That Which Begun at the End

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The audience that had gathered to observe the final judgment of a young woman in her mid-twenties, who was cuffed to the table in front of herself while sporting a bland orange uniform, hushed instantly upon hearing the wooden collision from the high table where the judge sat.


Their ears were stretched as they hoped for the worst possible outcome to be put upon the girl’s shoulders: the capital punishment.


Taking in a deep breath the old judge stood up and opened his mouth, “Choi SeulGi, with the power given to me by the Country’s Law I condemn you to Death.” His loud voice boomed throughout the court house and it was enough to make the girl, Choi SeulGi, tremble in its quake. “Do you have any last words?” the judge asked, putting his hand out to stop the incoming wave of loud voices.


“I have none.” The girl answered in a low voice, her tired, dull brown eyes covered by a greasy veil of brown dishevelled hair. The three thin scars that ran along the length of her left cheek were itching as a stray tear rolled down her face.


A tall man stepped in front of her, stiff like a stick as he stared at her. It was the Inspector that led her case; Choi SeungHyun. “The finalization of your last day has yet to be made and until then you are to be imprisoned in CheoNan Correctional Institution.” the dark brown haired man read off from his sheet of paper in the same strained voice she had heard him speak in for the last couple of months. “Inspector Dong YoungBae and Senior Inspector Choi SeungHyun, myself, are to assist you to CheoNan and be put as your supervising Inspectors until there will be an order stating otherwise.”


Bobbing her head in a quick nod the girl extended her frail hands forward, where Inspector YoungBae stood, keys in his hand and eyes full of emptiness. “Let’s go, Choi SeulGi.” He whispered in his high tone, leading her towards the big oak door at the back of the Court House and into the last pleasant sunlight she will get to feel on her skin for a while yet to come.



Lifehouse- Between the Raindrops

Kehlani- Gangsta

21Pilots- Heathens

Halsey- Gasoline

Rap Monster x Suga x Jin- School of Tears

GiriBoy- Take care of You


Movie: Insane

YouTuber: MurderVampire

As I promised in my little blog a while back, I am posting a new story, and trust me when I say this is going to be a short story, just like `Heart of Glass`- might even be shorter.

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Chapter 4: Pls continue ! It's really good ! The story plot is really interesting and I'm really hooked :(
Nhudo25 #2
Chapter 3: Please update!! This is really interesting
hijklela #3
Im excited to explore this fanfic :)