I am no Beethoven

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Yoo Jeongyeon, a graduating college student, was transferred to a new city where she's completely not familiar with. Living with her sister far away from her hometown, she is having a hard time adapting with the new environment. The new school, the new skyscrapers, the new and unfamiliar streets, the new schoolmates—everything. It’s making her anxious.

In Seoul, she met her childhood friends: Chayeoung and Dahyun, and an ex-pianist named Im Nayeon. As the days go by, Jeongyeon gets to adapt and her circle of friends widened.

Things began to get more complicated when Jeongyeon’s secret was unfolding—it was leaked not just in the campus, but also to the public. After her secret was being leaked, she was monitored by the whole university and the press. Jeongyeon wasn’t happy. She wanted to leave and disappear—she wants to run away from her nightmare. However, Nayeon made her stay—she became her fortress and a shoulder to cry on, a person she can shout out all her problems. Jeongyeon made up her mind and decided to end her nightmare.

But not every story directly goes to the happy ending. Jeongyeon's nightmare became a reality. She was haunted by her nightmare to thew point it drives her mad. Being such a stubborn girl, Nayeon did everything to ease Jeongyeon's mind and stayed by her best friend’s side. Jeongyeon—given by the support of Nayeon—faced her fear, her nightmare.

The story doesn't end there. Jeongyeon’s story doesn’t end there. Jeongyeon's story is just about to begin.



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Trigger Warning : This story is composed of (not explicit, soft , only mentioned and cut-off scenes), foul words, and other nesh subjects that might upset the readers.


Disclaimer: Some places, names, events, and personalities of the characters in this story does not represents the idols in real life. This is purely made with the author's imagination. 

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So er, this is my very first TWICE fanfic and pls forgive me for the misspelled words and the grammatical errors. Do bare with me. I hope you like this fanfic. (Edit: Yow! I'm low-key promoting my trashy fanfics right now so please, if you have time, you can go check Under My Possession, Wedding Bouquet, Till Death Do us Apart, and Wish I Could Turn Back Time.)


“What?” Jeongyeon exclaims. “Me? Transferring to Cheongdam-dong? Dad, you’re kidding, right?”

Jeongyeon’s father shakes his head. “I am being serious here, young lady. You are transferring to Cheongdam after a week and that is final. Your mother and I talked about this and both of us agreed to let you live with you sister.”

Jeongyeon stands up from her sit in the dining room. “I do—”

“Jeongyeon, we’re having dinner. Sit down.” Her mother spat.

“Sorry,” Jeongyeon went back to her seat. “—I do not agree to this! This is not happening.”

“Sorry, darling. You are moving to Cheongdam-dong. Besides, it might help you.” Said Mr. Yoo.

“Help me from what?”

Her father went silent. “Transferring to Cheongdam might help you with your studies. And you can look after your sister and she will look after you. Explore! Find new friends! Discover new people! And you can go check out some good looking people.”

Jeongyeon went quiet. Her father looks at her mother and he sighs. He places his hand on Jeongyeon’s. Her mother rose up from her seat and embraced their daughter.

“Jeongyeon,” Mr. Yoo released a sigh, “I know this is hard for you. I’m sorry. We know Suwon means a lot for you. Your friends are here, the neighbours, your school, everyone and everything you love are here. But have to do this for your own good, Jeongyeon. I hope you understand.”

“Yes, dad. You’re doing this for my sake.”

Mrs. Yoo kissed Jeongyeon on her forehead. “Cheongdam-dong is different from Suwon. You will see new people, new places, and unfamiliar streets, and we will not be there for you. But always remember, if you need help, mom and dad are here for you. Okay, sweetheart?” Jeongyeon nods with a smile. “We already talked to the university that you will be transferring after a week.”




“That 2-hours travel by train is worse than having a jetlag.” Jeongyeon said, stretching her neck from left to right. She took her phone out from the pocket of her jeans and dialled her sister’s phone number.

“Jeongyeon!” Jeongyeon moves her phone away from her ear after hearing her sister’s loud outburst.

She placed her phone back to her ear. “Hello, unnie.”

“I’m here in the station.”

“Okay. Don’t hang up. There are hundreds of people here.”

“Remember the place we used to hang out every time the family visits here when you were little? I’m standing there, of course wearing my mask.”

Jeongyeon looks around and searched for he sister.

“I’m here already. Where are you?”

A girl emerges from an advertisement post, and hugs Jeongyeon from behind while shouting her name in glee.


Jeongyeon turns around to face her sister and gave her a big and tight embrace.


Seungyeon shushed her sister. “Jeongyeon. You know I’m an actress so keep it down. I only brought one bodyguard with me.” Seungyeon mumbles.

“Oh sorry. I miss you so much, unnie!”

“So do I!”

The two sisters walked to the exit while having their conversations. They went in Seungyeon’s chauffer and the car began to run.

“Dad told me. I was shocked when he did.” Seungyeon said, while staring outside the window.


“I agree with dad though.” Jeongyeon looks at her sister. “You transferring here, meeting new people, forgetting all the bad memories and all.”

Jeongyeon didn’t reply and remained silent. She kept herself busy by looking at the streets they're passing—familiarizing the place just in case she’s lost. She didn't mind what her sister is blabbering and focused on the the place they pass.

Seongyeon taps her sister’s shoulders.

“Sorry. What was that again?”

Seungyeon sighs. “You’re spacing out. I asked if you want to have some bodyguards with you. One or two is enough to protect you while in the uni.”

Jeongyeon chuckles. “No thank you, unnie.”

“Are you sure?” Jeongyeon nods. “Will you be okay in your new university tomorrow? I won’t be able to go with you, Jeongyeon. I’m worried.”

Jeongyeon nods her head. “I’ll be all right tomorrow. I’m in college. I know what to do.” Said Jeongyeon. She mumbles, “I hope…”

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