The Boyfriend Sitter

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  Jennie only wanted a normal life in her new school. However, due to the unfortunate circumstances in the form of an named Bobby, she crossed paths with the most popular and powerful girl in school. Now in order to avoid her wrath, Jennie is given a very important job - to babysit and tame her playboy boyfriend?!



  A frothy spray of carbonated sugar water shot out of the can like a fountain, drenching Jennie in the sticky, sugary drink.

  Everyone was silent. All the kids from the tables stared.

  “What?” Jennie asked.

  She turned around to see the diamond earring shining through the brightly coloured drink. Soojung turned around in shock, agape and her hands frozen in the air as bright pink coloured soda dripped from her skin.

  She opened her eyes, and locked straight onto Jennie's.

  She was so dead.

  Jennie looked around but Hwasa was nowhere to be seen.

  To repeat, she was so dead.

  Well, there goes the new school year. 





The Boyfriend Sitter, Unconscioustomato & twosuns © 2017

Started:  January 2nd, 2017

Ended: --

**twosuns has taken over the story as of February, 2020.

Unconscioustomato will serve as editor and assistant for the remainder of the story.

Therefore you will notice the sudden difference in writing styles. 


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Warnings: PGVulgar language, violence, bullying,

slight ual innuendo and adult themes.


Any characters, plotline or development that are similar to other stories are purely coincidental.



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