Discography: VOLUME 1

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One-shot stories of Yulsic being the characters in songs








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Chapter 16: I’ve already subscribed!!:))
euieA_ssi #2
I've read all of your works authornim! You write so well! Soooo sooo cool! Can't wait for volume 2 <3 hoping you can make a story based on the song "happier" for your following works. Hihi. Looking forward for your works! So much loveeee authornim Jjang! <3
I love every story you’ve written here. Can’t wait for the volume 2!:)
all your works are masterpiece! its well written. cant wait for the volume 2! thank you for writing
Paramaountpamp 83 streak #5
Hi authornim.. when will you start discography volume 2?:)
Heartshaker #6
Chapter 9: This is just. God, it’s masterpiece
Chapter 15: This is so cool..... Kim!
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Chapter 15: thats so yulsic wooo authornim thank you always
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Chapter 15: I thought Yul will have an amnesia. phew
Tnx! :D
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Chapter 15: Thanks for the happy ending, the story is amazing :)