories