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In between Jimin and Yoongi trying to achieve their dreams at Big Hit School of Arts, there are much more complications than one would expect.



i'm sorry i'm so unenthusiastic here—it's just that i've changed this foreword so many times that i've given up on sounding both polite and perky

they kind of cancelled each other out but i swear that this story is more exciting than what you're reading now

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mrlasagna 1 points #1
Chapter 35: I'm not crying you are
mrlasagna 1 points #2
Chapter 34: And Jimin too of course, he was so cute about it and EVERYONE
mrlasagna 1 points #3
Chapter 34: Jackson's note got me. This whole chapter got me. "Hes been in love with you for 15 chapters" I'm gone. IM SO PROUD OF YOONGI THO YES HE CONFESSED HIS LIKE AND SORTA TOLD OFF HIS PARENTS BLESS GOOD FOR YOON (HAHA SEE WHAT I did there okay that wasnt very funny I'm sorry)
1 points #4
Chapter 35: Woah, it's over Q.Q omg.. I love you both Eden and Karu TwT this was such a long but pleasant ride <3 I'll keep it in my favorites for quite a while just because I think I cried and laughed the same percentage while it lasted lol its difficult for a fic to make me do that :3 once again, thank you for such an awesome work!
See ya~
1 points #5
Chapter 35: Man I love that title.. Seriously tho
Also, this fanfic was so amazing and the epilogue, tho it was short, it was really good. Like, it ,completely fit this story!
Anyways, I hope for more amazing stories from you guys!! It was amazing reading this story btiw :)))
SinfulPerson 1 points #6
Chapter 35: I really love this story.. Im gonna reread it all over again over time. Honestly, its so sad but Im gonna stay positive. I think..and Taehyung! How dare u do that to Jung kook?! Yoongi, mah boi! You better propose! Over time, get ready for the number of 104 and more reads... ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
Chapter 34: Man I cant believe this is the last chapter
It was honestly, so great. Man I loved every single chapter. can't wait for the epilogue and another fic lol
Chapter 33: Man this chapter was total crack lmao I loved it
Chapter 32: Shin ramyun sounds great tbvh
Like a new flavour.. Maybe a lil salty
Also, Nice job
Loved it even if it was short