Patient #748

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Patient #748
Name: Nayeon, Moon
: F
DOB: December 14, 1994 
Age: 17
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 50 kg


Taegi looked at the file, "What's wrong with her?" she turned to Minrin, her partner.

"Subject's relative are worried--"

"About?" she butted in, scanning the girl in the dim room.

"She claims that every fourteenth of each month, a man, around her age, comes and spends the whole day with her." Minin confirmed.

Taegi snorted, "So the girl's got an imaginary friend? What's the big deal?"

Minrin carelessly shrugged, “Beats me. Her family’s worried so they just sent her here.”

Taegi scoffed and got up from her chair, "Some family they are, sending their daughter to a mental hospital." She flipped through the files again, "When did 'he' start appearing?"

"Ever since she was in the 7th grade," Minrin sighed, "Poor girl doesn't even have a single friend left since he appeared. She was isolated socially and was teased and taunted being called 'Freak' and other terrible words a girl her age should never be called."

Taegi frowned," Poor girl," she said then grabbed the file from the table and exited the room.



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