Let's Dance Tonight



"Let's dance tonight," he said, and everything didn't matter anymore.



Hi guys! This is my first time writing a seulmin fic and I hope you'll like it. Enjoy fellow seulmin shippers, and may I remind you that some of the scenes here were based on videos, in which I made story lines lol


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hyoyeonstar #1
Chapter 5: Yayy! Thanks for the update!
ggexotica #2
Chapter 4: Awwww... This is so cute..
Will continue it?
myicecreamcake #3
Chapter 4: AWWWWWWWWW <3 This is so cute I can't even XD Thanks for the great read and please do update soon :))
Chapter 4: Sooo cute! Looking forward for the next chap... hehe. Fighting!
chimbear #5
Chapter 4: i love your story. please update soon ^^
Please update :))) I'll wait for your update haha
Chapter 4: I'm so excited for the next chapter ❤ I love Seulgi and Jimin
I love your story wahhhh ♡
Chapter 4: I can't wait for the next chapter *-*
Chapter 1: For some reason, I can see this happening irl<3