And Then There Was You


Chanyeol returns to the place he used to call home and the boy who was once part of his world.



“He’s visiting his parents and his sister, Aunt Yoora.”

“Why not us?” 

“Because we’re not his family, baby...


rating: nc-17

length: long!shot 

genre: romance, drama, angst

warning: mpreg (whoops), slight!angst

a/n: Hi! It's been a long time since I've posted a longshot. This one's halfway done, but I thought I'd put up the foreward to motivate me to finish before school starts again. Sorry I could not post this christmas/new years but you will get this story. It's been sitting in my drafts for too long. My motivator is lolaisajewel (heheh). We suffer together. Also, I understand that some readers don't like mpreg bc (tbh) it's so out there, but I like pregnancy fics because it has a lot of drama potential and honestly? FIGHT ME a;lskdfjsdfkl... Anyways, thank you :'D


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0 points #1
Chapter 9: Oh and besides, Park Kyungsoo OMFG ;;;_;;; Only crying out loud can express my joy
0 points #2
Chapter 9: Hey dear, at first I mistaked the status with other fics and thought this one was completed, so when I eventually completed reading the 9th chapter, I only couldn't believe this was the end... then I hurried back to check the actual status finding this one actually on-going. How relieved I was!!!

Kyungso here is too mature...even heartbrokenly mature. I myself will be happy everyday if I have an amazing son like him. Right now I hope everything will goes fine between Chanbaek. I'm so, so looking forward to the following parts about what can happen in the farm...

Really love this fic. So warm and beautiful ;_; Love you authornim <3
Iyesss #3
Chapter 9: I'm lateee but awwwww the ending! I hope Yeol really mean that.. not for the sake of Kyungsoo only but because he really is still love Baek deep inside :)
pcyxkdy #4
Chapter 9: Im crying so hard from the very first up to this ??? too much angst but i love how it turns out ❤
Courafavre #5
Chapter 9: I’m really loving this! It’s my first mpreg fic, which makes it a lil awkward at the beginning, but again, IM LOVING THIS FIC!!
Gargamel #6
Chapter 9: Omg i love this story so muchhhh, I hope his ex won't cause troubles !
Chapter 9: Finally theyll be a happily family or so i hope ^_^
Chapter 2: Atleast theyre in good termsss...
Chapter 1: Are you a Filipino? Hehe. If you dont mind me asking ^_^
pacanyol #10
Chapter 9: I want to cry. Kyungsoo so adorable in this fic ><